ve that you will watch it escape.

“As long as you do anything to it, I can enter your body and possess your soul at any time and anywhere.

“Lu Xiaoran, the older the wiser.
Moreover, my surname is Jiang! You can’t beat me!”

“You’re ruthless! You can even set up such a deep trap.
That was quite impressive!”

“Don’t blame me.
I was also forced to do this!

“Back then, Primordial Heaven Supreme ordered me to control the God Rankings because I was the chosen one! They wanted to use my luck to help them complete the God Sealing Tribulation!

“For this, he promised me that after this matter was done, he would let me become the master of the Heavenly Court!

“Unfortunately, I’m still inferior to that bootlicker, Haotian! I was deceived by them.

“In order to prevent me from resisting, he didn’t even leave me a spot on the rankings!

“From then on, I would not believe anyone and would definitely plan before acting!

“Therefore, if you want to blame someone, blame those hypocrites!”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh slightly.

“In the end, you’re also a pitiful person! However, you shouldn’t have taken this path and attacked me!”

“Because even I don’t know what kind of monster my soul is!”

When Lu Xiaoran finished speaking, Jiang Ziya had also completely arrived at Lu Xiaoran’s soul.

The moment he arrived, his entire body, or rather, his entire soul, was in a mess!

This was because Lu Xiaoran’s soul was really too powerful!

It was so powerful that it was almost incomparable!

As far as the eye could see, it was like the stars in the sky!

Not to mention a drop in the ocean, Jiang Ziya’s soul was simply like a speck of dust.
It could not compare to Lu Xiaoran’s soul at all!

The most terrifying thing was that this was already the soul of a Taiyi Golden Immortal.
His soul power was as powerful as Mount Tai compared to ordinary people!

However, in front of Lu Xiaoran’s soul, he was still insignificant.

How… how powerful was Lu Xiaoran’s soul power?

He was instantly enveloped in despair.

“Such a powerful soul… Could this be Pangu’s completed Soul? However, that’s impossible! Pangu’s Essence Soul was divided into three parts to create the three Saints and the stars in the sky.
This world has yet to be unified, and the three Saints are still working independently.
How can you recover a complete Pangu Soul?”

“Because I’m not Pangu at all!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran’s powerful soul power directly destroyed Jiang Ziya’s immortal soul.
It was as simple as destroying a small ant!

The moment Jiang Ziya was completely destroyed, Wang Cai’s voice directly entered his mind.

Ding! Congratulations, Master, on killing the hot shot.
Due to the extremely high level of the hot shot, Master’s cultivation has increased by a whole realm.

In the next second, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation directly began to increase rapidly from the sixth level of the God Monarch Realm.

Seventh level, eighth level, ninth level, tenth level… Immortal Realm!

In the end, he only stopped when he reached the sixth level of the Immortal Realm!

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran felt an unprecedented strength!

His six senses quickly expanded to an unprecedented level.

His cultivation was also powerful to the point that he could do anything he wanted.
With just a thought, his immortal power had already materialized his thoughts.

After becoming an immortal, his consciousness had completely surpassed the God Realm.
He could even sense the weakness of the spatial barrier.

This was a new realm, a powerful realm!

At this moment, he finally understood why mortals wanted to cultivate! He understood why all martial artists wanted to cultivate!

Only by becoming an immortal could one completely leave the level of mortals and reach a level that was invisible even to those above the God Realm.

Even after becoming a god, they were still bound to the 3,000 worlds.
As for immortals, they had escaped the restraints of the 3,000 worlds and could really become a part of the three worlds!

Of course, if he wanted to completely tour most of the three worlds freely, Lu Xiaoran was still not enough.
He had to at least cultivate to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm before he could easily travel to most of the 3,000 worlds.

However, after becoming an immortal, he could already go to the other 3,000 worlds.

These worlds all had hot shots.
They were all powers separated from the Heaven Dao.
If Wang Cai absorbed them all, who knew how powerful it would become!

After absorbing these hot shots, Lu Xiaoran felt that his cultivation would reach an unprecedented level.

Next, Lu Xiaoran’s goal was Patriarch Hongjun!

According to Jiang Ziya, Patriarch Hongjun could also be considered a hot shot.
The people Hongjun created were all small-scale hot shots, and he and Jiang Ziya were both large-scale hot shots.

Moreover, his soul power was so powerful that it even surpassed Pangu’s.
Lu Xiaoran felt that there might be an even stronger existence above the Heaven Dao!

There was still a long way to go!

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