It can even be said that even Xiao Bei might not be able to compare to him.
His attainments in array formations might even be worthy of this in the entire Great Zhou.”

As he spoke, the Black Tortoise Sect Master raised his thumb.

The corner of Qin Zimo’s mouth curled up slightly and her face was slightly red.
She was in a very happy mood as if she was the one being praised.

However, she still deliberately pretended to not know and asked,

“Master, is it that exaggerated?”

The Black Tortoise Sect Master shook his head.

“It’s really not an exaggeration.
Even I almost couldn’t tell that he faked his array formation skills.
Isn’t such strength above mine? And how many people in the entire Great Zhou have attainments in array formations that surpass mine?”

Lu Xiaoran’s attainments in array formations should be the number one in the Great Zhou Empire.

After being repeatedly confirmed by her master, Qin Zimo was even more happy.
However, she did not forget to remind him.

“However, Master, he probably doesn’t want others to know his attainments in array formations.
You must not tell anyone.
Otherwise, I won’t forgive you.”

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The Black Tortoise Sect Master was slightly stunned when he heard his precious disciple’s tone.
He did not know whether to laugh or cry.
“Girl, you think so highly of him.
Could it be that you’ve fallen for him?”


Qin Zimo’s face instantly turned red as she shook her head repeatedly.

“Master, don’t talk nonsense.
I… I just wanted to repay him for saving my life.”

“Oh, I see.”

The Black Tortoise Sect Master felt bitter.
Looking at his precious disciple’s expression, how could it be just repayment for saving her life?

Sigh, girls should not be kept when they were older.

Qin Zimo was somewhat guilty and did not dare to look into her master’s eyes.
It was naturally unrealistic to say that she did not like Lu Xiaoran.

This was because to her, Lu Xiaoran was not only a hero who saved her, but he was also an extremely powerful genius in array formations.

Just like how men liked beautiful women, women also liked powerful men.

This was a principle that had never changed.

The Black Tortoise Sect Master continued, “However, this child is a top-grade array formation genius.
Even though such a figure is unknown now, his name will sooner or later shake the world.
You still have to befriend him well.
It has to be known that the wheel of fortune changes.
Don’t bully a poor youth.”

“Hiss, the wheel of fortune turns.
Don’t bully the poor! Master, what you said is very meaningful.”

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The Black Tortoise Sect Master shook his head and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“These aren’t my words.
I just borrowed it.”

“It’s said that this is the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, Ji Wuxia.
When she was living among the commoners, she was once engaged to a man.
At that time, Ji Wuxia had been found by the Imperial Palace.
The difference in their identities was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.
The Imperial Palace naturally could not let her continue the engagement, so they chose to give her a heavy gift and ask her to cancel the engagement.

In the end, the youth felt that he had been humiliated and shouted angrily.

Later, in a short three years, he really defeated Ji Wuxia and became famous.
This saying has also spread widely.
Many young people like to refer to it as their motto.”

“Hiss, I see.”

At this moment, a bell sounded from afar.
The awards ceremony was about to begin.

Qin Zimo immediately said, “Master, I’ll go and change first.
The ceremony is about to begin.” “Yeah, go on.”

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