Chapter 85 Successful Upgrade

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However, Lu Xiaoran would not voice his thoughts.

“Cough cough, in that case, thank you for your kindness, Sect Master.”

“Xiaoran, you’re too polite.
How about this? In the future, I’ll get the sect to give you 200,000 high-grade spirit stones every month to help you cultivate.
You just have to cultivate well.
I’ll get someone to deliver it to you.
You don’t have to waste time going to the treasure vault.”

As for why going out to train, I personally do not approve of it.
This is because the Black Tortoise True Sect had just sent news that the Black Tortoise True Sect’s First Elder had rebelled and the Demon Venerable had escaped from the Demon Suppression Tower.”

Of course, if you really want to go out and train, I won’t stop you.
However, you have to be careful.
After all, only by experiencing more can you walk further on the path of martial


The sect master’s words warmed Lu Xiaoran’s heart a lot.

It was true that the sect master and the others had seen the potential in him and his future.

However, the other party had indeed done a lot for him.

“Thank you for your nurturing, Sect Master and the elders.
Xiaoran is extremely grateful.”

Everyone nodded.

“In that case, if there’s nothing else, we’ll go back first and not disturb your cultivation.”

“Alright, take care.”

After sending the sect master and the elders away, Lu Xiaoran finally began to busy himself with serious matters.

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Firstly, it was the Divine Wood Fire Spear in the Mountain and River State Painting.

Ever since that thing was put into the Mountain and River State Painting by Lu Xiaoran, it had never stopped.
It had always been causing a ruckus inside the Mountain and River State Painting.

Of course, it was only a low-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon and was still unable to escape from the Mountain and River State Painting

However, the items in the Mountain and River State Painting were unable to handle it.

For example, the medicinal pills, materials, Saint Realm weapons, and Heaven Realm weapons Lu Xiaoran had put in.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran directly summoned the Divine Wood Fire Spear from the Mountain and River State Painting.

The Divine Wood Fire Spear that had just come out let out a sharp whistle, as if it was protesting against Lu Xiaoran for locking it in the Mountain and River State Painting.

Lu Xiaoran did not waste his breath on it and directly summoned the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear, the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark, the Void Shattering Hammer, and the Xuanyuan Sword…

These were all top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Each of them had an aura that was much stronger than the Divine Wood Fire Spear.

Not only that, but because they were given to him by Wang Cai, they also obeyed Lu Xiaoran’s orders 100%.

When the few Martial Monarch Realm weapons appeared, their auras directly pressed down on the Divine Wood Fire Spear.
It trembled and constantly emitted trembling sounds.

However, this wasn’t enough!

Lu Xiaoran’s main goal had always been to never be a paper tiger.

If he wanted to make it afraid, he would have to teach it a lesson that it will remember for life!

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Therefore, without even moving his mouth, he directly commanded his mind and the few top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapons grabbed the Divine Wood Fire Spear and gave it a beating

After beating it for an hour, the trembling of the Divine Wood Fire Spear had turned into a weak groan.
The aura on it was about to disperse.
Only then did Lu Xiaoran finally stop his Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

He did not feel heartache for the Divine Wood Fire Spear.
After all, Martial Monarch Realm weapons had the ability to repair themselves.
After a while, it would be lively again.

“Are you still going to make a scene in the future?”

The Divine Wood Fire Spear kept shaking its spearhead.

At this moment, its wildness, temper, and arrogance as a Martial Monarch Realm weapon had all been stripped away by Lu Xiaoran.

It was too terrifying.
This guy seemed to have a large number of Martial Monarch Realm weapons on him.
Moreover, each of them had an aura that was even stronger than the last.

This guy was simply a monster among monsters.

As a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, the Divine Wood Fire Spear’s consciousness was comparable to a ten-year-old child.
It knew in its heart that it could not afford to provoke Lu Xiaoran.
In the future, it would be better for it to be obedient.

Seeing it shake its head, Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction.

“At least you’re tactful.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind shattering you and using your materials to refine a new Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Don’t doubt my skills.
My array formation techniques, pill refinement techniques, and weapon refinement techniques are all top-notch.
It won’t be a problem for me to refine a Martial Monarch Realm weapon with enough materials.”

The Divine Wood Fire Spear trembled in fear as its body bent.
It kept bowing to Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran finally let it off.

“Alright, if there’s nothing else, get lost and return to the Mountain and River State Painting.”

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The Divine Wood Fire Spear let out a spear cry before transforming into a stream of light that quickly shot into the Mountain and River State Painting.

Previously, it felt that it was humiliating to be here.
However, now, it felt that this place was really nice!

After dealing with the Divine Wood Fire Spear, Lu Xiaoran placed his thoughts on the few array formations he had obtained and began to study them.

Spacetime Decelaration Formation.

This was an array formation that Lu Xiaoran had obtained when he was killing Xiao Bei.

As the name suggested, this array formation could reduce speed.

This was a rather useful array formation.
Just imagine, in the martial world, the higher one’s cultivation, the faster one’s speed, and the more ruthless one’s combat was.

The hot shots also had many movement techniques.
This was pretty much a given.
Which one of them did not have the ability to escape?

However, if he had this array, he would definitely be able to resolve all the adverse effects and greatly reduce their speed when dealing with special existences such as the hot shots.

It would make the killing process even more efficient.

It was rather perfect.

Lu Xiaoran only took a day to comprehend the array formation.
After that, he organized and cultivated other cultivation techniques and treasures.

Medicinal pills, Heaven Realm weapons, and materials were all piled into a small mountain in the Mountain and River State Painting.

Although Lu Xiaoran was only one person, his current collection was probably comparable to the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

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Lastly, he consolidated his cultivation technique, sat cross-legged, and meditated to cultivate in peace.

This continued until the third day.
Lu Xiaoran felt that the side of his body was somewhat itchy, as if something was rubbing against him.
He could not help but open his eyes in confusion.

However, when he saw what it was, he was instantly surprised.

“Is this… a dog?”

Lu Xiaoran looked at the palm-sized cute dog on his bed in confusion.

The dog was covered in snow-white hair that was free of impurities.
It was fluffy and soft.

The four little paws were short and tender, and the small tail was like a furry little flag.
It kept shaking as if it was expressing its goodwill.

Whose dog was this? Why was it placed on his bed? Moreover, there was clearly an array formation at his door.
It was impossible for anyone to have the strength to place a dog on his bed.

As if sensing the confusion in Lu Xiaoran’s eyes, the cute little dog tugged at his clothes and said in an extremely familiar and beautiful girl’s voice,

“Master, Master, it’s me, Wang Cai.”

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