ire Xiao family estate was covered in corpses and rivers of blood, as if it was a living hell.

The people in Jiang City naturally quickly discovered the tragic state of the Xiao Family.
After all, the commotion was so huge that it was impossible to hide.

The first to bear the brunt were the various large families in Jiang City.
Now, they were all Xiao Bei’s lackeys.
Since the Xiao Family was being attacked, it was naturally impossible for them not to come out.

Wave after wave of martial artists rushed over quickly.

“How dare you kill people in my Jiang City? Aren’t you thinking too little of my Jiang City?”

“How dare you touch Master Xiao’s house.
You’re really tired of living.”

“My Jiang City is not a place for you guys to act atrociously.
The Xiao Family is not an existence you can casually bully.”

“With my Sun family around, you guys can’t attack Master Xiao’s family.”

Yun Lige treated them coldly.

These people had also been close friends of the Yun family in the past.
Many of them even called his grandfather and father brothers.

However, to this day, in just a few months, they had become Xiao Bei’s dogs and were loyal to him.

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It had to be said that this was really a huge irony!

Yun Lige did not have any additional feelings for them.

The Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture circulated, and Yun Lige’s aura soared at a high speed.

At the same time, he raised his right hand high.
Spirit energy condensed and spread on his arm, forming a hundred-meter-long saber of light.
Everyone could sense Yun Lige’s aura rising incessantly.
Immediately, they felt their scalps turn numb.
“What a powerful cultivation! Not good, his cultivation is too high.
We’re not his match.
Quickly retreat!”

Yun Lige sneered.

“Don’t you think it’s too late to run now?”

Before he could finish speaking, the saber beam had already landed.


The saber fell like a meteor sweeping the ground, its might boundless.

A huge ravine more than 200 meters long was torn out of the two-meter-long bluestone ground of the Jiang City!

Those who were struck by the saber beam were directly ground to dust by the powerful saber aura.

Other than the saber beam, even those who were not directly hit by the saber beam were still struck by the astral winds… They were all sent flying to the side.
At best, their bones would break, and at worst, they would faint on the spot and be severely injured to the point of death.

This extremely terrifying technique directly dumbfounded everyone, making them panic and despair to the extreme.

They had never expected this mysterious person to unleash a killing move.
Moreover, its might was so powerful that it could destroy so many of them in one move!

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Half of them were killed and the other half were heavily injured!

Perhaps only Master Xiao could compare to this, right?

At the moment Yun Lige attacked, a beautiful figure also arrived with a team.

When she saw what was happening, her heart skipped a beat, and her face immediately turned as pale as wax.
However, even so, she gritted her teeth and landed.

However, she did not attack like the others.
She only cupped her hands and said, “Senior, I’m the daughter of the Jiang City City Lord, Jiang Luoyu, and also Xiao Bei’s fiance.
If I may be so bold as to ask, how did the Xiao Family provoke you to the point that you’re so furious that you actually want to destroy the entire Xiao Family?” Yun Lige turned around and looked at his ex-fiancée.
His eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

If not for Xiao Bei’s appearance, she would have probably married him this year, right?

However, he was also grateful for Xiao Bei’s appearance.

If not for Xiao Bei, how could he know how despicable Jiang Luoyu was?

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