as filled with a dazzling light, illuminating the entire night as if it was daytime.

The entire valley seemed to have been stirred by a sharp sword.
Countless array formations instantly shattered and exploded.

It was as if firecrackers had been lit, and the explosions were endless.

Yun Lige and the others’ eyes revealed a cold glint.
This guy was indeed capable.

He was actually able to break through so many array formations his master had set up in the valley in one go.
Clearly, he was not an ordinary person.

However, it did not matter.
If they went against their master, they were destined to die.

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Jiang Futu pointed below and smiled at everyone.

“Everyone, take a look.
Lu Xiaoran’s attainments in array formations are extremely deep.
He has always liked to set up various array formations in battle.
With these array formations, he can easily kill enemies at a higher level.

“However, now that I’ve broken his array formation, it’s as if I’ve severed his claws.
He’s no longer a threat.
Everyone, follow me and rush forward to activate the Hundred Monarch Formation.
With the might of a hundred God Monarch Realm experts, we can suppress him together!

“In this way, even if Lu Xiaoran has three heads and six arms, it’s definitely impossible for him to escape from us.

Everyone replied and immediately transformed into divine lights that stood in their positions.

Yun Lige also joined.
He was already at the God Monarch Realm.

As for Ji Wuxia and the others, they were still Supreme God Realm experts for the time being, so they were unable to join the Hundred Monarch Formation.

However, even so, there were still some God Monarch Realm experts in the crowd who were Lu Xiaoran’s people.

At the same time, the fifteen God Monarch Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect and the seven God Monarch Realm experts behind Jiang Futu also joined.
Otherwise, they would not have been able to gather a hundred God Monarch Realm experts to activate the Hundred Monarch Formation!

After everyone found their positions, Jiang Futu shouted again.

The surrounding stars immediately began to circulate with his shout.
With his head as the center, they spun crazily.

When the river of stars spun and the might of the galaxy condensed on the bodies of the hundred God Monarch Realm experts, it instantly transformed into a heart palpitating and violent energy!

At this moment, the hundred God Monarch Realm experts felt as if there was a string connecting them, condensing the strength of the hundred of them into one.

In this way, everyone’s aura would increase, and their strength would be released to the limit.

Not only that, but because everyone’s auras had been connected, it was as if a huge net had formed in a certain direction, locking the entire space.
If Lu Xiaoran wanted to retreat from a certain direction, all the other God Monarch Realm experts would sense it immediately and send reinforcements.

In this way, even if the speed of the battle between God Monarch Realm experts was very fast, Lu Xiaoran would still be unable to retreat from the entire encirclement at that moment.

It could be said that this entire Hundred Monarch Formation was not as simple as only gathering a hundred God Monarch Realm experts.

The formation had almost connected these one hundred God Monarch Realm experts together and unleashed strength that far exceeded the strength of these one hundred God Monarch Realm experts.

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As everyone’s strength increased and pressed down, the entire space began to emit crackling explosions.

The spatial barrier was unable to withstand everyone’s strength and shattered.

The manifestation of everyone’s strength was clearly displayed at this moment.

Even though they were God Monarch Realm experts, they still expected that they would need to use cultivation techniques in order to affect the spatial barrier.
However, surprisingly, before they could even unleash their strength, the spatial barrier was already unable to withstand it.

When the hundred God Monarch Realm experts fell to a certain level, the ground suddenly lit up again.

“It’s an array formation! There’s an array formation below!”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically because they could sense that the terrifying energy contained in the array formation was not inferior to the strength Group Master Futu had just unleashed.

That was a strength that belonged to the immortal technique level!

This array formation was an immortal technique-level array formation!

If it hit them, even if it did not kill them, it would severely injure them!

Jiang Futu did not expect Lu Xiaoran to have something like this.
He could not help but be somewhat shocked.

However, although he was shocked, he quickly calmed down.

Although he announced to the public that Lu Xiaoran was a hot shot, he knew better than anyone that Lu Xiaoran was not a hot shot.
He was a superior existence!

Lu Xiaoran was the chosen one!

He was an existence that was even more heaven-defying than him.
Wasn’t it normal for someone like him to have some backup plans?

If he did not have a backup plan and could be killed by anyone, his master would not have needed to set up so many things to deal with him.

“Everyone, don’t panic.
The Hundred Monarch Formation not only increases your strength, but more importantly, it will also increase your defensive strength.
There are a total of one hundred God Monarch Realm experts here to resist an immortal technique-level array formation.
Don’t panic, don’t panic.
It’s not a problem as long as you guys work together!”

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