Chapter 81 Absolute Killing Move

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“Master Xiao is the number one expert in our Jiang City in all of history!”

“Master Xiao is the only super genius in the history of our Jiang City who stepped into the Spirit Realm at the age of 29!”

“Master Xiao killed the demon python with a single slash and a Spirit Realm expert with a single move.
Have you all forgotten?”

“With Master Xiao in our Jiang City, who dares to say that they’re invincible? Who dares to say that they won’t be defeated?”

Everyone was filled with righteous indignation as they berated that young martial artist.
It was as if Xiao Bei’s defeat today was all because of him.

At this moment, Xiao Bei was constantly enduring the attacks of Yun Lige and the other two.

Every attack made his injuries worsen.

His chest had already collapsed, and one of his arms had been torn, even revealing the ghastly white bones inside.

His clothes were already stained with blood.
He felt that he had been beaten up and his consciousness was about to leave his body.

It could be said to be extremely tragic.

Every attack made him so depressed that he vomited blood.

He could have resisted, but due to a freak combination of factors, he had lost every opportunity to counterattack.

His counterattacks would always be destroyed by one of them.
Whenever he tried to resist, he would also be ambushed by them.

It was as if the heavens were helping them.

His previous Martial Monarch Realm combat experience seemed to have become a joke at this moment.
His limbs and even his mind were no longer under his control.

At this rate, even if he was the reincarnation of a Martial Monarch Realm expert, he still wouldn’t be able to last.
In the end, he would be killed by these three unknown fellows!

He could not continue like this.
He could not die here.
He still had his master to marry.

In this life, he still had to cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm again and live a carefree life.

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“Who are the three of you? We don’t have any grudges.
Why do you have to fight to the death?”


Yun Lige’s spear suddenly pierced through his


“You destroyed my Yun family and now you’re blaming me for fighting you to the death?”

“What? It’s you? This is impossible! How is this possible?!”

Xiao Bei’s pupils instantly constricted.

He had never expected the other party to be Yun Lige!

The genius of the Yun family who had been crippled by him!

How could he have increased his cultivation to this level in such a short period of time? Wasn’t he crippled by him?

Just as he was thinking, Yun Lige directly pierced his ear.


The intense pain woke Xiao Bei up.

Now was not the time to think about this problem.
He had to get out of the current predicament!

At this point, he could only use his trump card.

Originally, he did not want to use his trump card because he could not kill everyone here.
Moreover, once he used that trump card, he would fall into an extremely passive state.

At that time, the entire Great Zhou might want to kill him.

He could not take the risk, so he had not used that trump card.

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However, now, he already understood that these bastards from Jiang City were all in cahoots with these three people.
Originally, he did not think of this because the other party had no connection to the people in Jiang City.
However, when Yun Lige’s identity was exposed, he instantly understood.

They were definitely related and were definitely helping Yun Lige.

They were in charge of reducing his luck, and the three of them were in charge of killing him.

Therefore, he no longer had any worries.
He wanted to use that trump card to blast these people into the sky.

As long as everyone died, his secret would not be spread.

And he could also break out of this predicament.

Thinking of this, he completely let go of his defense and allowed Fang Tianyuan to punch him into the ground.


Fang Tianyuan frowned slightly and felt that something was wrong.
At their level of cultivation, their senses towards strength, attack, and other factors were extremely sharp.

However, when he punched Xiao Bei just now, he noticed that Xiao Bei did not seem to have used his spirit energy to defend.

“No, something’s wrong! Quickly retreat!”

After being trained by Lu Xiaoran, Fang Tianyuan’s character had also become much more cautious.
When he encountered something wrong, he did not dare to be careless at all.

Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran also reacted extremely quickly.
After hearing Fang Tianyuan’s words, they immediately circulated the Shadowless Gale Movement Technique and quickly retreated.

In the next second, Xiao Bei flew out of the deep pit with a black spear in hand.

“Seventh move of the Moon Chasing Meteor Art-Dragon Roar Nine Continents!” As soon as the spear shot out, the weather instantly changed.
Lightning surged in the sky, and lightning flew everywhere.
The dignity directly made countless people with weak cultivation kneel on the spot, unable to even raise their heads.

Countless people were shocked, and their jaws fell to the ground.
They were dumbfounded as they stood on the spot and stared fixedly at the figure that seemed to have descended from a god.

They had no idea what was causing the world to change color at this moment.

Even the City Lord of Jiang City, whose cultivation level was the highest and had already reached the first level of the Mountain Sea Realm, was completely unaware of what was going on at this moment… He did not understand how Xiao Bei could still unleash such peerless divine power in such a hopeless situation.

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Only Jiang Luoyu explained with excitement and arrogance, “It’s a Martial Monarch Realm weapon! Because my Brother Xiao has a Martial Monarch Realm weapon! Moreover, he also used a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique!”

“What? Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique!”

City Lord Jiang directly screamed.

The others were completely dumbfounded.

Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques and Martial Monarch Realm weapons were basically legendary existences to them.

They were existences that they could not even look up to.

And now, they had actually witnessed it because of Xiao Bei.

At this moment, they felt that it was so unreal.
Xiao Bei’s figure was like a god.

Jiang Luoyu was also looking up at Xiao Bei like everyone else.
However, what was different from everyone was that her expression was more like pride than envy.

This was because she was Xiao Bei’s woman.
What belonged to Xiao Bei was hers!


The next moment, Xiao Bei held his spear and suddenly smashed it towards the ground.


A shocking bang suddenly sounded in everyone’s ears.
The ground began to crack inch by inch before shattering, transforming into a black void.

Immediately after, a golden wave of light that was visible to the naked eye suddenly spread out and mercilessly destroyed everything in an unstoppable manner.

Wherever the light wave passed, everything directly turned to ashes.

Jiang Luoyu was puzzled.
Why did Brother Xiao also attack her location?

Did he not know that she was simply unable to withstand a single attack from a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? In her confusion, Xiao Bei’s attack directly turned her and all the martial arts cultivators on the river bank who were watching the battle into ashes.

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After the explosion, dust rose quickly, turning into a huge mushroom cloud that towered into the sky.

A few hundred meters deep abyss was destroyed in the ground.
The river water was also completely severed and could no longer flow.

“Hah… ha…”

Xiao Bei gasped for breath.
He hugged the Martial Monarch Realm spear in his hand and completely collapsed.

“Indeed, with my current cultivation, it’s still too difficult for me to use a Martial Monarch Realm attack technique with a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
This attack almost exhausted all the spirit energy in my body.”

However, a moment later, the corner of his mouth curled up again.

“However, in the end, I still won.
Be it those idiots in Jiang City or the three of you, all the bold bastards who destroyed my Xiao family have all been turned to dust.”

“Anyone who provokes me will be killed…!”

Before he could say the words “without mercy”, a huge force suddenly sounded from behind him.


A huge force smashed fiercely onto his back, breaking a few of his bones on the spot.

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