Chapter 41 Array Formation Competition

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After Lu Xiaoran sat down, the sect master finally spoke.

“I believe everyone already knows why I gathered everyone here, right?”

Many elders nodded.

The Sect Master continued,

“The White Bone Demon Sect was destroyed overnight.
Not a single disciple survived.
Even the entire mountain was leveled.”

As soon as he said this, many exclamations immediately sounded in the hall.

This was because not all the elders knew about this.

Those who knew about this still felt their scalps turn numb from shock when they heard it again.

A moment later, the sect master knocked on the chair handle.
Everyone gradually stopped talking.

“This matter has already shocked many sects.
After all, no sect in the vicinity is capable of destroying the White Bone Demon Sect in a single night.
Only the first-rate sects of the Great Zhou Empire are able to do

something like this.
Moreover, if a sect is mobilized on a large scale, it’s impossible for us sects to not sense it.”

“Therefore, I and the sect masters of several sects have speculated that the White Bone Demon Sect has very likely offended a powerful expert.
This person’s strength is monstrous, and he must at least be an expert

above the Essence Realm!”


Everyone couldn’t help but gasp in unison.

ff an Essence Realm expert had actually appeared in this area, wouldn’t he be able to do as he pleased?

tt had to be known that among the surrounding sects, the person with the strongest cultivation was the grand elder of the Reliance Sect next door, Yang Renjie, who was at the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm.

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nan instant, everyone was panic-stricken, afraid that they would one day encounter this peerless big shot and lose their lives.

n the entire hall, Lu Xiaoran was the only one who remained calm because he knew the truth.

“In view of this situation, I’ll say this here.
All the elders and disciples of our Heaven Demon Sect should not get into conflict with anyone during this period of time.
If there’s a conflict, you will be fully responsible for it.

Even if you are hacked into pieces, our Heaven Demon Sect will not help.”

“Moreover, with such a big matter happening, the Imperial Family might very quickly send people to investigate.
All the disciples of our Heaven Demon Sect have to say that they don’t know anything.
We definitely

shouldn’t get involved, understand?”

“Got it.”

“Then there’s no problem.
Alright, these are the details of today’s gathering.
Everyone, return to the peaks and pass the news to your disciples.”

“Meeting dismissed.”

After the sect master announced the end of the meeting, the elders walked out and were still discussing.

It was estimated that this matter would become the topic of discussion for everyone over the next few days.

Lu Xiaoran was also about to leave when he was stopped by the sect master.

“Xiaoran, wait a moment.
I have something to tell you.”


Lu Xiaoran stopped.

“Do you have any requests recently? I see that you’ve been staying on Zhishui Peak and don’t come down often.”

Lu Xiaoran replied, “My talent is not enough, so I should naturally be more diligent.
I should take advantage of my young age and my vitality to increase my cultivation.”

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The Sect Master nodded in satisfaction.

“That’s right.
It’s best if you think that way.
Other than talent, the most important thing for a martial artist is diligence.”

After a pause, he raised his eyebrows and deliberately asked, “Um, Xiaoran, have you ever thought of improving your strength faster?”

Lu Xiaoran frowned slightly.

“Of course I do.
However, it’s not easy to quickly increase my strength.”

“It’s not that difficult.
As long as you get some rare natural treasures and refine them, you can save a lot of cultivation time.”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned and immediately vaguely guessed something.

The sect master probably wanted to give him some natural treasures.
However, the sect master should not be so kind as to simply give him something for free.

“Sect Master, is there anything you need Xiaoran to do?”

The sect master coughed lightly and smiled with narrowed eyes.

“As expected of someone like you.
The elders had praised you for being smart before.
You’re indeed smart.”

After a pause, he continued,

“It’s like this.
Have you heard of the Black Tortoise True Sect?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Of course I’ve heard of it.
The Black Tortoise True Sect is one of the top first-rate sects in our Great Zhou.
Not only do they have many experts, but they’re also proficient in pill refinement, array formations, and so on.

Many of the mountain-protecting formations at our Great Zhou’s mountain gate are handled by the Black Tortoise True Sect.”

The Sect Master nodded in satisfaction.

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“That’s right, you know very well.
This Black Tortoise True Sect is currently preparing to hold an array formation meeting and has invited many sects with attainments in array formations in the Great Zhou to seek

guidance in array formations.
If you can shine brightly at this meeting, you will obtain an extremely generous reward.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face immediately twitched fiercely.

He did not want to participate in some useless conference.

What kind of joke was this?

The greatest goal of his life was to live ignobly!

If he went to the Black Tortoise True Sect and became famous overnight, wouldn’t that cause him a lot of trouble?

In the future, no matter where he went, those who had good intentions would be respectful and call you Master Lu.
If not, they would directly challenge you.

You’re that Master Lu with extremely deep attainments in array formations? Come, come, let’s spar…

If he was careless and killed someone in public, he would immediately be targeted by everyone.

“Sect Master, actually, my attainments in array formations are only so-so.
There are many people in the Black Tortoise True Sect who are stronger than me.
I don’t think I should go.
Won’t we be embarrassing

ourselves if my results are poor?”

The Sect Master patted Lu Xiaoran on the shoulder.

“I believe in your strength.
You will definitely obtain a good ranking in the meeting.
It’s decided.
If you can obtain a good ranking, other than the reward from the Black Tortoise True Sect, my Heaven Demon Sect will

give you an additional reward.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face darkened and he felt bitter.

He did not want any rewards.
He only wanted to develop in a low profile.

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Damn, if he had known earlier, they would have only used a tenth of their strength when setting up the array formation.

He had overestimated the Heaven Demon Sect’s array formation level.

n the end, he had gotten himself into so much trouble.

As the saying went, pigs fear fat and men fear fame.
Once he became famous, nothing good would come of it.

However, forget it.
After all, the sect master was good to him.
He decided to just show his face.

After he went, he could casually showcase 20% of his skills in array formations and get mediocre results

After all, the Heaven Demon Sect had also nurtured him for so many years.

Thinking of this, he could only cupped his hands towards the sect master and say,

“In that case, we’ll listen to Sect Master.
When the time comes, I’ll do my best.”

“Alright! Then let’s go over together next month.
In order to ensure that you perform well at that time, don’t cultivate this month.
Work hard on your array formation skills.
Try to obtain the best results in the meeting.

Tl get the treasure vault to give you 300,000 high-grade spirit stones to use for your training.”

“Thank you, Sect Master.”.

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