ll Wang Cai had given him previously.

It was not a fake ‘Immortal Pill’, but a ‘Fake Immortal’ pill.

As the name suggested, this medicinal pill could allow Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation to increase to the Immortal Realm in a short period of time.

There was naturally no need to mention how powerful an immortal’s cultivation was.
Coupled with the fact that Lu Xiaoran had a certain ability to surpass levels, the enhancement effect of a short increase of two realm levels was extraordinary.

When Lu Xiaoran swallowed the medicinal pill, he attacked again.
The powerful effect was indeed effective and actually directly made the alms bowl shake.

The hearts of the people in the distance could not help but tremble when they saw this.

This Lu Xiaoran was simply too powerful!

He could even cause a Postnatal spirit treasure controlled by a Buddha Immortal to tremble!

This was even when his cultivation was so low!

Did his parents know that he was capable of surpassing so many levels?

How could he be so shameless? How were others supposed to compete with this?

The High Buddha’s heart also trembled slightly, as if he had never expected Lu Xiaoran to be able to increase his strength to this level.

The alms bowl trembled one after another.
Seeing that it was about to be shattered, the High Buddha immediately removed the alms bowl.

However, he was not stupid.
Removing the alms bowl meant that he had to withstand Lu Xiaoran’s attack head-on.

Therefore, as he retreated, he also played some tricks.
He used a spatial jump to escape from Lu Xiaoran’s encirclement.

Moreover, he could take a breather and make the next move.

Indeed, after escaping Lu Xiaoran’s attack range, he immediately attacked Lu Xiaoran at the fastest speed.

A huge golden palm mark was pushed out from his hand.
As soon as this palm mark appeared, the wind and clouds changed drastically.
The stars in the sky flickered, as if the entire world was affected by this powerful attack.
Or perhaps, it was because everything was fearful of this attack.

Lu Xiaoran almost immediately recognized that the other party was using a move from the Gautama Divine Palm!

Without much hesitation or any fear, Lu Xiaoran instantly attacked and also used the Gautama Divine Palm.

Because of the Fake Immortal Pill, his current cultivation had already increased to the Immortal Realm.

He still did not need to be afraid of an immortal!

The two Gautama Divine Palms collided in the air.
The golden palm shadows overlapped and almost instantly transformed into a dazzling light that illuminated the world.

At the same time, the shock wave directly destroyed the spatial barrier crazily and spread in all directions.

The God Monarch Realm experts retreated crazily, frightened out of their wits.

Wasn’t this too damn powerful?

Although they were also capable of shattering the spatial barrier, they could only shatter a little bit of it.
On the other hand, the space the two of them shattered were tens of thousands of meters long.

They were simply not on the same level.

Moreover, they also knew that the energy shockwave produced by their shattered space might only injure the God Monarch Realm expert slightly, but it would definitely not be able to instantly kill the other party.

On the other hand, the energy shockwave produced by Lu Xiaoran and the High Buddha Xingyun made them feel a threat of death.

From this point of view, it could be seen that Lu Xiaoran and the High Buddha Xingyun were not on the same level as them.

After the exchange of the Gautama Divine Palms, High Buddha Xingyun and Lu Xiaoran’s bodies were blasted back some distance.

The High Buddha immediately shouted at the ten disciples who had advanced to the Immortal Realm in a short period of time through the Buddhist secret technique,

“What are you waiting for? Quickly attack! This brat’s cultivation is very powerful.
Don’t be careless.
No one is allowed to stop attacking until he dies without a burial place!”

The ten God Monarch Realm experts replied and immediately used the energy in their bodies.
Powerful golden energy blossomed from the surface of their bodies.
It was an extremely abundant Buddhist power that came from the Spirit Mountain!

Then, the ten God Monarch Realm experts rushed in and began to fight Lu Xiaoran’s avatar.

In the sky, spatial barriers shattered piece by piece.
A powerful force spread endlessly, connecting the shattered spatial barriers into a single streak of line.
In the end, they connected the huge spatial black hole and almost covered the entire valley.

Just looking at the black mass made the God Monarch Realm experts’ hearts palpitate.

It had to be known that they were only watching the battle!

They were all God Monarch Realm experts and the strongest experts in this world!

However, they were only qualified to watch the battle.

At this moment, these dignified God Monarch Realm experts suddenly felt very small, as small as inconspicuous ants.
They were like ants that could be directly crushed by others.

“Damn it! We can’t even help Master participate in the battle.
We’re simply useless!”

Yun Lige said with an indifferent expression, “Who said that we can’t help Master from the outside?”

Everyone was stunned and could not help but frown.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what nonsense are you talking about? With our cultivation, we will be destroyed by the battle shockwave before we can even enter the center of the battle .
How can we help Master?”

The corner of Yun Lige’s mouth curled up slightly and he smiled evilly.

“Have you forgotten that there’s something we can do to suppress the hot shots?”

Ji Wuxia and Fang Tianyuan were stunned.
Then, as if they had thought of something, they immediately said, “As expected of the Buddhist Sect.
Looks like Master is doomed this time!”

“The Buddhist expert is so terrifying!”

The others, including the God Monarch Realm experts from the Taiyi Sword Dao and the Heaven Saber Pavilion, were all dumbfounded.

“What the hell are you guys doing? Why are you talking so strangely?”

Li Changsheng seemed to have thought of something and immediately said, “Everyone, don’t worry about it.
Let’s all praise the Buddha Sect and belittle Master.”

“The Buddhist Sect is supreme.
Master will definitely die!”

“As expected of an expert of the Buddhist Sect, you beat Master until he fled like a rat!”

Although the God Monarch Realm experts from the Heaven Saber Pavilion and the Taiyi Sword Dao were puzzled, they could only shout together.

In any case, Lu Xiaoran’s disciples would not harm Lu Xiaoran.

When the other God Monarch Realm experts in the distance saw this scene, they thought that Lu Xiaoran’s disciples already knew that Lu Xiaoran could not win and had surrendered to the Buddhist Sect.
Therefore, although they did not understand, they also shouted along.

The High Buddha who was fighting in the battle slashed out with his palm.
He was supposed to unleash an extremely wide and powerful Gautama Divine Palm.

If he had used this palm technique, it would be enough to envelop Lu Xiaoran’s main body and definitely injure him.

However, for some reason, he had actually used the wrong move!

That’s right, he had used the wrong move!

He had messed up the circulation path of the Gautama Divine Palm and used the Prajna Palm instead.

Although the might of the Prajna Palm was powerful, the range was too small.
It directly brushed past Lu Xiaoran’s ear and did not even touch him.

This immediately dumbfounded the High Buddha.

He, a dignified immortal expert, actually unleashed the wrong move?

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