Chapter 60 Formation Disc

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Lu Xiaoran analyzed Xiao Bei’s current strength and cultivation as he walked with his head lowered.
Soon, he had already arrived at a small alley.


He frowned slightly and was somewhat stunned.

There was actually an array formation set up in this small alley.

Moreover, the methods of the array formation were rather brilliant.

Anyone below the Mountain Sea Realm who stepped in would have their six senses sealed and their spirit energy unable to be mobilized.
It could be said that they would have no way out.

However, the problem was that who would set up such an array formation here?

It had to be known that this was the Black Tortoise True Sect!

Wasn’t it clearly courting death to do such a thing in the Black Tortoise True Sect’s territory?

In his confusion, he also spread his divine sense and quickly detected several figures in the surrounding area who were monitoring this place.

“This aura… is it from the Demon Sect?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat surprised.

Although the people from the Demon Sect hid their auras very well, they could not hide from him.

This was because all the cultivation techniques Lu Xiaoran had cultivated were Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques… and there was more than one of them.
His perception was not something ordinary Essence Realm cultivators could compare to.
At this moment, his divine sense detected that the other party had already spoken.

“Elder Li, why hasn’t this brat entered? Could it be that he noticed our array formation? We set it up so well, but he still noticed?”

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“Don’t forget that this is the Black Tortoise True Sect, the most prosperous place in the Great Zhou’s array formation culture.
It’s not difficult for someone to sense our array formation.”

“Then what should we do? If he doesn’t go in, we won’t be able to kill him and use his skin to disguise ourselves.”

“There’s no need to wait.
There’s no one here anyway.
His cultivation level is only at the Spirit Realm.
Attack him and push him into the array formation.
As long as he enters the array formation, we’ll be the ones in charge.”

“Let’s attack together.”

As Elder Li spoke, several figures turned into afterimages at the same time and rushed towards Lu Xiaoran’s back.

Their speed had been developed to the limit.
Lu Xiaoran definitely did not have the chance to dodge.

However, just as they thought that they could easily capture Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoran quietly turned around.

His body did not move.
He only turned his head and looked back.
His dark eyes were staring fixedly at the few of them.

The pupils of the few people who were advancing instantly constricted, and the hair on their bodies stood on end.

Lu Xiaoran actually knew that they were behind him? How did he do it?

He clearly did not look behind!

No, this was not the time to think about this.
This guy was definitely not ordinary.

This was the only thought Elder Li had.

However, just as he was about to call for his subordinates to quickly retreat, a pressure that did not allow him to resist suddenly descended and instantly controlled him.

Immediately after, several explosions sounded in his ears.

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Bang bang bang…

Elder Li was so frightened that his soul almost left his body.
He even wet his pants.

What kind of godly big shot had they encountered?

Judging from his appearance, he seemed to be less than 40 years old?

Why did it feel like his strength was about to catch up to those top-notch existences in the Demon Sect?

Before he could figure it out, Lu Xiaoran had already reached out and grabbed his collar, pulling him into the concealment formation he had set up.


Lu Xiaoran threw him to the ground like a salted fish.
He was not afraid that the other party would escape at all.
This was because with his pressure controlling the other party, the other party could not even use his spirit energy.

This was the suppression of experts against trash!

“Why would your Demon Sect appear in the Black Tortoise True Sect?”

Although Elder Li’s head was covered in sweat, he still gritted his teeth and said,

“What’s there to say now? Kill me.”

“You sure have tight lips.”

Of course, Lu Xiaoran would not kill him.
If the Demon Sect had a huge plan and he did not know about it, wouldn’t he be in big trouble?

With a thought, Lu Xiaoran circulated his spirit energy and directly exploded one of the other party’s arms.

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Elder Li let out a tragic cry.
Large beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead, and his face was extremely pale.
“Are you going to tell me or not?”

“Kill me!”

Elder Li gritted his teeth and roared again.
Lu Xiaoran was not anxious either.
With a thought, he exploded his other arm.


Elder Li let out another tragic cry and gritted his teeth.

“I only have two arms and two legs.
How long can you torture me for? Even if I die from your torture and my soul dissipates, I won’t tell you holy Demon Sect’s plan! It’s best if you don’t waste your energy and kill me to save yourself the trouble.”

Lu Xiaoran ignored him.
He circulated the Azure Thearch Longevity Art and an azure emperor figure appeared behind him.
A green light shone on Elder Li’s body, and his arm actually grew out again in an instant.

Elder Li’s eyes widened, and he was extremely shocked.

This technique… Who the hell was this guy? This technique was simply heaven-defying!

However, before he could figure it out, Lu Xiaoran had instantly blasted his arms apart again.
Then, he used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to repair them before erupting again… This cycle repeated again and again.
In a short minute, Elder Li had actually experienced more than ten heart-wrenching


Elder Li broke down.

“I surrender! I surrender!”

Lu Xiaoran rolled his eyes.

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“Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t tell me?”

Elder Li’s face turned red.
He did not want to surrender, but what can he do when the other party was so abnormal? There was no one in the world who could resist his methods.

This was no longer as simple as just burning the other party’s bones and scattering their ashes.
This was repeated whipping.
Moreover, the pain he felt every time was new.
His mind was completely unable to withstand it.
“We came here to sneak into the array master’s Demon Suppression Tower and destroy the array formation to release our Demon Venerable.”

“Destroy the Black Tortoise True Sect’s array formation? With just the few of you?”

“No, no, no.
Of course not for the few of us.
However, we brought a Saint Realm array formation disc.
It contains the array formation that our holy Demon Sect has painstakingly researched, the Demon Heart Triple Formation.
As long as we place the Saint Realm array formation disc on the Demon Suppression Tower, our holy Demon Sect’s array master can help Lord Demon Venerable open the array formation and let him out through remote control.”

“Where’s the thing?”


Elder Li immediately took it out from his storage bag and handed it to Lu Xiaoran.

This guy was too terrifying.
He was even more abnormal than the heretics of the Demon Sect and the Saint Sect.
Elder Li really did not dare to provoke him.

Lu Xiaoran received the array formation and did not even look at Elder Li.
With a thought, the other party was directly suppressed and exploded, blasting into a bloody mist and allowing him to find his subordinates in the afterlife to reminisce.

Then, he concentrated his thoughts again.
The hidden array formation in the alley was directly transformed into a righteous array formation without any evil aura.
Moreover, it was several times stronger and even someone at the Essence Realm was unable to see through it.

Then, Lu Xiaoran began to study this array formation disc.

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