Xingyun spat, his face filled with unwillingness and anger.

Just now, when he used the Great Mighty Heaven Dragon, he started to have bad luck again.
His Great Mighty Heaven Dragon was about to be successfully used.
In the end, at this moment, Lu Xiaoran took out another Postnatal cardinal treasure from nowhere and smashed it fiercely onto his Golden Bell Shield, instantly destroying it.

As a result, he was forced to fight with half of his Great Mighty Heaven Dragon.

Damn, didn’t they say that by seizing the luck of a hot shot, one could do well and even pick up money when walking?

Why had his luck become worse after absorbing the hot shot’s luck?

“System, what’s going on? Is there a mistake? Why do I feel that my luck has been decreasing recently?”

“Indeed, it’s because someone nearby is attacking me.”

“Attack you? There’s actually someone in the vicinity who can attack you? Aren’t you luck? Luck! An existence that contains the truth of the world!”

“Are you telling me that you’re being attacked now? ”

“That’s right, that’s indeed the case.
It’s very easy to attack luck.
This is because I’m already completely bound to you.
Therefore, if the other party wants to attack me, they just have to attack you.”

“So who exactly is attacking you?”

“There are too many people, so I can’t determine carefully, but it should be the group of people outside.”

Xingyun’s pupils constricted.

He had already noticed that it was none other than the group of God Monarch Realm experts who were cheering for him.

Originally, Xingyun would not have thought of this.
However, he saw that Lu Xiaoran’s disciple was actually also cheering for him.

Something fishy was going on!

It was impossible for Lu Xiaoran’s disciples to cheer him on when he was dealing with Lu Xiaoran.

There was definitely something wrong.

He snorted and directly threw out the prayer beads in his hand.

The prayer beads immediately transformed into a long dragon that roared as it rushed towards Yun Lige and the others.

“The Buddhist Sect’s Eight Heaven Dragon Technique! Be careful, this technique can transform a Dharma treasure into a Heaven Dragon.
Its might is endless and is definitely not inferior to an immortal!”

The Heaven Dragon could not help but roar.

Yun Lige sneered and directly welcomed the other party.

Seeing that his Heavenly Dragon Eight Techniques had been blocked by Yun Lige, Xingyun was not too angry.

This was because he noticed that everyone had already stopped talking after being hit by his move!

His injuries had long recovered.

“Lu Xiaoran, let’s go again!”

He shouted softly and attempted to fight Lu Xiaoran again.

Lu Xiaoran also looked at him warily.
The divine power in his body circulated crazily!

At this moment, an accident suddenly happened.

In the sky, a golden spatial gate actually opened in the originally shattered void!

Everyone’s hearts immediately trembled.

Their expressions changed drastically.

It had to be known that it was strictly forbidden to use spatial jump in the already shattered void.

This was because it was not easy to determine one’s location.
It was very likely that one would be teleported to a place one was unfamiliar with.

On the other hand, even if one made sure that they would be sent to a good location, they would still be unable to build a safe enough spatial teleportation tunnel.

Once something went wrong, it would be fatal!

The other party had seriously violated this condition and forcefully built a teleportation tunnel in this void.

One possibility was that the other party had teleported here randomly.

Another possibility was that the other party’s strength was too powerful, so powerful that it had already exceeded their imagination.
As a result, the other party was able to successfully find the coordinates in the void with a shattered void barrier and safely build a spatial tunnel to arrive here.

A moment later, an aura that made everyone’s hearts palpitate slowly seeped out of the void tunnel.

Xingyun’s heart trembled.

With his peak Immortal Realm cultivation, he actually felt that he was only a small ant in front of the other party.

Wasn’t this too terrifying?

The other party’s cultivation had probably already surpassed the Heaven Immortal Realm!

In the next second, a pure white phantom slowly stepped out of the void tunnel.

That otherworldly aura was filled with an immortal aura and dignity, making everyone almost not dare to look directly at his body!

“What a powerful existence!”

Everyone could not help but gasp, filled with fear!

Even Lu Xiaoran felt a dense threat.
The hair on his entire body could not help but stand on end.

This was his body’s instinctive reaction.
He felt fear towards the other party.

“Damn, this feels a little too good.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but spit.

This old guy was clearly a level 999 behind-the-scenes big boss.
Why was he here?

What an old fox.
He was even more sinister than him!

The other party seemed to have come specially for Lu Xiaoran.
His eyes stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran, revealing a trace of yearning and madness.

This made Lu Xiaoran’s heart skip a beat.

What was with this old pervert’s gaze?

Could it be that he wanted to do something to him?

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