e few of them shook their heads and said, “No, we’ve decided to join Senior’s sect!”

“No regrets?”


“Alright! Then I agree.
However, let me say this first.
Because I have the highest seniority in the Nameless Sect, all my personal disciples have the highest statuses after me.
Therefore, your status won’t be that high after you enter the Nameless Sect.”

“It’s fine.
We’re not interested in seniority.
We only want to obtain Senior Lu’s guidance.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately put away their marks in his small world.

Then, he found Old Master Lu.

“Grandpa, I was originally prepared to tell you, but I never had a suitable opportunity.
However, now is a good time… Listen to me, if the Lu family follows me, it will also be extremely dangerous.
If you don’t stay with me and cultivate to the Immortal World on your own, although it will also be somewhat dangerous, it’s far safer than being with me.”

Old Master Lu smiled.

“Xiaoran, these outsiders even dare to join the Nameless Sect and are not afraid of taking the risk.
I’m your biological grandfather.
How can I be afraid of taking the risk?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Then I’ll record all your soul marks in my essence world.
Once I’m destroyed, you will also be destroyed.”

“Of course, if I can reach the peak, you can also follow me and achieve glory.”

“Let’s do as you say.
No matter the outcome, our Lu family is willing.”


Lu Xiaoran did the same thing again and absorbed the marks of everyone in the Lu family.

After becoming an immortal, he would no longer have his own small world or his own divine soul.

His divine soul and small world would fuse into his soul and form an Essence Soul.

The reason why mortals cultivated their divine soul and small world after advancing to the God Realm was most likely because they needed to make up for their lack of talent as humans… Moreover, they also needed to repair their soul to the optimal state to advance to the Immortal Realm…

After that, they no longer needed a small world or divine soul.
If they wanted to cultivate a small world again, they would probably have to wait until they became Saints.

However, the difference was that the small world of a God Realm expert might reflect the uniqueness of each soul.
It was also possible that it was to allow the Heaven Dao to better control the other party.
After the other party fused with the soul and advanced to become an immortal, the other party would naturally become a puppet under the control of the Heaven Dao.

It was as if a seed had been planted in one’s soul in advance, forcing the other party to oblige completely.
After all, if one did not fuse with a small world, one would be unable to cultivate to become an immortal.
If one did not cultivate to become an immortal, one’s cultivation would also come to an end.

By the time they cultivated to the Saint Realm and established another small world, their Essence Soul will have already been controlled.
So what if they established an essence world?

In the end, they still couldn’t escape Hongjun’s control.

Therefore, this old bastard Hongjun and the Heaven Dao were really a pair of stinky dogs.
The two of them were like-minded and each was worse than the other.
They worked together and gradually controlled the three worlds.

Fortunately, he had Wang Cai to create his small world before he became an immortal.

Otherwise, he would have to transcend the tribulation to become an immortal.
Then, he would fuse with the small world and allow Patriarch Hongjun to plant a seed in his soul.
At that time, if he wanted to make a comeback, it would be simply as difficult as ascending to the heavens!

What happened next was very straightforward.
Lu Xiaoran started to make preparations to bring all his disciples to the Primordial World.

There were several things he needed to prepare.

On the one hand, his current equipment had to be improved again.
At the very least, it had to be improved into Connate cardinal treasures!

On the other hand, he and his disciples also needed a safer place to cultivate.

In this Divine World, not to mention the death of a big shot like Jiang Ziya, even the deaths of those Buddhist disciples were enough to attract the people of the Buddhist Sect.

At that time, it would all be troublesome.

It was safer for him to leave this troublesome place as soon as possible.

Of course, he gave his disciples a day off and let everyone have a good rest.
He was not afraid of wasting time.

As the saying went, a day in the heavens was equivalent to a year on earth.
One day in the Divine World was probably equivalent to ten minutes in the Immortal.
They would not arrive so quickly!

There were remnants of Jie School in the Primordial World, and Golden Ao Island was also in the Primordial World.

Only by going to the Primordial World could he obtain some background support and protection.
He was also somewhat confident in his current low cultivation.

The last and most important aspect…

There were all kinds of energy in the Primordial World that were suitable for his disciples to cultivate at various levels.

This was because some disciples were about to advance to the Immortal Realm.
Because they had been absorbed into his essence world, they would not suffer the Immortal Tribulation.
In other words, it would be very easy for them to break through to the Immortal Realm.

Moreover, it was definitely impossible for him to cultivate divine power after breaking through to the Immortal Realm.

The difference between divine power and immortal power was not a matter of quality, but of origin!

However, before going to the Primordial World, Lu Xiaoran still had a plan.

A plan that he had thought about for a long time.

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