Chapter 52 If You See injustice, You Can Just Avoid It

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Seeing that the five of them were about to attack with surging killing intent, Lu Xiaoran suddenly stretched out his right hand.

“Stop for a moment.”

The five of them were stunned and stopped in front of Lu Xiaoran.

It was not that they were frightened by Lu Xiaoran’s aura, but at such a close distance, Lu Xiaoran could not escape at all.

Therefore, they wanted to see what Lu Xiaoran wanted to do.

Lu Xiaoran coughed lightly and asked in confusion,

“I have a question I want to ask.
I clearly ran away, and I’ve run so far.
There are still three Heaven Sword Sect elders in the inn.
Why did you not kill him but instead chase after me?”

The five of them looked at each other and immediately laughed.

“Hahahaha… Do you think we’re stupid? Although those three elders of the Heaven Sword Sect didn’t escape, there are only three of them.
Even if we stay and kill the three of them together, how much credit can we get?”

“However, it’s different if we pursue you.
If we kill you alone, the five of us will split the rewards equally.
The credit will be much greater.”

Lu Xiaoran was shocked.

Were villains nowadays so smart? Their IQ was at least 80!

This did not make sense, right?

Indeed, he was not destined to be the protagonist.
This was because every villain the protagonist encountered were extremely stupid.

“Alright, that’s all.
It’s time for you to die.”

The five of them sneered.
As their auras circulated, their attacks were about to erupt.

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Just as they were about to make a move, they saw Lu Xiaoran punch the five of them in the next second.

One punch! It was an extremely ordinary punch that did not seem to have any profundity.


It was this punch that made their consciousnesses seal in an instant, sinking into darkness and completely dissipating.
They did not even have the time to react.

A punch at the Essence Realm instantly turned the Spirit Realm cultivators into dust.

After punching them, Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“Sigh, your IQ has indeed increased, but you still have to keep up with your strength.
No matter how high your IQ is, if your combat strength isn’t good enough, it will still be useless.” As soon as he finished speaking, a violent explosion suddenly sounded from the side of the town.
A powerful shock wave instantly flattened the entire town.

Even from dozens of kilometers away, Lu Xiaoran could sense the intensity of this attack.

Although it was not a big threat to him,

He used his divine sense to scan the area.
The Demon Sect Elder was already gone.
He had probably self-destructed just now.

The sect master and the others were still fine.
Looks like the remaining demon cultivators of the small town had all been dealt with.

This should be related to the hidden force that he had unleashed.
Otherwise, the sect master and the others might not have been able to resist that Demon Sect Elder.

At the very least, he would not let the other party be forced to the edge so quickly and choose to self-destruct.

However, now that the danger had been resolved and the sect master and the others were fine, there was no need for him to hide anymore and he could return to help.

Lu Xiaoran smacked his lips.

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“Looks like this battle was quite intense.
Fortunately, I’m smart and stayed far away in advance.
Otherwise, if I survived such a huge explosion, I definitely wouldn’t be able to explain things to the sect master.”

“However, this is also a good opportunity.
Without a flying ship, it will take at least a month for me to reach the Black Tortoise True Sect from here.
I can use this opportunity to find a cave to cultivate in.
After that, I’ll use the Great Void Chaos Steps in a month or so and will arrive at the Black Tortoise True Sect in less than ten minutes.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately ran away.

Because he had already left the town and no one had seen him, Lu Xiaoran naturally did not have to hide his strength anymore.
He could directly use the Great Void Chaos Steps to leave this place.

He was heading east.
In this way, he wouldn’t have to rush for time in a month.

Circulating his cultivation technique, in just the time for an incense stick to burn, Lu Xiaoran had already traveled dozens of kilometers.

It was not until he felt that he was far enough away from the town before he began to stop.

“Hah… I’ll find a cave to cultivate in here.”

However, just as he landed, several auras rushed over from afar.

The one in the front was at the fifth level of the Soul Refinement Realm, followed by another fifth level Soul Refinement Realm expert and five Mountain Sea Realm cultivators.

They were all experts.

“Qin Zimo, you’ve been infected by the Heaven Silkworm Blood Poison of our holy Demon Sect and the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect.
You can’t escape.” “You’re a remnant of the Demon Sect.
How dare you cause trouble in the martial world.
When I return to the sect, I’ll report to Master and he’ll definitely eradicate all of you Demon Sect rebels.”

“Hahahaha… the Demon Suppression Tower is about to fail.
You righteous cultivators still want to slaughter the entire Demon Sect? In your dreams!”

Lu Xiaoran: “???”

He felt offended.

He had just arrived and wanted to find a quiet place when he encountered the demon sects pursuing someone on the righteous path.

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This was too much.
What made him even more speechless and furious was that the female cultivator from the righteous path had also seen him.

“Fellow Dao friend, I’m being pursued by the demon cultivators.
Please help me and save my life.
After this, I’ll definitely repay you heavily.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face twitched.

Why would I want that? What does your being chased have to do with me? I’m not your husband or your mother.
Why should I save you?

Moreover, do you even know my cultivation level?

If I were only a small fry at the Body Refining Realm and you shouted like that, I would be consigned to eternal damnation.

Thinking of this, he immediately shouted into the sky, “What? Miss, what are you talking about? My ears aren’t good.
I can’t hear you.”

Qin Zimo was stunned and immediately circulated his spirit energy to shout, “I’m being pursued by the demon cultivators.
Please help me, Dao friend.” “What? Louder.
My ears are injured.
If you speak like that, I won’t be able to hear you.”

Qin Zimo was about to shout again when the demon cultivators behind him shouted first,

“Stop being a busybody and get lost.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran ran away.
Qin Zimo: “???”

She was dumbfounded on the spot.

Was this person really on the righteous path? Why was he so irresponsible and cowardly? Moreover, he was a man.
He actually pretended that there was something wrong with his ears and did not help her.

However, as she was stunned, she also gave the few demon cultivators a chance to catch up.

“I’ve caught up to you!”

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A sinister voice sounded from behind.
Qin Zimo’s pupils constricted.
“Not good.”

In the next second, she was smashed fiercely on the back by a huge force.


Qin Zimo spat out a mouthful of blood violently.
The spirit energy in his body instantly became chaotic.
HER body was like a bird with broken wings and a kite with a broken string.
She swayed and fell down.

“She’s already done for.
Chase after her and kill her!”


Seeing that the people from the Demon Sect were about to suppress her, Qin Zimo gritted her teeth and took out a jade slip from her sleeve.

“Master, I can’t be filial to you anymore.
Please forgive me.”

The next moment, her eyes suddenly became sharp and firm.

Then, she directly shattered the jade slip in her hand.

The jade slip shattered, and several lights filled with killing intent were released.
Sensing the killing intent contained in the light, the pupils of the people from the Demon Sect suddenly constricted.
“Not good, retreat! She has a secret treasure.”

Everyone wanted to retreat, but the distance was too close.
They were unable to dodge at all!

They could only watch helplessly as they were swallowed by the light.

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