Chapter 69 So You Like Me?

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Sect Master Chen was silent for a moment before saying,

“First Elder, could it be that you want Xiaoran to be the sect master of our Heaven Demon Sect?”

“That’s right, that’s what I meant.” The First Elder nodded and then analyzed for him.

“Although Xiaoran’s cultivation is poor, that’s because he’s young.
Moreover, everyone has seen his attainments in array formations.
Moreover, Xiaoran is currently a good friend of the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect.
With this relationship, it’s not an insult to our Heaven Demon Sect to let him be the sect master.”

“As for you, Sect Master, why don’t you become a Grand Elder and focus on cultivation?”

The sect master’s eyes revealed a struggle.

“But I’m only a hundred years old and in the prime of my life.
Do I have to retire now?”

“That’s fine.
However, I think it would be a pity if Xiaoran can’t advance further with the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect because of his identity.”

Hearing this, the sect master’s expression changed and he immediately said seriously,

“After I return, I’ll directly abdicate the position of sect master and let Xiaoran become our Heaven Demon Sect’s sect master.” What a joke.
If Xiaoran could advance to the next level with the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect, the value of our Heaven Demon Sect will simply be multiplied!

For the sake of the Heaven Demon Sect, why should he still be the sect master? He should just abdicate and become a Grand Elder.

Looks like he could finally see the rise of the Heaven Demon Sect in his life!

After Lu Xiaoran walked out of the tent, he naturally saw Qin Zimo.

He could not help but be somewhat stunned.

“It’s actually you?”

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Lu Xiaoran did not expect the other party to be Qin Zimo.

He still had some impression of this girl.

Back then, she had almost died in front of his cave and then been dragged away by him.
Every time, she would be sent back by the two black bears.

In the end, he buried her and she was even dug out by the black bears and sent to the entrance of the cave.
In the end, he just left.

He did not expect this woman to appear here and even find him.
Qin Zimo smiled playfully.

“Why? Are you surprised to see me here?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“I’m somewhat surprised.”

At this moment, some people not far away were already looking over.

“Isn’t that the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect? Why is she here?”

“Who is she talking to?” “That seems to be Lu Xiaoran from the Heaven Demon Sect, right? His results in this competition were pretty good and he was basically ranked around 30th.” Lu Xiaoran frowned slightly.
He did not expect the other party to be the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect.
Now, he understood why she was able to find him.

However, women were really troublesome.
As soon as she arrived, everyone looked at her.
This could easily make him famous.

“What’s the matter? If there’s nothing else, please go back.
I have to start packing.
Our Heaven Demon Sect will be returning later.”

“Ah? Your Heaven Demon Sect is leaving so soon?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

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“Of course.
The competition is already over.
Why wouldn’t we leave? What’s the point of staying? We’re not participating in the construction of the Demon Sealing Formation.”

The first twenty people in the rankings were enough for the construction of the Demon Sealing Formation.
Of course, the elders of the Black Tortoise True Sect will be the ones that are in charge.
They were the true main force.

However, if the Black Tortoise True Sect was to set up the array formation alone, it would be very dangerous.
If the Demon Sect controlled an elder of the Black Tortoise True Sect, they might be able to destroy the array and release the Demon Venerable.

Therefore, gathering outstanding array masters from other sects and setting up array formations was like setting up an additional safety measure.

Even if the first place Xiao Bei had already left the Black Tortoise True Sect, Lu Xiaoran definitely would not be able to participate.
After all, he was only ranked 32nd.

Qin Zimo was somewhat anxious.
She did not know why, but she suddenly felt somewhat disappointed when she heard that Lu Xiaoran was leaving

After looking at Lu Xiaoran, she bit her lip and said,

“Elder Lu, can I spend some time with you alone?”

“There’s no need for that, right? We’re not that close.
Moreover, I’m a man and you’re a woman.
It’s not appropriate.”

“It won’t take long, just for a while.”

Qin Zimo’s somewhat pleading tone made Lu Xiaoran vaguely sense that something was wrong.

However, for a moment, he did not know what was wrong with Qin Zimo.

However, more and more gazes appeared in the surroundings.
Lu Xiaoran was really afraid that these people would gossip and ruin his innocence, so he could only nod and agree.

“Alright, it’s only for a while.
I’ll be back later to pack.” With that said, Lu Xiaoran tapped his foot lightly and immediately soared up, quickly leaving and flying towards a peak of the Black Tortoise True Sect.

Qin Zimo was overjoyed and hurriedly followed.

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The two of them quickly arrived at the nearby mountain range.

“If you have anything to say, say it quickly.
I don’t have much time.”

Lu Xiaoran said directly.
Qin Zimo took a deep breath and cupped her hands towards him.
“Zimo thanks Elder Lu for helping Zimo previously and not abandoning me for a month.”


Lu Xiaoran was stunned and his mind was filled with question marks.

When did he save her? When did he stay by her side? When did he take care of her for a month?

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Lu Xiaoran’s mind, as if he had thought of something.

Qin Zimo had always been in a coma previously.
She did not know what had happened that month and did not even know that she had buried her.

In the end, when he left, she might have sobered up and had a misunderstanding.
She probably thought that he had saved her and that he had taken care of her for a month.

He now understood.
After all, why would this chick look for him for no reason?

“I see.
Then don’t worry.
It was nothing.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face was not red and his heart did not skip a beat as he accepted this life-saving favor.
If the other party was grateful to him, it was also not bad for him to receive a few million spirit stones from her.

After hearing him admit it, Qin Zimo was even more touched.

“How could it be nothing? You saved my life.
I’ve always wanted to thank you.”

Lu Xiaoran felt a wave of contempt in his heart.
Why was she only thanking him verbally? Where was the payment? Seriously, what’s up with the nonsense? How much is gratitude worth?

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After a while, she suppressed the excitement in her heart and continued,

“Elder Lu, why didn’t you go to the peak of the Northern Area last night?”

“I see… that letter yesterday was yours.”

Qin Zimo nodded repeatedly.

“I waited for you the entire night at the peak of the Northern Area.”

Seeing her slightly shy and wronged expression, Lu Xiaoran’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

He was not stupid.
If he still did not understand that Qin Zimo liked him after seeing that expression, then he might as well kill himself with a tofu.

This made him pat his forehead speechlessly.

From the beginning to the end, he had never thought of saving her.
In the end, she actually misinterpreted the situation and fell in love with him.

What a melodramatic plot.

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