Chapter 427 Master and Disciple

In the Primordial World, there was dense chaos.

This place had once been the main body of the entire world! It was not until the Dragon and Phoenix Calamity when the Primordial World shattered that Hongjun preached the Dao and divided the three worlds that it gradually became a corner of the world.

However, even so, it still had strength unknown to the world!

Many Primordial big shots who had never stepped into three worlds were still hiding and cultivating inside.

The mountains and rivers changed, the stars moved, and the sun and moon flashed.

For several periods, countless big shots had long been hidden here.

It was as if the former Primordial World had returned silently.

At this moment, a small spatial gate slowly opened in a certain part of the Primordial World.

Three figures relied on the power of the spatial gate to step into the Primordial Little World.

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“Is this the Primordial World? It’s somewhat different from what I remember!”

“We’ve already died countless times.
The Primordial World has long been disintegrated and the former Primordial World no longer exists.
However, the current Primordial World can’t be underestimated.”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at Lige and Wuxia beside him.
To be honest, when Wuxia said that she was the reincarnation of the Essence Phoenix, he felt that his mind was in a mess.

His eldest disciple was the reincarnation of Luo Zhen, and his second disciple was the reincarnation of the Essence Phoenix.

Could it be that his disciples were all the reincarnation of such top-notch big shots?

It made him a little uncomfortable.

After all, he was also the reincarnation of an unknown big shot.
Without any background, it was impossible for him to reach his current level.

“Stop talking nonsense here.
I don’t care how awesome the two of you were in the Primordial World in the past.
The current Primordial World is not something the two of you can handle! Control yourselves.”

Yun Lige smiled faintly.

“Don’t worry, Master.
It’s just the Primordial World.
Previously, I wasn’t afraid when the Primordial World was perfected.
Now that the Primordial World has long shattered and is weakened to this state, I don’t have to worry at all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a flaming bird quickly flew over from the horizon.

The bird was more than a thousand meters long and had a wingspan of more than 800 meters.
Its entire body was surrounded by flames and was filled with a heart palpitating aura.
Its cultivation was at least at the Heaven Immortal Realm!


It had just let out a phoenix cry when a huge ape palm stretched out from the sky and grabbed the other party and ate it.

Looking at the Demon Ape’s figure, it was at least ten thousand meters long and had a dense and sharp aura.
It was countless times stronger than the bird and was at least at the peak of the Heaven Immortal Realm.

However, before the three of them could recover from their shock, another five-clawed demon dragon that was only a thousand meters long and emitted a spirit light pierced through the Demon Ape’s body.
It took out the demon core and transformed into a purple light before leaving.

Almost in an instant, before the three of them could react, a Heaven Immortal Realm expert and a peak Heaven Immortal Realm demon were killed in front of them.

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The air was somewhat silent.
After a few seconds of silence, Yun Lige said, “Master, I think my cultivation technique is about to break through.
I want to cultivate in the Mountain and River State Painting.”

Lu Xiaoran glared at him angrily.

“Next time, don’t brag if you don’t have the ability!”

Yun Lige smiled awkwardly and was put into the Mountain and River State Painting by Lu Xiaoran.

Ji Wuxia immediately said,

“Master, what should we do now?”

Lu Xiaoran said calmly, “I’ve long thought about it.
We definitely can’t wander around in the Primordial World.
Our current strength is still too weak.
The Primordial World is filled with experts.
If we wander around and encounter a big shot, it will be tragic.”

Ji Wuxia nodded, her eyes also filled with seriousness.

She and Yun Lige had both awakened their memories from their previous lives, so they knew that Lu Xiaoran was not a Saint.
However, it was not necessarily the case for the others.

Now, everyone still thought that Lu Xiaoran was a Saint.

Sometimes, she really wanted to be like the others.
The less she knew, the happier she would be.

“Therefore, we have to find Golden Ao Island and join Jie School as soon as possible.”

“Good idea.”

“You think so too, right? However, Master needs your cooperation.”

Ji Wuxia looked at her master’s serious expression and her heart immediately skipped a beat.

“Master, my cultivation has only just reached the first level of the God Monarch Realm after this period of bitter cultivation.
I haven’t even reached the Immortal Realm.
Don’t be rash.
Otherwise, I’ll die.”

Lu Xiaoran said with a solemn expression, “Wuxia, you’ve changed.
Don’t you believe Master? You have to believe in Master’s professionalism.”

The corner of Ji Wuxia’s mouth twitched.

Before she broke through to the God Monarch Realm and awakened her memories, she would definitely believe Lu Xiaoran without holding back.
This was because at that time, she also thought that Lu Xiaoran was a Saint.

However, now that her memories had awakened, she knew that it was impossible for Lu Xiaoran to be a Saint now.

However, Lu Xiaoran was still her master, so she could only do it.

About four hours later, a primordial cultivator in beast skin passed by and heard a groan.
He stopped and immediately followed the voice to arrive.

Seeing Ji Wuxia, his eyes immediately lit up

The skin of female cultivators was not bad.
They were all fair and rosy, as tender as jade.

However, their appearances were still different.

Some people would be better-looking if they had good skin, and some would not.
For the latter, no matter how fair their skin was, it was useless.

After all, in a world where everyone had fair skin, no one would like them!

Although illusion techniques also existed, only high-level cultivators could deceive low-level cultivators.
It was simply impossible for low-level cultivators to deceive high-level cultivators!

Ji Wuxia’s cultivation was not even at the Immortal Realm.
In the Primordial World, immortals were all small fries.
The other party could naturally see through Ji Wuxia’s cultivation at a glance and was not guarded against her at all.

“Fellow Daoist, why are you moaning here?”

Lu Xiaoran, who was hiding under a rock in the distance, could not help but slander in his heart, “What is he talking about? How can this guy mistake a groan for a moan? How long has it been since this guy last saw a woman?”

Ji Wuxia was also somewhat embarrassed.
She coughed lightly and immediately said, “I got separated from my senior sisters and don’t know the way back.”

The other party’s eyes lit up.

The other party had gotten lost in this lawless Primordial World.
Moreover, she was even a lonely little Daoist nun who was so beautiful.
This was the luck of the heavens!

“Then which sect are you from? I’ll send you back, alright?”


Ji Wuxia pretended to be vigilant and looked at the other party.

“Is your cultivation alright? My sect is very far from here.
The journey to the Primordial World is dangerous.
Can you guarantee my safety?”

I’m already a fifth level Immortal Realm cultivator now.
Although my cultivation level in the Primordial World is not too high, I have an excellent Earth Escape Technique so I can quietly escape in front of a peak Heaven Immortal.
It’s not a problem for me to bring you back to the sect.
However… there’s no free lunch in the world.
If you want me to bring you back to the sect… hehehe… I wonder what Fellow Daoist will do for me in return?”

“Damn you!”

After knowing that the other party had the Earth Escape Technique, Lu Xiaoran directly transformed into a bolt of lightning and pounced towards the other party.
The other party’s expression changed drastically and he was instantly prepared to escape.
A yellow light lit up on his body and he directly used the Earth Escape Technique.

However, just as his head hit the ground, he felt as if he had collided with an iron mountain.


In an instant, he was in a daze.

That was because Lu Xiaoran had done something in advance.

Lu Xiaoran rushed forward and directly locked the other party with the Dragon Lock Chain, preventing the other party from escaping at all.

The cultivator cursed angrily.

“Little slut, how dare you ambush your Master Wu!”

Before Ji Wuxia could speak, Lu Xiaoran had already whipped the other party’s head.

“You still dare to talk back?”

Lu Xiaoran slapped the other party repeatedly before venting.

Then, he used the Trinity True Eyes to directly invade the other party’s sea of consciousness and completely devour the other party’s consciousness.

“We’ve found the location of Golden Ao Island.
I didn’t expect it to be so close to us.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran circulated the Trinity True Eyes again and began to erase the other party’s memories.

“You’ve never seen me before.
You were taking a dump.”

The other party’s expression immediately became wooden.
Then, he undid his belt and began to poop.

Ji Wuxia’s face turned red and she immediately turned around to leave.

Lu Xiaoran hurriedly chased after him and said with a happy expression, “Wuxia, what did I tell you? I told you this plan is effective, right? After you successfully attract a cultivator, I would snatch his memories.
Then, we can naturally obtain the location of Golden Ao Island.”

“Hmph! Master, you’re a little too much! You actually used me to… to do such a thing.
I’m a girl after all.”

“I don’t have a choice either.
Those people from Jie School didn’t give me a token or anything.
I can’t find the location of Golden Ao Island just by injecting a little energy.
If I don’t ask around, what if we are led astray?”

“The Primordial World is very dangerous.”

Ji Wuxia bit her lip.

“This is the last time.
Let Fifth Junior Sister do it next time!”

“She can’t.
Her assets have already been starved to death.
If we find a cultivator, he will probably kill her with a sword and snatch her Dharma treasure.
He won’t treat her like he treats you at all.”

Ji Wuxia’s face turned even redder.

“Master, you… you pervert!”

With that said, she flew even faster!

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“Wuxia’s temperament is still lacking.”

After the two of them left, the cultivator surnamed Wu finally broke free from Lu Xiaoran’s mental control and looked around in confusion.

“What am I doing here? Who took off my


He hurriedly checked below.

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