want to embarrass himself in front of his grandson.
Therefore, he could only forcefully circulate his divine power and walk to Lu Xiaoran’s chair step by step.

When he arrived at the chair, his face was red.

However, he finally arrived and heaved a sigh of relief before slowly sitting down.

However, the moment he sat down, the pressure on his body suddenly disappeared!

Why had the pressure on him disappeared?

Could it be that Xiaoran had used a divine power to remove all the divine power?

With a trace of doubt, Old Master Lu stood up slightly.
In an instant, an overwhelming pressure suddenly pressed down crazily.

His old face instantly turned purple as if he had constipation.

Then, he hurriedly sat down.

After heaving a sigh of relief again, he could not help but frown, his expression even more puzzled.

Why was it that as soon as he sat on this chair, he would no longer be completely suppressed by divine power? As soon as he left this chair, he was immediately suppressed by the divine power.

With confusion, he looked down and took a closer look.
His entire body was in a mess.

This chair actually contained a trace of immortal aura!

That’s right, immortal aura!

This thing contained an immortal aura.
In other words, this was an immortal artifact!

Heavens, was this a joke?

Any chair his grandson owned was an immortal artifact?

No wonder his disciples were so powerful.

It seemed that Lu Xiaoran was even stronger.

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He had already guessed that Lu Xiaoran was very powerful previously, but he did not expect Lu Xiaoran to be so powerful.
Since he was using an immortal artifact as a chair, he probably was not an ordinary immortal, right?

After all, the immortals themselves lacked immortal artifacts!

Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was probably also extraordinary in the Immortal World.
Could it be that he was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal?

His grandson had cultivated to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm at such a young age?

After a while, he suddenly understood.

Who cared if he was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal? In any case, the stronger he was, the better.

Thinking of this, he grinned again.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong? You look sad one moment and happy the next.”

“It’s nothing.
Grandpa thought of something happy.
By the way, the matter of the Misty Sect has already been completed.
The Misty Sect has already successfully canceled the engagement, so from now on, you don’t have to worry.”

“That’s good.
Thank you for coming specially for me, Grandpa.”

“Silly child, I’m your grandfather.
So what if I run errands for you? However… um…”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Grandpa, feel free to speak your mind.”

“Uh… It’s nothing.
It’s just that their sect master wants to take you as his master.”

“He wants to take me as his master? Is there a mistake?”

“There’s no mistake.
The people from the Wind Fire Sect went to cause trouble and were resolved by your three disciples.
In the end, he was too envious and wanted to take you as his master.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to cancel the engagement.”

Lu Xiaoran’s expression froze.

“I told these three brats to not cause trouble outside but they didn’t listen.
Unless there’s no other choice, they shouldn’t casually attack.
In the end, they still attacked.”

Lu Xiaoran hated trouble the most.
He estimated that these three brats liked to show off.
In the end, the strength they displayed was too powerful, causing the other party to be envious.
That was why the other party wanted Lu Xiaoran to take him in as disciples.

“You can’t blame them.
If you have to blame someone, blame the Wind Fire Sect.
It’s because the people from the Wind Fire Sect are too despicable.
They wanted to marry Gong Wan’er, but they still insisted on insulting you.
Not to mention the three of them, even I can’t stand them.
If I had their strength, I definitely wouldn’t be able to help but attack.”

As soon as Old Master Lu finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“That’s not right, Grandpa.
If their Misty Sect knows that I’m very powerful and is unwilling to cancel the engagement, I can understand.
However, I can’t understand why the other party wants to force me to take him in as a disciple.”

“Didn’t they think of the consequences of threatening me?

“Moreover, Changsheng and the others shouldn’t accept it, right? Didn’t the few of them fight the other party? ”

Old Master Lu was immediately speechless.

Lu Xiaoran acutely smelled something fishy.

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“Grandpa, tell me honestly.
What’s the matter?”

Old Master Lu’s face turned red as he avoided eye contact.

“Actually… it’s nothing.
I just think that since you’ve already canceled the engagement with the other party’s disciple, taking the other party in as your disciple can also be considered as giving the other party some psychological compensation.
You can’t be too heartless, right?”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“My discipleship is not a joke.
It’s impossible for me to take in just anyone.
Grandpa, you should tell him to focus on being a sect master of the Misty Sect.”

“How can that do? I’ve already accepted the gift.
If this matter doesn’t succeed, I won’t be able to face them.”

“Damn, Grandpa, you actually betrayed your grandson for a little gift!”

The old master’s face turned red.

“You can’t say that.
I didn’t betray you.
I only asked you to take in a disciple.
If you’re really unwilling, I can’t force you.
At most, I’ll go and apologize to them.
Moreover, it’s not a small gift, but hundreds of millions of top-grade divine crystals.”

Lu Xiaoran slapped his forehead.

He had always felt that corruption belonged to others’ sects, such as the Heaven Demon Sect!

The people around him had all been fed well by him and would definitely not become corrupt.
In the end, he did not expect his own grandfather to be the first to become corrupt.

His grandfather had even accepted the other party’s gift and wanted him to take the other party in as his disciple.

It seemed that no matter who it was, as long as the faction was powerful, it was difficult to avoid corruption.

“Forget it, that Sect Master of the Misty Sect seems to be at the God Emperor Realm.
His talent is also not bad.
Let him enter the Nameless Sect and be a second-generation disciple.”

However, Grandpa, you can’t do such a thing again.
Otherwise, even if you’re my biological grandfather, don’t blame me for being ruthless.

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t.
Moreover, I’m not a greedy person.
I left these divine crystals for you.
I didn’t touch a single one.
Consider it my tuition fees for him.”

“If there’s nothing else, Grandpa, go and cultivate.
I have to hurry up and cultivate.”

“No, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Look… you’ve already accepted the Sect Master of the Misty Sect.
Can you also accept me? I also want to join your Nameless Sect.”

“Grandpa, are you joking with me?”

“I’m not joking with you.
I’m very serious!”

Old Master Lu had a solemn expression.

Lu Xiaoran could tell that the other party was really not joking.
This made him even more speechless.

“Then will I have seniority over you or will it be the other way around after you join the Nameless Sect?”

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