ng killed the other party with a single slap.
However, even so, Xiao Bei would not let the matter rest.
He was determined to obtain Zimo.
He also had other methods.

The next moment, another white figure stepped on the wind.
Before he arrived, he had already chuckled.
“Hehehehe… Sect Master, there’s no need to be so anxious to refuse.
Actually, Zimo has also been cultivating for thirty to forty years.
Speaking of which, it’s also time for him to find a Dao mate.” “Who is he? How dare he speak to the sect master in such a manner?”

In the crowd, someone could not help but ask.
The next moment, someone tugged at his sleeve.

“Don’t interrupt.
This is the First Elder of the Black Tortoise True Sect.
He’s also a very powerful figure.”

“Hiss ~! I didn’t expect Xiao Bei to have the First Elder as his matchmaker.”

“Looks like Xiao Bei is going to get his hands on the beauty this time.”

The First Elder arrived at the high platform as everyone discussed.

The Black Tortoise Sect Master narrowed his eyes.

“First Elder? What do you mean?”

The First Elder smiled and said,

“Sect Master, I’m already prepared to take Xiao Bei in as my disciple.
You know Xiao Bei’s attainments in array formations.
If he can work with Zimo, he will definitely promote our Black Tortoise True Sect in the future.”

“Moreover, not only that, once the two of them get married and become partners, it won’t affect Zimo’s cultivation at all in the sect.
What do you think?”

The Black Tortoise Sect Master looked at him and wanted to see from this old fox’s eyes why he was speaking up for Xiao Bei.

However, it was very difficult.
He had no idea what ability Xiao Bei had to bewitch this old fox.

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However, he would definitely not agree to let him ruin his disciple’s happiness like this.

“I think I’ve already made it very clear.
Zimo needs to cultivate now and doesn’t need to get married.”

After another forceful rejection, both the First Elder and Xiao Bei could not help but narrow their eyes.

This was already the third attempt.
The three rejections were enough to prove the sect master’s intention.

The two of them could not understand why the sect master would reject Xiao Bei again and again.

No matter what, he was an excellent choice!

The audience below were also stunned.

The First Elder looked at Xiao Bei and sighed slightly.

“Since Sect Master is unwilling, then we can only let it go.
I was too rude.”

The Black Tortoise Sect Master snorted.

“Alright, the awards ceremony still needs to continue.
Quickly leave and don’t delay.”


The First Elder obediently retreated to the side.
Then, the Black Tortoise Sect Master looked at Xiao Bei coldly and said,

“Xiao Bei, do you still want your reward? If you don’t, I’ll consider you as an automatic forfeit.
Your reward will no longer be distributed.”

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Xiao Bei’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

He really wanted to kill someone.
He had never thought that he would one day be humiliated like this.

The shame today was simply about to be nailed to the pillar of shame of his life!

However, he was also helpless.
This was because the current him was only reborn and was only a small Mountain Sea Realm cultivator.

He needed these resources to help him increase his strength.

Therefore, although he was unwilling, he could only shake his head and sigh.

“I choose to accept the reward.”

The Black Tortoise Sect Master handed over the rewards one by one to him.
After completing the rewards, he directly let him go without giving him any face.

“You can go down now.”

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