Chapter 42 Uncle-Master Li Is Actually a Hidden Expert Too?

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Lu Xiaoran came out of the hall and went straight to the sect’s treasure vault to receive the spirit stones promised by the sect master.

Since he could not escape anymore, he might as well put the items in his pocket first.

If only he could rob the White Bone Demon Sect’s treasure vault last night.
Although it was inferior to the Heaven Demon Sect’s treasure vault, he should still obtain a few million spirit stones.

However, that was also risky.

What he wanted was to completely annihilate the White Bone Demon Sect to ensure that the secret of Zhishui Peak would not be leaked.
If he coveted the White Bone Demon Sect’s treasure vault and let one or two of

their disciples escape, he would be finished.

“Oh, Xiaoran, you’re here.
Come, sit.”

Lu Xiaoran had just arrived at the sect’s treasure vault when a few elders welcomed him in warmly.
They pulled out chairs and served tea, appearing especially warm.

It was simply different from the previous time.

The reason for this was because Lu Xiaoran’s attainments in array formations were very powerful and he had already become the most famous person in the sect.

The few elders in charge of the treasure vault were all old foxes.
They knew how to act according to the situation and were good at judging the situation.

“Xiaoran, you seem to be free.
Why have you come to the treasure vault?”

Lu Xiaoran received the tea from an elder and took a sip before speaking indifferently.

“It’s like this.
The sect master asked me to receive 300,000 high-grade spirit stones.
He said that he wants me to practice array formations in preparation for the array formation held by the Black Tortoise True Sect

next month.”

“Oh, I see.
We’ll get it for you now.”

Soon, the elders prepared a small bag for Lu Xiaoran.

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Lu Xiaoran weighed the storage bag and felt that the amount was somewhat wrong.
He swept his divine sense over and saw that it was a total of 800,000 high-grade spirit stones.

Damn, this was more than double the number the sect master had mentioned.

“Elders, isn’t this number a little wrong? The sect master only said that he would give me 300,000 high-grade spirit stones, but you guys gave me 800,000.
If the sect master finds out…”

Before he could finish, an elder waved his hand and smiled.

Don’t worry, the count is right.
We indeed only took 300,000 spirit stones from the treasure vault.
The remaining 500,000 was gathered by the few of us.
Consider it to congratulate Xiaoran on successfully entering

the Elder Group.”

Lu Xiaoran declined.

“How can that do? How can I receive all of this?”

t’s fine.
This is just a small sum.
It’s just a small token from the few of us.”

“Then… I’ll take it?”

“Take it, take it.
If you don’t take it, the few of us will feel bad.”

“Alright, thank you, elders.
I still have to return to cultivate the array formation, so I won’t disturb you.”

“Go, go.
Business is more important.
In the future, if you need anything, it’s not convenient for you to tell the sect master.
You can directly come and tell us.
We can’t promise to be able to help with anything else, but as

long as it’s related to money, we will definitely be able to help.”

“Thank you.”

After leaving the treasure vault, Lu Xiaoran felt that the weather today was especially sunny.

it was no wonder that all the men in the world were obsessed with power.

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This thing was simply too tempting.

He recalled that a month or two ago, when he and Li Daoran had gone to the treasure vault to request for spirit stones, they had been targeted.
They had no choice but to suck up to the other party in order to obtain

the spirit stones.
Moreover, they had to give the other party 1.2 million high-grade spirit stones as compensation.

However, now, as long as he casually asked, they would obediently give him the spirit stones and even give him some gifts.

With this earth-shattering change, no matter how good Lu Xiaoran’s mood was, he could not help but feel emotional.

However, he also knew that the tallest tree in the forest would be destroyed by the wind.

Although this seemed very good on the surface, if the limelight was too great and people with ill intentions targeted him, he might one day be stabbed in the back.

Therefore, he still had to keep a low profile.

Before Lu Xiaoran returned to Zhishui Peak, Li Daoran had already arrived.

“Old Lu, Old Lu, come out quickly.
I want to share some happy news with you.”

However, at this moment, on Zhishui Peak, only Yun Lige and the other two were copying the rules of Zhishui Peak in the study.

Hearing this voice, Ji Wuxia could not help but frown.

“Who is this? Why is he so disrespectful? He actually directly addressed our master by his surname?”

Yun Lige said, “Judging from this voice, it should be Uncle-Master Li Daoran from Strange Stone Peak, right?”

Fang Tianyuan echoed, “That’s him.”

Ji Wuxia said coldly, “Even so, he can’t just call our master by his surname like this.
After all, this is Master we’re talking about! Who does he think he is?”

Fang Tianyuan shook his head with a solemn expression.

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“Senior Sister, you can’t underestimate him.
Uncle-Master Li is actually a super expert too.
Thinking back, when I first became Master’s disciple, I met him.
He gave me 6666 high-grade spirit stones as a greeting gift.

Think about it.
If he was just a small fry, would he be able to give me so much?”

“Hiss! He can even take out so many spirit stones for a greeting gift.
Isn’t he too rich?”

Yun Lige’s eyes darted around and he immediately put down his pen.

“T’ll go out to welcome Uncle-Master Li.
I can’t neglect Uncle-Master Li.”

With that said, he immediately ran out.

How could the two of them not know what he was thinking? However, Fang Tianyuan had already received a greeting gift, so it was impossible for him to receive another one.
Moreover, Ji Wuxia was a girl and her skin

was not as thick as Yun Lige’s.
Therefore, she did not go out.

Yun Lige arrived outside and immediately bowed.

“Li Ge greets Uncle-Master Li.”

“You are…?”

Li Daoran was stunned.
He looked at Yun Lige who had suddenly appeared and could not figure out who he was for a moment.

“Junior Yun Lige is the eldest disciple of Zhishui Peak.”

“Oh, I remember now.
I heard that Old Lu took in a disciple whose meridians are all broken.
Is that you?”

“Yes, Uncle-Master.”

Li Daoran nodded.

“Look at you now.
You look energetic and healthy.
You started cultivating again, right?”

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“Yes, it’s all thanks to Master.”

“Since you can cultivate now, I won’t be stingy.
Here, take this gift.”

As he spoke, Li Daoran threw a storage bag to Yun Lige.

Yun Lige swept his divine sense and was immediately shocked.

It was 6666 high-grade spirit stones.

Indeed, his junior brother was right.
Uncle-Master Li was also a peerless expert!

Actually, Li Daoran mainly did so because Lu Xiaoran usually did not accept disciples and only had one or two disciples.
If Lu Xiaoran had more disciples, it would be impossible for him to keep handing out 6666

high-grade spirit stones.

He was purely doing this for Lu Xiaoran.

However, Yun Lige did not know this.
He immediately thanked him.

“Thank you, Uncle-Master Li.”


Li Daoran nodded.

“By the way, where’s your master?”.

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