Chapter 58 Division Control Demon

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At this moment, everyone had already started setting up array formations.

Xiao Bei also began to carve the array formation.

Lu Xiaoran specially swept his divine sense over.
It had to be said that this guy was really capable.
The array formation Xiao Bei engraved had already reached 50% of his current strength.

However, from the brat’s tone, he seemed to be the reincarnation of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Looks like he wasn’t a very impressive Martial Monarch Realm expert in the past either.
This was because array formation engravings emphasized technique and not cultivation.
Therefore, even if he was no longer a Martial Monarch Realm expert, his array formation engraving skills would not decrease at all.

However, at this moment, Wang Cai’s clear female voice sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s ear.

Ding! Detected a hot shot.
If you hunt the hot shot, you will obtain multiple gift bags.
Also, you will be able to rob his luck and upgrade the system, increasing the rewards provided in the future.’

Hearing this voice, Lu Xiaoran was stunned.

“You can also obtain rewards from killing a hot shot?”


Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment.

“Should I slap him to death now?”

“As a hot shot, luck is on his side.
You shouldn’t judge a hero by his strength.
If you don’t tread carefully, you might suffer a backlash.”


Lu Xiaoran was speechless.

“Alright, I think I’ll settle today’s competition first.”

With that said, he swept his divine sense over the entire scene, and everyone’s strength was instantly obvious to him.
“What ranking should I go for? Uh…”

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Lu Xiaoran began to think.

The Heaven Sword Sect was currently ranked 80th, but Wu Fengyun might have a backup plan.
Today, the other party would definitely want to steal his thunder and probably work hard to get close to the 70th place.

Lu Xiaoran did not want to be in the limelight.

“Then let’s get thirty.
It’s not considered strong or weak.
A mid-level or high-level result will not only make the sect master and the others happy, but also not make the others care too much about me.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran began to adjust his strength and began to carve the array formation.

On the competition ground, roars of tigers and dragons sounded from time to time.
These were the noises made by the array masters in the top few.
Because the array formation was closer to perfection, it caused the array formation to produce a trace of vitality and also attracted the exclamations of many people.

The entire competition lasted for two hours.
Lu Xiaoran only spent two minutes to finish and spent the rest of the time dozing off.

When the bell rang for the end of the competition, he immediately stopped.

“It’s finally over.”

Lu Xiaoran stretched and followed everyone out of the competition ground.

The sect master and the others immediately went forward and showed warm concern.

“Xiaoran, you’ve worked hard.
How was it?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“It’s alright.”

“Are you confident in your results? What ranking do you think you’ll get?”

“I’m not sure about that, but it shouldn’t be too bad.” “That’s good, that’s good.
The results come out very quickly.
Let’s wait for a moment and they will be out very quickly.”


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Lu Xiaoran had just acknowledged when the voices of the Heaven Sword Sect and the others sounded in everyone’s ears again.

“Sect Master, how was your performance today?”

“Not bad.
I was in a good mood today and displayed my strongest level.” “Hiss ~! Sect Master, you only displayed 80% of your strength the previous two times.
If you unleash your full strength today, I’m afraid you’ll enter the top 70!”

The people from the Heaven Demon Sect stared at them angrily.

“What are you being smug for? When the results are out later, let’s see how we embarrass them.”

Speak of the devil.

As soon as he finished speaking, two disciples of the Black Tortoise True Sect had already come out to announce the results.

The Black Tortoise True Sect was a large array formation sect to begin with.
With just ten teachers, the assessment was completed in less than a minute.

“The results are out.”

Someone shouted and everyone ran over quickly.
Sect Master Chen and the others immediately surrounded them.

“Hiss ~! The first place is indeed still Master Xiao! Master Xiao is really too powerful!”

In the crowd, countless voices praised Xiao Bei again.
The passion of a bootlicker could never be extinguished.

The people from the Heaven Sword Sect swept their gazes over and quickly looked down.
There was no need to consider the mid-level and high-level.
Their Heaven Sword Sect did not have the strength to enter that level.

“Sect Master, it’s 69th! It’s 69th! Hahahaha…”

A sharp-eyed elder had already discovered their Heaven Sword Sect’s ranking first.
Wu Fengyun looked in the direction he pointed and immediately heaved a sigh of relief.
Then, he revealed a happy smile.
His bitter cultivation yesterday was indeed not wasted today.

In this way, the Heaven Demon Sect would probably be completely suppressed by him and be unable to make a comeback at all.

“Quick, find the ranking of the Heaven Demon Sect!”

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Everyone hurriedly went to find the Heaven Demon Sect’s ranking.

“They’re not in the 100th place.”

“They’re also not in the 120th place.”

“They’re not even in the 90th place.”

Just as everyone was searching with widened eyes, Wu Fengyun suddenly felt someone pat his shoulder.


He turned around and saw Sect Master Chen’s fake smile.

“What are you doing?”

Sect Master Chen forcefully suppressed his laughter and said, “Brother Wu, can’t you find our Heaven Demon Sect’s ranking?”

Wu Fengyun’s heart skipped a beat as he vaguely had a bad feeling.

“What are you trying to say?” Sect Master Chen gritted his teeth and suppressed his laughter until his face was livid.
Then, he pointed up.

“You have to look up.
It’s the high mid-level.
Do you see that?”

Wu Fengyun and the others turned their heads in the direction he was pointing at and were instantly petrified.

30th place!

What a joke!

That brat Lu Xiaoran could actually get 30th place?

That brat?

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It seemed that he was at most thirty years old? “Brother Wu, it’s true.
Before Xiaoran went on stage, I really told him to help maintain the relationship between the two sects.
He was supposed to go easy on you guys.
Unfortunately, he just had to use a little more strength.
I’m really sorry for throwing your Heaven Sword Sect so far behind.”

Wu Fengyun’s face twitched suddenly, and the veins on his forehead popped.

He really wanted to beat the other party up, but this was the Black Tortoise True Sect.
He had to give the sect face.

Otherwise, the Black Tortoise True Sect’s anger was not something he could easily endure.

The other Heaven Sword Sect elders could sense Wu Fengyun’s anger.
They all retracted their auras and looked carefully at their sect master.

“Sect Master… What should we do now?”

Wu Fengyun clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.
He slapped away Sect Master Chen’s hand and turned to leave.

“Return to the Heaven Sword Sect.”

“Ah? Then what about our competition? There are still a few matches left.”

“No, we’re withdrawing.”

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