t this rate, he would be going further and further down the path of a villain.

“Wang Cai, you can even solidify now.
Has there been any substantial improvement?”

“Yes, yes.
Master and I share the same cultivation.
I can use Master’s cultivation technique, array formation, and other abilities.
The strength I can unleash is the same as Master.
In the future, I can help Master fight.”

“That’s good.
It feels like I’m raising a spirit pet.
However, you are clearly much more reliable.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.
Since Wang Cai could fight with him and had combat strength of the same level, it was equivalent to having the strength of two fourth level King Realm experts.
Usually, Wang Cai would not attack.
At the critical moment, he could serve as a backup to escape or deal a fatal blow to the enemy.

Wang Cai continued, “I can also expand my search range to search for geniuses further away.”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.
Finding another genius was naturally the best.

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“Did you find one?” “I found one.
His talent is much stronger than Fang Tianyuan’s.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s currently in the Great Zhou Imperial


“The Great Zhou Imperial City is a little far.
Can you use Soul Guidance to get him to take the initiative to look for me?”

“I’m sorry, Master.
That’s not possible.
This is because not only has his cultivation been crippled, but even his body has been crippled.
He’s unable to come and find Master at all.
Even if he came, he would probably be dead before he even arrived.”

Lu Xiaoran :”…”

“Is this disciple that tragic? Yun Lige’s cultivation was only crippled back then, but this one even crippled his body.”

“It’s indeed a little tragic, but his talent is much better than all the current disciples.”


When Lu Xiaoran heard this, he knew that his trip to the Great Zhou Imperial City was unavoidable.

Forget it.
In any case, he was prepared to leave the Heaven Demon Sect and find an even stronger place.

In addition, he had to get in touch with the hot shot who bullied Ji Wuxia in advance and understand the information.

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Only by knowing one’s enemy and oneself could one be invincible.

Three things could be done in a single trip to the Imperial City.
It was very efficient.

At the same time, a black mass of demon aura quietly gathered outside the Heaven Demon Sect.
It was as if a cold wind had swept past.
It was terrifying.

Soon, the black demon aura dissipated, revealing a thousand figures dressed in black with skeletons embroidered on them.

The auras of the few people in the lead were extremely powerful.
Each of them was actually not inferior to a fifth-level Shattering Void Realm expert.

Everyone arrived at the foot of the mountain, their scarlet eyes staring fixedly at the entire Heaven Demon Sect’s mountain.

“The birth of a Demon Venerable requires the blood essence of a cultivator to repair its injuries and increase its strength.
Tonight, Elder Ye Sha will lead the team.
We have already split into seven teams to deal with seven sects… one of which is the Heaven Demon Sect.
What we want is to obtain their blood essence to repair the Demon Venerable’s injuries and let him recover his peak strength to lead our holy Demon Sect back to the peak.
“All of you, listen up.
Do not let a single person from the Heaven Demon Sect off.
Kill them all!”


After the order was given, the people from the holy Demon Sect immediately raised their energy in their dantians and directly barged into the sect-protecting formation at the foot of the Heaven Demon Sect.

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