oom! Boom!

As soon as the battle began, they immediately entered a heated state.
The two of them were extremely fast, leaving behind afterimages in the air.
Everyone was dazzled.
For every two figures that appeared, ten more would appear on the other side.

The sound of fists and palms colliding sounded endlessly.
Spirit energy shock waves surged wave after wave.

Large craters were constantly blasted out from the ground.

The vegetation on the river bank was forcefully pushed down by the spirit energy because of the strength of the two of them.
The energy that struck the river exploded, and it even severed the river on the spot, forcing the river water to flow backward.
In the next second, the water body collided again, shocking countless fish and prawns to death.

As the battle continued, Xiao Bei became more and more shocked.

Actually, with his rich combat experience, he could already tell Yun Lige’s trump card.

First of all, Yun Lige’s spirit energy recovery speed was very fast, faster than he imagined.
This was definitely not an ordinary Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
It was at least a high-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

Secondly, Yun Lige definitely had a Dharma treasure on him, and it was an existence that surpassed the Saint Realm.

This was because in the two of them fought, he had already relied on his experience and methods to attack Yun Lige many times.

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However, Yun Lige seemed to be fine every time.

If not for the fact that he had an armor above the Saint Realm that helped him resist the attacks, Yun Lige would at least have suffered some injuries.

This simply made Xiao Bei vomit blood.
He was really shocked!

Where did this guy come from? Not only did he have a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, but he also had a Saint Realm weapon.

If the other party was a Martial Monarch Realm expert or even an expert above the Emperor Realm, he would still more or less understand.

However, the other party was only a small fry at the Soul Refinement Realm!

Moreover, he was at the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm!

Where did he get this configuration from?

Just as he was feeling puzzled, he suddenly felt a sense of danger.
Xiao Bei’s pupils constricted as he forced Yun Lige back with a palm.
Then, he quickly adjusted his spirit energy to resist the sense of danger on the left.


Just as he turned around, a huge force collided violently.
Xiao Bei felt his arms turn numb on the spot and almost break! His entire body was sent flying more than a hundred meters.

Even though he forcefully stabilized his body, his blood was still surging.
What a hard fist!

He swept his gaze over Fang Tianyuan and saw the other party’s glass golden fist, his eyes jumping

Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm!

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He definitely had a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique!

Yun Lige’s Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture was not released, so it was not easy for him to determine.
However, he could tell at a glance that Fang Tianyuan’s Indestructible Golden Body was definitely a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

Moreover, that was a completely different cultivation technique from Yun Lige.

Damn it, where did these people come from? This guy seemed to only be at the fifth level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
How did he have a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique?

The people on the river bank immediately could not help but discuss.

“They’re too despicable.
How could this be? Isn’t this a group fight?” “That’s right.
Are they fighting together because they can’t beat Master Xiao in a one-on-one battle?”

Jiang Luoyu sneered.

“So what if it’s a group fight? Ants are still ants.
It’s not like Brother Xiao hasn’t dealt with a group of experts at the same time.
In the end, he will still obtain a complete victory! In front of Brother Xiao, all teamwork and schemes are just paper tigers!”

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