ello, Elder.” “Hello.”

Elder Tie greeted happily and turned around to take a look.
It was fine if he did not look, but when he did, he was instantly shocked.

“Aren’t… aren’t you the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect?”

Qin Zimo smiled faintly.

“That’s right, I am indeed.
What’s wrong?” “Oh, nothing.
Why did you come to our Heaven Demon Sect’s tent?”

“It’s nothing.
I just wanted to find your sect’s Elder Lu Xiaoran.
May I ask if Elder Lu Xiaoran is in the tent now?”

“Oh, yes, yes.
I’ll go get him for you now.”

With that said, Elder Tie quickly ran into the tent.

“Sect Master, big news.”

Sect Master Chen and the others were about to pack their things and return to the Heaven Demon Sect today.
Seeing Elder Tie suddenly barge in and shout, they could not help but be somewhat surprised.

“Elder Tie, why are you so anxious?”

Elder Tie grabbed Sect Master Chen’s arm tightly and said, “Sect Master, there’s someone outside looking for Xiaoran.
Guess who?”

“Who is it?”

“The Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect, Qin Zimo.” “What? Holy Maiden Qin?”

Everyone was shocked.

“Are you serious?”

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“It’s true.
It’s the absolute truth.
She’s outside the door.
If you don’t believe me, use your divine sense to see for yourself.”

Everyone immediately swept their divine senses over.
After confirming it, they were immediately shocked.

Indeed, the other party was really Qin Zimo.

“Why would she come and find Xiaoran?”

“Could it be that she and Xiaoran have some secret?”

The First Elder’s eyes flickered incessantly.

“Let’s stop guessing here.
Hurry and tell Xiaoran to go out and welcome her.” “Yes, quickly inform Xiaoran.”

The group of old men immediately went to Lu Xiaoran’s curtain and shouted.

The fabric on these tents were all set up with array formations.
They were even harder than concrete.
Every small room was actually rather hidden.

“Xiaoran, come out quickly.”

Lu Xiaoran had also sensed that they were at his door.
The moment the elders shouted, he had already removed the array formation and opened the curtain.

“Sect Master, are we going back? I don’t have anything to pack.
We can leave right away.”

Sect Master Chen coughed lightly.

“We’re not leaving.
Someone’s outside looking for you.”

“Someone’s looking for me?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat puzzled.

“Who is it?”

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“You’ll know after you go.”

Lu Xiaoran was even more puzzled.
Why were the sect master and the others so mysterious?

However, he still walked out of the tent.

The Sect Master and the others immediately discussed behind him.

“I didn’t expect the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect to come and find Xiaoran personally.
Looks like their relationship is extraordinary.”

“The Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect has an extraordinary status.
It’s very likely that she will be the sect master of the Black Tortoise True Sect in the future.
It’s a huge good thing for our Heaven Demon Sect for her to be friends with Xiaoran.
However, Xiaoran’s status is too low and he will also be mocked by others.
Looks like we should think of a way to increase Xiaoran’s status.”

“But now, he’s already a member of the Elder Group.
There’s no other position higher than that.”

Just as everyone was frowning in thought, the First Elder seemed to have thought of an idea.
He took a deep breath and said with a firm gaze,

“Sect Master, I have a presumptuous request.” “Oh? Please tell me, First Elder.”

“Sect Master, why don’t you abdicate!”

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