Chapter 78 Destiny Battle

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Xiao Bei stepped out and transformed into a stream of light that rushed to the riverside.

Jiang Luoyu struggled and got up from the bed.

“Father, bring me over.
I want to watch Brother Xiao kill that bastard.”

City Lord Jiang couldn’t help but worry.

“Are your injuries alright? Why don’t you just lie at home? With Xiao Bei’s strength, dealing with the other party will definitely be easy!” Jiang Luoyu shook his head.
“No, I already feel guilty for not helping Brother Xiao and protecting the Xiao family.
If he kills his enemy by hand and I still don’t go and watch the battle, I won’t have a place in Brother Xiao’s heart.”

City Lord Jiang sighed.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll accompany you.”

Xiao Bei arrived at the riverside at the fastest speed.

On the riverside, three figures stood as if they had long expected him to arrive and had been waiting here.

In fact, Yun Lige and the other two were not the only ones gathered here.
There were also many martial artists from Jiang City.

Yun Lige and the other two had caused such a huge commotion in Jiang City and had also killed many experts from their families.
Therefore, everyone wanted to take a look.

They wanted to see how Xiao Bei planned to kill the three of them.

“Hey, who do you think is going to win?”

“Needless to say, it’s definitely Master Xiao.
Who doesn’t know Master Xiao’s strength? Who doesn’t? Along the way, have you ever seen him lose?”

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“That’s right.
Master Xiao’s strength is indeed indisputable.
In the entire Jiang City, he can already be considered an invincible existence.”

“These three people are brainless and rash.
They can’t bear the anger of Master Xiao at all after destroying the Xiao family.”

These words sounded strange to Xiao Bei.

He could not tell what was strange, but it was very strange.
It was as if these praises should not be directed at him but at the other party.

In the past, whenever he rose to prominence, these bystanders would definitely not think highly of him.
Instead, they would think highly of his long famous opponents and even look down on him.

In the end, he would always smack their faces and kill his opponents.

However, now, after hearing someone praise him, he seemed to have lost something that he could not see or touch.

However, soon, Xiao Bei shook his head and shook off these complicated thoughts.
Now was not the time to care about these strange words.
Instead, it was important to kill the enemy.
Taking a deep breath, he strode forward and arrived in front of Yun Lige and the other two.

“Ever since I became famous, no one has dared to attack my family.
The three of you are the first and last.”

Fang Tianyuan said angrily, “I don’t think so.
Your entire family has been destroyed by us.
I even threw away your ancestral grave.
I even peed on your grandma’s ashes before throwing all of it into the river to feed the fish.
In the future, even if someone wants to attack your family, they won’t be able to.”

Oh, that’s not right.
If someone wants to make you a cuckold, that’s still possible.”

When the surrounding people heard this, they could not help but shudder.

“This guy is really crazy.
He’s still infuriating Master Xiao.”

“They’re dead for sure.
Master Xiao probably won’t even leave their ashes behind.”

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Xiao Bei clenched his fists tightly, and killing intent surged in his eyes.

It was not only because of Fang Tianyuan’s words.
At the same time, he also realized that every time someone flattered him, he seemed to lose something he did not know.

He could not delay any longer.
If he did, he would only lose more and more things.

“You… are courting death!”

With a cold snort, Xiao Bei took a heavy step and headed straight for Fang Tianyuan.

“I’m your opponent.”

Seeing that he was about to arrive in front of Fang Tianyuan, Yun Lige stepped forward.
He circulated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture, and the aura on his entire body suddenly erupted at a rapid speed.

In the blink of an eye, his aura rushed to the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm.

The two of them exchanged fists, and a hint of disdain flashed in Xiao Bei’s eyes.

“You’re only at the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm, but you still dare to be arrogant in front of me.
Do you think you’re worthy?”

Although he was only at the perfected tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm and had even been surrounded and injured by the Demon Sect…

However, he was still the reincarnation of a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

The combat experience of a Martial Monarch Realm expert was not something one should underestimate.

The strength of a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique was even more impressive!

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Without any hesitation, Xiao Bei turned his target from Fang Tianyuan to Yun Lige.

“Get lost!”

As soon as he attacked, an explosion suddenly sounded in the air!

Then, violent winds spread, and the river surface surged like a dragon.

Xiao Bei’s move was actually monstrous.
The hearts of the spectators by the river bank pounded violently, and their eyes widened as they stared fixedly at this scene.
Every attack Xiao Bei made was a visual enjoyment.
Moreover, more importantly, if they could obtain a trace of concept from Xiao Bei’s attack and fuse it into their martial arts, it would be a huge opportunity for them!

No one thought that Xiao Bei would lose because he was too powerful! Ever since he became famous, countless experts had wanted to kill Xiao Bei to build their reputation.
However, all of them were killed by Xiao Bei.

Everyone was already used to his victory.
In their eyes, the outcome already seemed decided by the heavens.
As long as the two sides fought, Xiao Bei would definitely win.

Even City Lord Jiang and his daughter, who had just rushed over, had spirited expressions when they saw this.
They were filled with confidence in Xiao Bei.

“Brother Xiao, you can do it!”


Just as everyone thought that Xiao Bei would easily defeat Yun Lige, the moment the two fists collided, a dazzling white light was triggered and quickly spread.
With a merciless attitude, it instantly blasted a huge pit more than ten meters deep into the ground.
Then, it quickly spread and swallowed the ground.
In an instant, the pit was expanded to a hundred meters!

This powerful shock wave also forced the two of them to retreat at the same time.

However, Xiao Bei retreated 300 meters, but Yun Lige only retreated less than 100 meters.


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Everyone’s jaws instantly dropped.

Xiao Bei was actually unable to obtain the upper hand in this attack?

What a joke!

That was Xiao Bei, Master Xiao from Jiang City!

No one knew how powerful he was, but he was the strongest in Jiang City.
This knowledge was already engraved in everyone’s bones.

However, at this moment, he was actually unable to even obtain the upper hand in the hands of a stranger.

Who… was the other party?

Xiao Bei’s heart also pounded as he looked at the other party in confusion.
He did not expect Yun Lige’s strength to be so powerful.

Even if he was injured, even if his cultivation was a realm lower than Yun Lige’s, and even if Yun Lige might also have a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, he was still someone who was able to fight those with superior cultivation.

In fact, his combat experience as a Martial Monarch Realm expert would even make up for the difference between him and his opponent, allowing him to gain the advantage.

But now, what was going on?

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