Hearing this, everyone was more or less relaxed.

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Since the group master was confident, they naturally did not doubt him.

This was not because they were not wary of others.
It was just that he had so many God Monarch Realm subordinates.
As long as the group master was not stupid, it was impossible for them to be harmed.

Therefore, the God Monarch Realm experts chose to believe the group master without hesitation.

It was indeed the case.
The moment the all-encompassing attack blasted down from the ground, the entire spatial barrier was directly and mercilessly shattered.
The might of the array formation shook the heavens and the earth, and the ground trembled.
It was almost unstoppable.

However, when it collided with the Hundred Monarch Formation formed by more than a hundred God Monarch Realm experts, it only made the array formation tremble violently.
Then, the formation slowly recovered its stability and the force was blocked at the feet of the God Monarch Realm experts, unable to advance any further.

When the God Monarch Realm experts saw this scene, they also completely relaxed and the corners of their mouths curled up slightly.

As expected of the array formation of an immortal expert, its strength was indeed extraordinary.
It could casually resist Lu Xiaoran’s meticulous plan.
It was simply a stroke of genius.

No one in the world could surpass them!

However, just as everyone was feeling smug, an accident suddenly happened in the next second.

With a crisp sound from somewhere, a few cracks suddenly appeared on the connection of the entire Hundred Monarch Formation.

The powerful energy impact beam directly rushed into a few cracks with a lightning-like momentum at this moment.

As the energy attacked, the cracks became bigger and bigger!

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

“What’s going on? The Hundred Monarch Formation has been broken!”

“Wasn’t it fine just now? Why did it break in the blink of an eye?”

Everyone could only ask the group master for help.
At this moment, no one dared to retreat.
This was because once they retreated a little, the entire array would collapse.

Once the entire array collapsed, everyone would be attacked by the pillar of light.

This was an attack created by an immortal formation.
No one dared to take the risk.
Once they lost, they would not even know how they died!

In the sky, Jiang Futu was also completely dumbfounded.

That was only an immortal technique-level array formation.
Moreover, looking at the might of the array formation, even he could easily defend against it.

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The Hundred Monarch Formation was an array formation imparted by his master.
Why was it that these subordinates could not resist with it?

Shocked to the extreme, he did not notice that the corners of a few figures in the crowd below had curled up.

Other than Yun Lige, there were also many others.

After the shock, Jiang Futu did not dare to be careless.
He immediately used an immortal technique to suppress the array formation and lent his strength to everyone to resist this wave of attacks.

The moment his immortal technique landed on everyone, the entire Hundred Monarch Formation was also swallowed alive.

The entire explosion caused intense damage to the sky!

All the Supreme God Realm experts looked in that direction, their eyes revealing deep fear.

Was this a battle between God Monarch Realm experts?

This difference in their strength was like a natural chasm that blocked them from the other party.

The entire explosion lasted for more than thirty breaths before gradually stopping and disappearing.

However, when the light of the explosion completely disappeared, everyone looked over and shockingly discovered that seven of the hundred God Monarch Realm experts had died!

The other God Monarch Realm experts were unscathed, but these seven God Monarch Realm experts had quietly died!

They were unable to resist Lu Xiaoran’s immortal formation attack.

Everyone could not help but be dumbfounded.

Those were seven God Monarch Realm experts!

They were not some Tom, Dick, or Harry.
Moreover, even if Lu Xiaoran was very powerful, they had all just gained the strength of Group Master Futu.
Group Master Futu was an immortal!

He was an existence above the God Monarch Realm!

Therefore, at this moment, everyone looked at the dead God Monarch Realm expert who had already been burned to pieces by the energy pillar and fell into deep thought.

“Fellow Daoist Jiang, looks like this Lu Xiaoran is really not ordinary.”

Jiang Futu’s expression was cold and ugly.
He had clearly protected every God Monarch Realm expert just now.
It did not make sense for the few of them to not be able to survive.

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Just as he was feeling puzzled, a violent explosion suddenly sounded from the sky.

Before everyone could react, a divine lightning suddenly fell from the sky and instantly bombarded one of the God Monarch Realm experts.

With a violent explosion, this God Monarch Realm expert was directly blasted into pieces.
He did not even have the chance to scream.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Everyone’s expressions changed and they immediately panicked.

At this moment, another divine lightning fell, followed by a second, a third, and a fourth…

Every divine lightning that fell would kill a God Monarch Realm expert.
All the God Monarch Realm experts present were completely frightened.

Even though they were powerful God Monarch Realm experts, they did not dare to face death easily.
Moreover, this Purple Heaven Divine Lightning could kill them easily.

Even a god would not be able to withstand it!

Jiang Futu’s expression turned cold.

“Fellow Daoist Xingyun, please help.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pressed his palms together, and a huge golden Buddha phantom surged out from behind him.

As soon as this golden Buddha phantom appeared, it shone brightly and shot in all directions.
The originally pure Purple Heaven Divine Lightning suddenly lost its might when it landed on this huge golden Buddha.

This was because the Buddhist light was also extremely powerful.
The two attributes were similar and were unable to injure each other at all.

With Xingyun blocking, the God Monarch Realm experts finally heaved a sigh of relief.
Jiang Futu also immediately began to use the immortal artifact compass to search for Lu Xiaoran’s location.

Since they were at a close range, as soon as the immortal artifact compass appeared, they could naturally easily find Lu Xiaoran!

Almost in an instant, a small golden light particle appeared on the compass.

“Little brat, I’ve finally found you!”

However, before Jiang Futu could be happy, a few more golden light particles began to appear on the compass in the next second.
Every light particle was incomparably clear and very close.

This made Jiang Futu dumbfounded.

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What was going on? Could it be that his compass was broken?

This was an immortal artifact his master had given him!

Just as he was feeling puzzled, an extremely oppressive golden light suddenly shot over from afar!

Before everyone could react, the golden light blasted into the God Monarch Realm experts and instantly exploded.
Its might was vast.
With a wave of explosions, it directly killed more than ten God Monarch Realm experts.
It was domineering and ruthless as it completely destroyed them!

Before everyone could react, a second golden light attacked.

This time, everyone was somewhat vigilant.
The moment they noticed the golden light, they all retreated.

However, although they retreated, the cultivation and strength of the God Monarch Realm experts were different.
Their speed of retreat was also slower.

The fast ones could naturally escape in an instant, but the slow ones could not.

Among them, five God Monarch Realm experts with weaker cultivation were swept into the golden light again and turned into residue.

The remaining God Monarch Realm experts were already completely frightened.

The other party was no longer killing one expert with one move.
He was killing ten of them with one move!

Even if they were all God Monarch Realm experts, no one could withstand such damage!

At the same time, a few more golden lights flashed in the distance.

The God Monarch Realm experts had already completely fallen into fear.
They immediately fled in all directions like birds and beasts.
At this moment, the arrogance they had when they arrived had completely disappeared.

Streams of light rushed into the sky, and Jiang Futu roared repeatedly.

“Stop, stop! I’ll kill whoever dares to run!”

However, other than the few God Monarch Realm experts beside him, no one else was willing to listen to him.

To his surprise, Yun Lige and the few God Monarch Realm experts from the Heaven Saber Pavilion and the Taiyi Sword Dao were actually still by their side.

The remaining ten God Monarch Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect flew to the High Buddha Xingyun’s side.

Jiang Futu could not help but nod.

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“I didn’t expect the few of you to be so loyal! After killing Lu Xiaoran, I guarantee that all of you will become immortal!”

At this moment, the lights that flew out in the distance were instantly blasted back.
Some of them were even destroyed on the spot.

Screams sounded one after another!

This was a massacre, a massacre that was completely unequal!

“Did you see that? This is the outcome of betraying me! Whoever betrays me will end up like this! Hahahaha…”

As soon as he finished speaking, a one-armed God Monarch Realm expert covered in blood arrived beside him and said with a frightened expression,

“Group master! Quickly! Surrender! Lu Xiaoran is everywhere outside.”

“Bullsh*t! How could there be that many Lu Xiaoran? Do you think I’m a pig?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Futu slashed the other party to death.

However, just as he did this, a mocking sneer suddenly sounded in his ear.

“You’re right.
You’re indeed a pig!”

As soon as he sneered, Yun Lige and the others suddenly erupted and directly attacked the few God Monarch Realm experts who had followed Jiang Futu.

In an instant, several more light balls erupted in the sky, illuminating the world as if it was daytime.

Jiang Futu’s eyes were bloodshot!

With a furious roar, he directly raised his hand and punched, shattering the spatial barrier and heading straight for Yun Lige and the others.

Yun Lige shouted and got the Heaven Saber Pavilion’s pavilion master and the others to retreat.
They were only ordinary God Monarch Realm experts and were unable to fight those at a higher level.

At this moment, he erupted with all his strength.
The black and blood-colored power mixed and formed black and red flames again, enveloping him.

The God Slaying Spear appeared automatically in his hand.

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