elying on the foundation you had previously accumulated and the strength of a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
However, you shouldn’t be greedy and advance rashly.
This is because in the following realms, not only do you have to cultivate, but you also have to break through to the Spirit Realm, the Mountain Sea Realm, the Soul Refinement Realm, the Void Reversion Realm, the Creation Realm, the Shattering Void Realm, the Essence Realm, the King Realm, the Emperor Realm, the Supreme Realm, the Saint Realm, and the Martial Monarch Realm.
Otherwise, if you’re careless, it’s very likely that you’ll go crazy.”

“Yes! I’ll do as you say.
It’s just nice.
I also want to build a residence for myself.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and said, “In that case, choose a place to build your residence.
I also want to repair the array formation on this Zhishui Peak.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran turned around and left.

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Yun Lige hurriedly said, “Master, I can help you.”

Lu Xiaoran left behind these three words indifferently, causing Yun Lige’s face to twitch violently.
He could only smile awkwardly.

Thinking about it, it made sense.
What kind of expert was his master? How could he help with the array formation that he wanted to set up with his insignificant cultivation?

However, in an instant, Yun Lige’s mood recovered.

His gaze became firm and spirited.

“Without Master, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to take revenge in my life.
However, with Master’s guidance, I have absolute confidence in taking revenge.”

“However, what Master said is very reasonable.
That bastard’s luck is extraordinary.
Before my strength reaches a sufficient level, I definitely can’t casually deal with him.
Otherwise, I might still be killed.
I have to keep a low profile and cultivate diligently.
When my cultivation reaches a sufficient level, I will definitely kill him!”

“I’ll set a small goal first.
In ten years, I’ll catch up to Master!”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he naturally did not know what Yun Lige was thinking.
The reason why he said that Yun Lige was not qualified was because he was prepared to set up the top-grade Martial Monarch Realm formation he had just obtained.

Before this, his highest level formation was only an Earth Realm array formation.

Array formations, medicinal pills, magic weapons, and a series of other grades ranged from low to high.
They were Yellow Realm, Profound Realm, Earth Realm, Heaven Realm, Saint Realm, and Martial Monarch Realm.

Every realm was divided into four grades: top, high, mid, and low.

Previously, he had set up eight top-grade Earth Realm array formations on Zhishui Peak.
which was equivalent to a high-grade Heaven Realm array.

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This array formation could even defend against a Shattering Void Realm expert.

However, Lu Xiaoran was still a little worried.
After all, there was already a hacker in his world.
It was the guy who had defeated Yun Lige.

Lu Xiaoran did not dare to be careless against those legendary hot shots.

Therefore, the Martial Monarch Realm array formation had to be arranged.

He set the formation core one by one and put in the spirit stones to construct the foundation of the entire formation.
Then, Lu Xiaoran formed a seal with his fingers.

“Eight Trigrams Heaven Sealing Formation, activate!”

With a shout, the grand array was suddenly activated.
In an instant, wind and clouds surged as lightning flashed.
The sky also started to darken.

The spirit energy on the ground seemed to have been summoned for some reason as it gathered crazily towards the Heaven Demon Sect from all directions.

This scene immediately alarmed the higher-ups and elders of the Heaven Demon Sect.

Everyone soared out of their rooms and looked at the sky, their hearts trembling.

“It’s the might of the heavens! How did our Heaven Demon Sect cause the descent of the might of the heavens? Who is behind all of this?”

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