enter the Immortal World soon.

“Actually, he might not enter the Immortal World.
The Immortal World was under the control of the Heaven Dao.
If he came to the Immortal World, he would definitely be discovered.

“Therefore, it’s very likely that he will go to the Primordial World.
Once he escapes to the Primordial World, it will be equivalent to a clay ox entering the sea.
It will probably be difficult for us to find him again.

The white-bearded old man slowly opened his eyes, and two sharp cold lights shot out from his eyes.

“Looks like I have to go down personally.”

The long-bearded man’s heart trembled.

“No! With your identity, if you go to the Divine World, you will definitely be discovered by the Immortal World.
At that time, even the Heavenly Court will not tolerate you.”

“At this point, there’s no other choice.

“This brat is growing faster and faster.
If this continues, even if I want to kill him, I won’t have the chance.

“I had been silent for tens of thousands of years just to wait for this day.

“I’m sick of being an ant!”

The long-bearded man sighed faintly.

“Since you think so, I have nothing to persuade you.”

“It would be best if my trip is successful.
If it’s not, I’ll directly commit suicide in the Divine World and not leave a trace of information for the Heavenly troops.”

“If the Jade Emperor wants you to lead the troops to capture me, go ahead.
Don’t hesitate at all to avoid being discovered by the Jade Emperor and implicating you.

The long-bearded man’s eyes could not help but turn red.

The white-bearded old man smiled indifferently and waved his hand before leaving.

“Don’t cry.
This is my choice.
If I can’t become a Saint, there’s no point in living!”

As he spoke, his figure had already disappeared from his spot.

On the other side, in the Divine World.

Lu Xiaoran did not listen to Wang Cai’s series of notifications because at this moment, his gaze was all on Xingyun.

Previously, he had been puzzled as to why Xingyun had never attacked and why he had helped Jiang Futu in the end.

In the end, he did not expect Xingyun to actually want to kill Jiang Futu.
This guy’s methods were really vicious.

He had not done much the entire time.
In the end, he directly killed Jiang Futu!

At this moment, Xingyun smiled at Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran also smiled back.
However, his eyes were filled with vigilance, and the divine power in his body surged crazily.

Even with his toes, he could tell that Xingyun did not kill Jiang Futu to befriend him.

This was because he could also easily kill Jiang Futu just now.

Indeed, in the next second, Xingyun took out a power of luck from the talisman fragment.

This talisman fragment originally belonged to Jiang Futu.
Before Jiang Futu died, he mixed it in his blood essence and remnant soul and tried to send them away in the talisman fragment.

Unfortunately, his blood essence and remnant soul had now been obtained by Xingyun.

It seemed like this Xingyun was really going to attack him.

“Is this the power of luck? As expected of a good thing.
Just by holding it, I feel that I’m filled with confidence.
It’s as if I can succeed no matter what I do.
No wonder those senior brothers on the Spirit Mountain told me not to go against the hot shots.”

“However, I was able to obtain this power of luck because I took advantage of your fight.
I wonder what Sect Master Lu thinks of this?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he directly fused the power of luck into his body.
The stars in the sky were all moving and changing strangely.

That was because someone’s life force had undergone an extremely powerful change.
It was so powerful that it could already affect the power of the world!

This was the strength of the power of luck!

A strange voice that had never been heard before immediately sounded in Xingyun’s mind.

Ding… detected that the host is a Buddhist disciple.
The God Monarch Chat Group has automatically evolved into a Buddhist Supreme System.
It has been bound.
Do you want to activate it? ‘

Xingyun directly activated it without hesitation.

In the next second, a new voice sounded in his mind.

Ding… activation successful! Sensing that the host’s talent is low and is increasing host’s talent, the host’s talent has increased from Bodhi talent to Buddha talent!

Originally, the host could only reach the peak of the Immortal Realm at most.
After the talent increase, the host can become a Buddha! ”

Ding… activation successful! In view that this is the host’s first time activating the system, the system has rewarded the host with a huge gift bag.
It has increased the host’s cultivation to the perfected Immortal Realm.
The system has rewarded the host with the Postnatal spirit treasure, the Light Buddha Nunnery, the Postnatal spirit treasure, the Light Buddha Bowl, the Postnatal spirit treasure, the Light Buddha Staff, and the Postnatal Supreme Treasure, the Light Prayer Bead.
Please accept it.

Ding… activation successful! The host has an evolution-type cultivation technique that can be upgraded.
It’s being upgraded…

The original Hinayana Gautama Divine Palm had been advanced to the Gautama Divine Palm!

The original Great Mighty Heaven Dragon’s opening chapter had advanced to the complete version.

The original Light Steps Floating On Water had advanced to the Buddhist Light Escape.

Sensing the endless changes in his body, the corner of Xingyun’s mouth revealed a happy expression.
He slowly spread his arms and let the strength flow in his body.

Wang Cai’s voice sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s ear at the same time.

“Warning, a new hot shot has appeared.
Master, please kill him! If you kill him successfully, you will be rewarded accordingly.”

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