bodies were expelled from their bodies as they cultivated.
They could be said to be as beautiful as fairies.

However, there were still some top-notch beauties who could capture everyone’s attention the moment they appeared.

It was as if these female cultivators were only like those beautiful web celebrities.
They looked beautiful, but if they stood beside a rich missy of a top-notch society, they would be completely destroyed.
The main difference was the aura.

It was a unique aura that could crush all living beings!

The moment Qin Zimo came out, Xiao Bei also opened his eyes.

There was no sharp gaze, only a gentle glow.

There was nostalgia, adoration, guilt, infatuation… and a trace of… possessiveness!

He took a deep breath and spoke slowly with a choked voice.

“Master… It’s been 3,000 years.
Xiao Bei, I’ve finally seen you again!”

His eyes were somewhat red, but his gaze gradually became especially firm.

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“In this life, Bei’er must accompany Master and let Master live with me.
Bei’er will definitely not let anyone attack Master again!”

“Also, I’ll definitely help you protect the Black Tortoise True Sect.
Just wait and see.”

At this moment, on the high platform, an elder of the Black Tortoise True Sect had already begun to give a speech.
There were a lot of official words, but it had to be said that many people really listened seriously.
For example, Sect Master Chen of the Heaven Demon Sect and the few elders stood up and listened carefully.

“Fortunately, Xiaoran, we got 32nd place and the top 50 spots will all be rewarded by the Black Tortoise True Sect.
Our Heaven Demon Sect will also be going on stage to receive the award later.”

The few elders held hands excitedly.

They were about to receive an award in front of almost all the sects in the entire Great Zhou.
Its meaning was definitely not ordinary.

They had already decided in a special meeting last night that they would definitely frame Xiaoran’s certificate when they returned and specially place it in the Heaven Demon Sect’s hall.
In this way, when the elders of the other sects visited in the future, they would be able to see this certificate.

As he was feeling excited, the elder of the Black Tortoise True Sect had already finished speaking and began to officially present the award.

“Next, I announce that the awards ceremony has officially begun.
Let’s welcome Xiao Bei from Jiang City, the first place winner of this Array Formation Conference, to the stage to receive the award.”

Xiao Bei clenched his fists and heaved a sigh of relief before stepping onto the high platform.

The Black Tortoise Sect Master took the initiative to congratulate him.

“Xiao Bei, congratulations on obtaining the first place in this array formation meeting.
Our Black Tortoise True Sect will reward you with a top-grade Heaven Realm array, a top-grade Heaven Realm cultivation technique, and a top-grade Heaven Realm weapon.”


Hearing the Black Tortoise Sect Master mention the reward, everyone’s scalps went numb!

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This reward was simply too generous, and it made everyone envious and envious to the point of almost drooling.

However, Xiao Bei’s expression was calm and indifferent.

He was once a Martial Monarch Realm expert, so why would he care about such things?

Seeing that he did not answer, the Black Tortoise Sect Master could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“Xiao Bei, why aren’t you saying anything? Could it be that you don’t like these?”

Xiao Bei shook his head.

“That’s not true.
Actually, I didn’t come here for these rewards.
Instead, I came for another matter.”

“Oh? What is it?”

Xiao Bei looked at Qin Zimo and smiled gently.

“I’m here to propose.
I want to ask the Black Tortoise Sect to marry Holy Maiden Qin Zimo to me.”

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