True Sect.

By explaining cultivation techniques to his disciples, Lu Xiaoran could help them comprehend more concepts.
After that, their cultivation speed would increase even more.
Lu Xiaoran hoped that they could increase

their cultivation before he went to the Black Tortoise True Sect.

“Greetings, Master.”

The three of them arrived in front of Lu Xiaoran and bowed in unison.

Lu Xiaoran nodded and raised his hand slightly.

“Sit down.”

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The three of them sat down one by one.
Lu Xiaoran first explained to Yun Lige.

“Li Ge, your Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture focuses on destruction before establishment.
Your own meridians have all been shattered.
It may seem like you can no longer cultivate, but in fact, it has allowed you to

break free from the shackles of an ordinary person.
An ordinary person needs to rely on their meridians to circulate spirit energy to cultivate.
However, you can directly circulate the cultivation technique in your

dantian and broaden your body with the spirit energy of the world.
You have to break away from the thoughts you previously had when you cultivated and allow your entire body to absorb everything in the world!”

Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s words, Yun Lige immediately sat cross-legged and began to circulate the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture.

Previously, he had always been very restrained when absorbing spirit energy.
This was because when he cultivated with his meridians, some spirit energy or elements were not suitable to be absorbed into his body.

meridians were very weak and would have a rejection reaction.
Therefore, he was also afraid of qi deviation.

However, after hearing his master’s words, he no longer restrained himself and directly absorbed all the spirit energy at will.

Seeing him enter a meditative state, Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction.
Then, he cast his gaze on Ji Wuxia.

Ji Wuxia immediately became serious.

“The True Phoenix Nine Transformations is divided into nine levels.
With every new level, the concepts will be drastically different.
However, the new levels will also make you stronger.
It can be said that by cultivating

this cultivation technique, you will be like a phoenix that is reborn from the ashes.
Therefore, every time you cultivate the cultivation technique and concept to the limit, you should change your mindset and sense the

characteristics of the next level.
If you continue to study it according to the previous cultivation method, your efforts will be in vain.”

“Il understand.”

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Ji Wuxia also began to meditate.

Lastly, it was Fang Tianyuan’s turn.

“Tianyuan, the Indestructible Golden Body seems to be a technique that is executed with one’s cultivation.
However, in fact, it’s a cultivation technique that combines one’s spirit body and soul.
Relying only on the

strength of one’s body will not help you reach phenomenal success.
After all, wouldn’t that mean that your Indestructible Golden Body will be useless if you encounter an expert who cultivates mental strength?”

“Hiss ~! I see.
I knew it.
After cultivating to the third level of the intent realm, I have been unable to advance any further.
So this is where the problem lies.”

As he spoke, Fang Tianyuan also began to sit cross-legged and cultivate the Indestructible Golden Body.

With Lu Xiaoran’s guidance, the cultivation of the three of them increased rapidly.
Previously, their cultivation had been stuck for a month or two.
At this moment, they actually began to quickly break through and

increase their cultivation to an even higher level.

As their cultivation level increased, the three of them absorbed the spirit energy at an even faster speed.
The entire small room was like a huge vortex, absorbing the spirit energy crazily.

Sensing that the cultivation in their bodies was increasing incessantly at a visible rate, the corners of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly.

“Indeed, it feels good to reap a profit.”.

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