at least be able to regain the dominance of the battle in a short period of time.

However, those people had ruined it.

At this moment, he even suspected that he had been deceived.

Could it be that these bastards from Jiang City had joined forces with these three to deal with him?

Forget it, it was not the time to think about this for the time being.
Ji Wuxia’s move just now had made his blood and Qi surge.
The spirit energy in his body also became chaotic.
He would hide in the water for a moment and quickly recuperate.

At this moment, Jiang Luoyu’s voice sounded through the turbid river.

“Brother Xiao Bei will be fine.
His strength is simply unimaginable for you guys! You’ll see soon.
Brother Xiao Bei is only messing around.
As long as he gets serious, killing these three people will be as easy as flipping his hand.”

Hearing this voice, Xiao Bei immediately felt that something was wrong.
The battle experience of a Martial Monarch Realm expert told him that he could not be careless.


He had just retreated when a spear pierced straight into the water in the next second.
The energy contained in it directly sent the water flying, revealing the ground that was moist.

The scene was extremely spectacular!


Before Xiao Bei could rejoice that he had dodged this move, a golden light passed through the water screen.

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“Not good!”

Without being careless at all, Xiao Bei immediately circulated his cultivation technique forcefully, condensed his arms, and crossed them in front of his chest to resist.


Almost the moment he completed his action, the golden light happened to arrive in front of him.
It was Fang Tianyuan’s punch that he exerted with all of his strength.
This punch mercilessly landed onto his arms.

The huge force made him fly out like a meteor again, fiercely crashing through the wall more than five meters thick.

Xiao Bei felt that his body was about to fall apart.
However, before he could breathe, a phoenix cry sounded in his ear.


Xiao Bei was just about to circulate his cultivation technique to resist when he was already struck in the shoulder by Ji Wuxia’s


The True Phoenix Nine Transformations covered Xiao Bei.
On Ji Wuxia’s palm, a huge phoenix claw appeared.
Like a steel saber, it tore apart Xiao Bei’s shoulder.

At the same time, the huge force brought him out like a ball.


With another loud bang, Xiao Bei smashed through the wall again.

Before he could stabilize his body, Yun Lige had already taken out the Dragon Burial Spear and shot out.


A huge spear beam spread out for hundreds of meters and smashed fiercely onto Xiao Bei’s waist, directly smashing him into the ground.

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Xiao Bei had already completely lost the right to fight.

Even if he had been injured by the Demon Sect previously, Yun Lige or any one of the other two might still be slightly inferior to him in a one-on-one battle.

However, once the three of them joined forces, the advantage was not something Xiao Bei could bear.

At this moment, in front of everyone in Jiang City, Xiao Bei was beaten up like a ball and was unable to fight back.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This was the arrogant Xiao Bei and Master Xiao in Jiang City!

When had he ever suffered such humiliation?

In the past, no matter what enemies he encountered, he would always step on their faces.


“Do you think… Master Xiao… will be killed?”

At this moment, a young martial artist from Jiang City could not help but ask carefully.

However, he was quickly berated by several Jiang City big shots.
“Nonsense! Who do you think that is? That’s Master Xiao!”

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