st as everyone was extremely nervous, a saber beam suddenly erupted from the crowd and rushed into the sky!

The saber intent of this saber was extremely sharp.
It pierced through the air.
Wherever it passed, divine power would avoid it, allowing the saber intent to spread for 100,000 feet while maintaining its peak strength!

A saber beam flashed, as if it was about to sever the sky.
Everyone’s eyes lit up.
In that instant, the pressure on their bodies suddenly decreased by 10%!

At this moment, the Misty Sect Master, the God King Realm elders, and Old Master Lu’s pupils constricted, and the hair on their bodies stood on end.

This was because they clearly saw that after the saber beam flashed, it actually directly slashed open the body of one of the God Emperor Realm expert experts, directly splitting the other party’s body into two.
Even the divine soul behind him did not escape and was shattered, completely dissipating!

They knew that this was another attack from Lu Xiaoran’s disciple!

However, wasn’t this disciple a little too powerful?

He had instantly killed a God Emperor Realm expert!

Even though this God Emperor Realm expert had only just stepped into the first level of the God Emperor Realm, he was still a true God Emperor Realm expert!

He couldn’t even survive a single attack from Lu Xiaoran’s disciple?

Were all Lu Xiaoran’s disciples so abnormal?

Lu Xiaochen was silent for a moment before saying, “Grandpa, tell me, if I ask Xiaoran to take me in as his disciple, what do you think he’ll say?”

“I don’t think he’ll accept you.”

“Do you think the disciples Xiaoran takes in are ordinary characters? The talent of these three people is probably far from what ordinary people can compare to!”

Although he said this, Old Master Lu was actually already thinking in his heart that when he returned to the Lu family, he would also ask Xiaoran if he still took in disciples.

In front of others, Xiaoran would still call him grandfather.
In private, he could call Xiaoran master.

As for the embarrassment, he did not care at all.

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Wasn’t it good to have the strength to fight those at a higher level?

After killing a God Emperor Realm expert with a single saber, Song Xinian stepped forward.
He held a profound long saber and rushed into the sky.

After experiencing the initial shock, the twelve Wind Fire Sect God Emperor Realm experts were immediately furious.

“This bastard actually killed one of our elders!”

The twelve God Emperor Realm experts attacked at the same time, their pressure shaking the heavens and the earth.

Twelve divine souls of different colors fell quickly like twelve meteors.

These twelve God Emperor Realm experts almost directly used their full strength without holding back at all.

As Song Xinian stepped forward, he slashed several times.
Behind him, a long saber divine soul floated.

This saber was 99 feet 9 inches long and did not look as huge as the other party’s divine soul.
Its size was not big at all.

However, the domineering, killing aura, sharp aura, and supreme intent emitted from it seemed to be enough to dominate the world!

With the help of the enhancement of the divine soul, Song Xinian’s every saber move was extremely supreme.
The divine soul had an aura that looked down on the world and slashed through everything!

Every time the saber slashed the twelve God Emperor Realm experts, their bodies actually trembled violently, and their speed slowed.

The auras of the twelve God Emperor Realm experts were slashed into chaos by Song Xinian again and again!

If not for the fact that they were God Emperor Realm experts and their recovery speed was powerful, their formation would have long been messed up when facing Song Xinian’s saber intent.

Even so, it was not easy for these twelve God Emperor Realm experts to deal with Song Xinian.

Originally, a distance of hundreds of thousands of meters should have been easy for them to cover in an instant.

However, an entire ten seconds passed here!

This meant that everyone’s speed had decreased by dozens of times after being attacked by Song Xinian!

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However, these were twelve God Emperor Realm experts!

Twelve God Emperor Realm experts!

They were not some small fries.
If they left the Fire Wind Sect, they could easily establish a second-rate sect elsewhere!

At this moment, Song Xinian was only a God King Realm expert!

They couldn’t help but wonder how outstanding he would become when he reached the God Emperor Realm, the Supreme God Realm, or even the God Monarch Realm.

This question began to appear in everyone’s minds.

At this moment, the twelve God Emperor Realm divine souls also landed accurately on Song Xinian’s head.

The divine souls of the twelve people began to bloom in various colors.
They seemed beautiful, but they were like red spider lilies on the path to the netherworld, filled with the allure of death!

“Brat, let’s see what else you have!”

An elder of the Wind Fire Sect shouted angrily with scarlet eyes.
The twelve of them worked together to suppress Song Xinian at a close distance, and various colored attacks landed on Song Xinian.

The explosions became louder and more intense every time.

The place Song Xinian was standing was directly transformed into a golden ball of light.
It was as if a new sun had been established in the sky.

Li Changsheng crossed his arms and smacked his lips.

“Twelve people is a little too much.
With Sixth Brother’s current ability, he might not be able to handle it.”

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