y for a moment, and a happy expression appeared on his exhausted face.
“Fortunately, I have many tricks up my sleeve.
Otherwise, I would have really died at their hands this time.”

After a pause, his eyes turned sharp again.

“The person who will kill me has not been born


“I, Xiao Bei, will definitely repay today’s humiliation a thousand times in the future.”

“And that Yun Lige! I didn’t kill you back then, but just you wait.
The next time I appear, it will be your death!”

However, the moment he finished speaking, a chill suddenly ran from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.

He could clearly sense a threat filled with death behind him.

Not daring to be careless at all, Xiao Bei immediately detonated a few drops of his blood essence, converted it into spirit energy, and inserted it into the Divine Wood Fire Spear.

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Then, he used his thoughts to communicate with the Divine Wood Fire Spear to let it attack his back to resist the danger from behind.


The Divine Wood Fire Spear had just emitted a spear sound and was about to transform into a stream of light to attack whatever was behind Xiao Bei when a stream of light quickly shot into Xiao Bei’s ear and smashed fiercely onto the Divine Wood Fire Spear, suppressing him and making him cry on the spot.

Xiao Bei’s pupils constricted, and he almost collapsed.
His mind was simply unable to process what was going on.

The Divine Wood Fire Spear had been suppressed!

It had been suppressed by a small seal!

That was a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

A Martial Monarch Realm weapon! How could it be suppressed just like that? No, after sensing the fear of the Divine Wood Fire Spear, Xiao Bei suddenly jolted awake.
That small mark was caused by a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

Moreover, its grade was even higher than the Divine Wood Fire Spear.

Who was it?

Who had such a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

He immediately turned around and tried his best to see who the other party was.

Unfortunately, he did not see anyone.
All he saw was a spear that contained a world-destroying might… At this moment, that spear condensed the might of the lightning in the surroundings and pulled over a myriad of clouds.
In his eyes, the spear became bigger and bigger!


In the end, as his mind buzzed, his consciousness completely darkened.

“Primordial Chaos Limitless, Eight Desolates Shattering the Earth, Thunderclap Ninth Heaven…”

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After Xiao Bei was nailed to death by a spear, Lu Xiaoran followed closely behind and used several Martial Monarch Realm attacks in succession.

With the strength of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon, he no longer needed to set up the Soul Convergence Formation to directly shatter the other party’s soul.

The surrounding space was completely shattered by Lu Xiaoran.
The other party’s soul could not even escape.
Lu Xiaoran bombarded the spot where the other party stood for more than 500 times in a row.
Only then did he slowly stop and heave a sigh of relief.

“Hah! I finally killed him.
Fortunately, I had the foresight.
I knew that this guy definitely had some life-saving means.”

After panting for a few breaths, Lu Xiaoran saw a golden mist slowly rise from the place where Xiao Bei died.
As he breathed, it entered his body.

The next moment, Wang Cai’s voice sounded in his ear.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the first hot shot.
Reward: top-grade emperor weapon-Xuanyuan Sword xi.’

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the first hot shot.
Reward: low-grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill, Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill X100.’

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the first hot shot.
Reward: top-grade Martial Monarch Realm formation-Spacetime Deceleration Formation.’

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the first hot shot.
Reward: cultivation increased by a realm level.’


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