“My guess is that you won’t.”

“It’s good that you know!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other party circulated his immortal power.
The powerful immortal power even stirred the divine power in the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers, making the divine power condense.
Because of this, Lu Xiaoran and Yun Lige could not absorb the surrounding divine power at all.

Fortunately, the master and disciple had both just taken a Fake Immortal Pill.
With the support of the medicinal pill, the two of them would not lack strength for a short period of time.

Yun Lige used the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation to resist the other party’s immortals.

Lu Xiaoran brought his avatar to directly deal with the other party.

Almost in an instant, the other party’s immortal power spread in front of Lu Xiaoran.

The huge force was so powerful that it was suffocating!

Among the enemies Lu Xiaoran had encountered in his life, this was the only one whose cultivation far exceeded his by dozens of times!

The combat strength of the two sides was not on the same level at all.

Seeing that the other party’s strength was about to arrive in front of him, Lu Xiaoran immediately pointed in the distance.

“Look! Someone’s behind you!”

The immortal smiled and was not anxious.

“Do you think such a small trick will work on me? My cultivation is dozens of times stronger than yours.
Even if you want to attract my attention, it’s impossible for you to escape from me.
It’s better not to waste your energy…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly suffered a heavy blow to his head.

With a violent explosion, the immortal was directly smashed down by this sudden huge force.
Like a meteor, he smashed fiercely onto the ground, smashing a violent pit in the ground.
The ground and mountains within a hundred kilometers collapsed, and a huge dark hole seemed to have suddenly sunken into the ground.

Lu Xiaoran heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, if you had arrived in time.
If you had come a little later, I wouldn’t have had to go to the Primordial World and would have been directly crippled.”

“Sorry, I have to increase my cultivation enough to come here.
Otherwise, it would be useless for me to come.”

The person who had arrived was Fairy Qiong Xiao, one of the three fairies.

“How’s your current cultivation?”

“I guarantee that you’ll be fine!”

However, he did not dare to believe Qiong Xiao completely.
After all, what if this woman was too confident? What if she lost?

Lu Xiaoran was not the kind of person who liked to gamble.
He had to arrange another backup plan.

“I’ll help my disciple deal with those Heavenly Soldiers first.
I’ll leave this to you.”

Qiong Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.
This junior brother was really taking advantage of her.

Knowing that he was unable to defeat the other party and was unwilling to place all his bets on her, he was prepared to run.

However, she had a heavy responsibility.
She was Lu Xiaoran’s Dao Protector to begin with.
As long as he could live well and revive Jie School, nothing else mattered.

Lu Xiaoran turned around and left.
Before he left, he paused and immediately said indifferently, “Senior Sister, take care.”

Lu Xiaoran said indifferently and quickly disappeared from his spot.

The corner of Qiong Xiao’s mouth curled up.

“This brat still knows to refer to me as his Senior Sister.”

In the next second, a pure white light suddenly erupted from the ground.

It was because the other party had already slowly risen from the ground.
Clearly, he had been beaten badly by the move just now.
The back of his head was still bleeding.
Moreover, the immortal power on his body was also somewhat chaotic.

It was even to the extent that his clothes had become somewhat tattered.

Qiong Xiao drew her sword and smiled coldly.

“Jiang Ziya, long time no see!”

In the distance, Lu Xiaoran, who was about to enter the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation, immediately could not help but tremble.

The mastermind was actually Jiang Ziya!

The existence who held the Divine Whip and controlled the God Rankings!

No wonder he wanted to deal with him.

Although Jiang Ziya was the controller of the God Rankings, in the end, he was unable to secure a position on the rankings for himself.
He should have been the master of the world, the Jade Emperor!

In the end, he was not even placed in the God Rankings.
It was also tragic.

However, since the other party had specially come to deal with him and wanted to steal his luck, he hoped that the other party would become even more tragic.

It would be best if he could die without a burial place along with his entire family.

Seeing Qiong Xiao’s figure, Jiang Ziya was first slightly stunned before sneering.

I didn’t expect you to still be alive.
Looking at you, you should have been saved by the Saint Tongtian.
He cut off your body and refined you into a zombie before throwing you into this Divine World, right? You’re only Tongtian’s pawn.
Is there a need to risk your life for Jie School?”

He was right.
Qiong Xiao’s corpse had indeed been tampered with by Tongtian.
However, that was only done with Qiong Xiao’s permission.

Moreover, it was also because Qiong Xiao had been refined into a zombie that her strength could increase again in a short period of time.

Lu Xiaoran extracted the blood of an immortal from the Immortal Blood Pill and provided it for her to absorb, allowing her to advance from the perfected Immortal Realm to the perfected Heaven Immortal Realm in an instant!

This huge increase could be considered to have greatly increased her combat strength.

Although it was far inferior to the strength she had in her previous life, at the very least, it was stronger than the strength an immortal could unleash!

“You don’t have to worry about who I risk my life for.
On the other hand, you’re just someone who’s trying to scheme and steal my junior brother’s luck just because you lack the ability.
You’re really wicked.”

“Speaking of which, if not for you back then, our Jie School would not have ended up in such a state.
Today, I’ll use your blood as payment to comfort the souls of the many disciples of Jie School in the heavens!”

As she spoke, Qiong Xiao slashed down.
The sword beam was like a dragon as it pounced towards Jiang Ziya.

The entire galaxy had lost its luster under this sword.
The powerful force even affected the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation in the distance.

After all, the difference in cultivation between the two sides was too great!

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran was smart and knew that an extremely powerful expert might appear behind the other party.
Therefore, he thought of a way to find the Dao protector Jie School had arranged for him in the Divine World.

The first rule of survival was to escape.

The second rule was to use dirty tricks when one could not escape.

If he could not beat the enemy, he should find someone who could.

Lu Xiaoran was not embarrassed by this at all.

He was not crazy enough to fight an existence that surpassed the Heaven Immortal Realm when he himself was only a God Monarch Realm expert.

Even if he could fight those at a higher level, the difference between the two was just too big.

Qiong Xiao’s sword landed in front of Jiang Ziya.

However, Jiang Ziya was not an ordinary person either.
He also had countless treasures.

After seeing Qiong Xiao appear, he had long taken out a defensive Postnatal spirit treasure armor.

Although it was not top-notch, it was still enough.

Before the sword beam arrived, the armor on Jiang Ziya’s body erupted with a powerful light that bombarded out at the same time.
The moment the two collided, the powerful impact directly forced the two of them back.

However, Jiang Ziya’s cultivation clearly surpassed Qiong Xiao’s.
Therefore, he only retreated ten thousand meters, but Qiong Xiao retreated tens of thousands of meters and almost arrived at Yun Lige’s Immortal Slaying Sword Formation.

Although Jiang Ziya was somewhat in a sorry state from the sneak attack, his cultivation was still powerful and his attacks were also fatal.

From this, it could be seen that his years of bitter cultivation had definitely made him extraordinary.

“Hmph! You want to fight me? Ten thousand years ago, my master, the Primordial Heaven Supreme, killed you.
Today, I’ll kill you again.
Let’s see if you can still be arrogant!”

“That depends on whether you have the ability!”

“Hahahaha… Qiong Xiao, could it be that you still think that you’re my match? Back then, your three sisters set up the Nine Song Yellow River Formation and severely injured the twelve Golden Immortals of our Chan School.
They destroyed the five auras in their chests and shaved off the three flowers on their heads.
How glorious was that?

“Unfortunately, now, you are alone and you can’t set up the Nine Song Yellow River Formation!

“In terms of cultivation, you’re only a small peak Heaven Immortal.
How can you fight me? ”

Qiong Xiao’s expression did not change.

“I was killed by a Saint after all.
Now that I’ve been reborn, my cultivation level is naturally not high.
What’s there to laugh at? What’s laughable is that a certain person has actually only reached the Taiyi Golden Immortal Realm after so many years.
You’re not even a Zenith Heaven Immortal.
How embarrassing.”

Not far away, Lu Xiaoran and Yun Lige snorted and could not help but laugh.

“It’s been so long since the God Sealing Tribulation happened, but he’s actually not even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal? No way? How embarrassing!”

“Don’t say that.
After all, we can’t strip him of his dignity.
Leave him some face.”

In the distance, Jiang Ziya’s expression became even colder.

“Qiong Xiao! You’re courting death!”

He spat out these words coldly and waved his right hand.
The God Striking Whip immediately appeared in his right hand.

Qiong Xiao smiled in disdain.

“I’m already a zombie and don’t even have an Essence Soul.
The special enhancement of your God Striking Whip won’t work on me.
To me, it’s only an extremely ordinary Connate spirit treasure.
Compared to the Postnatal spirit treasure sword in my hand, it’s not necessarily much stronger.”

“So what? Even if the special enhancement of the God Striking Whip works on you, it’s still an existence you can’t withstand! As for me, even if I’m only a Taiyi Golden Immortal, I’m still an existence you can’t afford to provoke!”

“Is that so? I can tell that you’re very confident! But what if I told you that I have the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors and the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper?”

Qiong Xiao’s words made Jiang Ziya’s expression instantly change.

“Impossible! You’re lying to me.
How could you have the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors and the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper? Those two Dharma treasures belong to our Chan School now.
You’ve been in the Divine World for so many years.
How did you obtain them? Don’t even think about lying to me!”

Qiong Xiao smiled coldly and put away the sword in her hand.
After that, she summoned the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper and the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors.

Seeing these two Dharma treasures and sensing the powerful auras of the Connate spirit treasures and Postnatal spirit treasures on them, Jiang Ziya’s body instantly trembled, and his eyes could not help but reveal a panic.

“It’s really the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper and the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors.
This is impossible! How did you obtain them? You were clearly sealed in the Divine World for so many years!”

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran and Yun Lige had already completely dealt with the immortal soldiers Jiang Ziya had summoned.

He slowly retracted his breath and continued with a faint smile,

“Sorry, I gave it to her!”

“Impossible! It’s impossible for you to have the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors and the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper.
You’ve never even been to the Immortal World.
How did you obtain these two treasures?”

Jiang Ziya was still unwilling to believe it, and Lu Xiaoran shrugged.

“Idiot, I don’t care if you believe me or not.
I only want your life!”

“That’s right! It doesn’t matter even if everything Master says is nonsense!”

Lu Xiaoran punched his head.

“Little brat, what are you talking about? Are you courting death?!”

Yun Lige rubbed his head and smiled awkwardly.

Lu Xiaoran glared at him angrily and immediately said to Qiong Xiao,

“Next, it’s up to Senior Sister’s performance.”

Qiong Xiao nodded.
Her beautiful figure made one feel relaxed.
As she stepped lightly, golden lotus flowers bloomed in the void.

At this moment, Qiong Xiao’s peak Heaven Immortal Realm strength erupted without holding back.

The Third Miss of the three Xiao fairies who had once frightened the entire Chan School had returned!

Without any unnecessary delay, Qiong Xiao directly took out the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper and threw it at Jiang Ziya.

Jiang Ziya’s expression changed drastically.
He did not dare to delay at all and immediately retreated repeatedly.

However, what kind of treasure was the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper? If Jiang Ziya could easily avoid the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper, those immortals from Chan School back then could kill themselves with a tofu!

Jiang Ziya gritted his teeth and immediately took out his God Striking Whip to resist the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper.
By using the God Striking Whip, he could forcefully suppress the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper and stall it for a short period of time.

The two were both Connate spirit treasures refined from Connate materials.
Although the God Striking Whip was not an existence that specialized in suppressing the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper, it was not a big problem for it to slightly suppress the Primordial Chaos Golden Dipper.

After Jiang Ziya gave up on the God Striking Whip, he took out another Postnatal spirit treasure sword and pounced towards Qiong Xiao.

He had not lived in the Immortal World for nothing for so many years.
He could still take out a few treasures.

Now that he did not have the Connate spirit treasure, the Divine Striking Whip, he had lost a huge advantage.
However, he was not afraid because he was still a Taiyi Golden Immortal!

With strength that surpassed the other party by an entire realm, it was enough.
He was confident!

Qiong Xiao would not let him attack her.
She directly threw out the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors in her hand.

As soon as the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors appeared, they immediately transformed into two huge flood dragons that pounced towards Jiang Ziya.

Jiang Ziya smiled coldly.

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flicked his finger, and a golden rope actually flew out of his sleeve.

As soon as the Immortal Binding Rope appeared, it bound the two huge flood dragons.
In an instant, the two flood dragons transformed into the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors again.

Although the Immortal Binding Rope was far inferior to the reputation of the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors, what Jiang Ziya wanted was not long-term control.
To him, he only needed to stall for a moment!

Almost at this moment, his body pounced forward and arrived beside Qiong Xiao.

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