Chapter 74 Assigning the Mission

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Lu Xiaoran smacked his lips and opened the last big gift bag.

Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weaponMountain and River State Painting x1.

“Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.

Right now, he really had too many Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques on hand.
He no longer needed Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques.
At the very least, he did not need them for the time being.

However, it was different for Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Martial Monarch Realm weapons were extremely rare, and they were treasures among treasures.

Every Martial Monarch Realm weapon had its own special use.
Every Martial Monarch Realm weapon was a top-grade weapon that was one in a million.

However, when Lu Xiaoran opened the Mountain and River State Painting, he was instantly dumbfounded.

The Mountain and River State Painting was a spatial support type top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

With a special spatial ability, he could create a small world and absorb everything in the real world.

It was another auxiliary item.

It seemed that he would never leave the path of playing a supporting character.

Wang Cai did not give himself anything that could help him fight.

There was a faint sadness.

“Forget it, it’s better than nothing.”

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Lu Xiaoran was somewhat discouraged, but he could only comfort himself in this way.

It just so happened that as he obtained more and more good items, his storage bag was already insufficient.

Ordinary storage bags were already unable to store Saint Realm weapons, let alone hide their aura.

Moreover, the Mountain and River State Painting was a Martial Monarch Realm weapon that could be directly absorbed into the body and was easy to carry.
Receiving the Mountain and River State Painting could also be considered as making up for his current shortcoming.

Most importantly, it was not the time for Lu Xiaoran to be calculative.
The most important thing now was to deal with Xiao Bei.

It had been a month.
If he guessed correctly, Xiao Bei should be back in Jiangbei soon.

It was time to mess with him!

Lu Xiaoran stepped out of the room.
As his aura was released, the three disciples sensed it and immediately arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.



Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the three of them.
Their auras were very impressive.

“It’s about time.
It’s time to make a move.” He raised his hand and threw the two Saint Weapon armors to Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia.

“Among these two, one is a mid-grade Saint Realm Auspicious Cloud Armor, and the other is a high-grade Saint Realm Phoenix Feather Armor.
They are both defensive Saint Realm weapons suitable for your cultivation techniques.
Take them and wear them.” Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia’s hearts stirred as a warm feeling surged out.

“Master, you’re really too good to us.”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

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“Don’t misunderstand.
It’s mainly because the two of you don’t have the Indestructible Golden Body like Tianyuan.
I’m afraid you won’t be able to last.
If you’re killed, I’ll have to collect your corpses.”

Yun Lige: “…”

Ji Wuxia :”…”

Ignoring their speechlessness, Lu Xiaoran took out three more storage rings for the three of them.

“Ever since a long time ago, I’ve thought of a problem.
If we attack in the future, we will definitely attract the attention of others.
When a person becomes famous, there are bound to be more problems.
After all, the tallest tree in the forest is bound to be destroyed by the wind.

Therefore, I made a set of clothes to hide our true identities.

“The last time we attacked the White Bone Demon Sect, we were actually rather rash.
If we had let one of them escape, it would be a fatal blow to us.

Inside are the clothes, cloaks, and masks that I made for you.
They all have the same style, except for the gender difference.”

The three of them took out their uniforms.
They were all dressed in pure black uniforms that looked a little like big windbreakers.
It could perfectly cover the appearance of the three of them.
On the surface of the uniforms, there were also various Eight Trigrams, Taiji, Nine Palace, and other array formations engraved with black-golden lines.

They looked very mysterious and appealing.

“These three sets of clothing were all made by me.
There are defensive array formations that can resist damage on them, spirit gathering array formations that can increase the absorption of spirit energy, and self-repairing functions.
Their might is not inferior to a top-grade Heaven Realm defensive Dharma treasure.
Also, aside from having defensive array formations, these masks can also change your voices.”

After you leave, don’t mention your names.
You can only use code names.
For example, Li Ge will be Number One, Wuxia will be Number Two, and Tianyuan will be Number Three.”

Yun Lige tilted his head and asked curiously, “What if others ask us where we’re from? Will we just keep quiet? Won’t that seem very tasteless?”

Lu Xiaoran glared at him angrily.

“Why do you have so many problems? If anyone asks you where you’re from, tell them that we’re from the Avengers Alliance!”

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“Hiss, Master has indeed thought things through.
You should have thought of this name long ago, right?”

“Avengers Alliance.
What a handsome name.”

“With Master’s guidance, we can definitely destroy all the hot shots.”

Lu Xiaoran :”…”

“Alright, stop bootlicking.
We should go.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran placed the mark of the Great Void Chaos Steps on the few of them.
With a thought, he directly brought the few of them away.

After a few breaths, Lu Xiaoran brought his three disciples to the vicinity of Jiang City.
“The three of you, go to Jiang City and destroy the Xiao family first.
Remember, you have to get rid of the roots.
Do you understand?” The three of them could not help but shudder.

“We understand.”

“Second and most importantly, never underestimate your enemies.
This is because you don’t know how many trump cards the hot shots have.”


“The third and most important point is that we have to start fighting immediately when we get there.
Of course, it’s best if we can work together and not give them a chance to breathe.
During the battle, don’t waste your breath.
Every word you say will give a certain enhancement to the hot shots and make them stronger!”


“Yes! Alright, go.”

Lu Xiaoran ordered the three of them to go to Jiang City.
He then set up an array formation outside Jiang City.

It was not an attack formation.
After all, the entire Jiang City was much bigger than the White Bone Demon Sect.
He did not want to spend so many spirit stones.

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Moreover, the commoners in Jiang City had not offended him, unlike the White Bone Demon Sect who wanted to kill the Heaven Demon Sect.

He would not waste his time talking nonsense.

What he wanted to set up was a very simple scanning array formation.

Scanning array formations consumed very little.
It might only require a few low-grade spirit stones.

Even surrounding the entire Jiang City would not cost much spirit stones.

Lu Xiaoran knew that the hot shots more or less had their own life-saving techniques.
Even if they could not beat them, they might still choose to escape.

He could not be careless when dealing with the hot shots.
He had to make sure that he had a backup plan.
In this way, if the other party escaped, he would obtain a greater opportunity.

As long as the other party passed by the scanning array formation he had set up, he would be able to use the Great Void Chaos Steps to reach the other party’s side and then use a series of consecutive attacks to send his opponent to the afterlife.


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