It was true that Lu Xiaoran was very powerful and shocking.
However, Lu Xiaoran was not here now.
If the other party wanted to attack, he could instantly destroy them like an ant.

The only ones who were relatively smug right now were the people from the Wind Fire Sect and Song Xinian.

There was naturally no need to mention why the people from the Wind Fire Sect were feeling smug.

On the other hand, Song Xinian was smug because he had guessed correctly.

In any case, he was not afraid of the Wind Fire Sect.

As someone who could fight those at a higher level, he would not be afraid even when facing a God Emperor Realm expert.
If the other party was a Supreme God Realm expert, he could still deal with the other party a little.
Even if he could not defeat the other party, he could still escape and had nothing to worry about at all.

Of course, if he was given a little more time to summon the small world of the Heaven Saber Pavilion, he could directly crush the entire Wind Fire Sect.

He smiled smugly at Li Changsheng and Jun Bujian, and the two of them gave him a thumbs up.

However, just as he was smiling, the Divine Son of the Wind Fire Sect stepped forward and said, “Actually, I’ve always been in love with Senior Sister Gong.
It’s just that Senior Sister Gong has always had some misunderstandings about me.
I really want to marry Senior Sister Gong.
Senior Sect Master, please agree to marry Senior Sister Gong to me.”

The Sect Master took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression, “Actually, I still have to ask her about this.
If she’s unwilling, I can’t force her.”

The divine son of the Fire Wind Sect revealed a displeased expression.

“Isn’t Senior Sect Master a little too perfunctory?”

“Is this how you’re supposed to speak to me?”

The Sect Master’s expression was somewhat ugly, but he was not overly angry.
Clearly, he was somewhat afraid of the other party.

After all, two Supreme God Realm experts was not a joke.

If things went wrong, it was even possible for the entire Misty Sect to be destroyed.

He could not take this risk.

However, his concession only made the Divine Son of the Fire Wind Sect even more arrogant.

“I’m only speaking the truth.
In terms of relationship, our two sects are the closest to each other.
Moreover, our strength is also the strongest in the surroundings.
If we can make friends, it will also be extremely beneficial to our two sects in the future

“In addition, we can also help Senior Sect Master.
We can help you increase your strength to the Supreme God Realm.
Senior Sect Master, why refuse?

“Moreover, you had previously chosen to let Senior Sister Gong marry an unknown junior.
How can you say that you’re not capable of deciding Senior Sister Gong’s marriage on your own?

“If that Lu Xiaoran could marry Senior Sister Gong, why can’t I?

“To put it bluntly, who does Lu Xiaoran think he is?

“How can a guy who is not even qualified to carry my shoes be qualified to marry my Senior Sister Gong?

Before he could finish speaking, a white light suddenly flew over from the crowd and attacked the Divine Son of the Fire Wind Sect.

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“Divine Son, be careful!”

The elder of the Wind Fire Sect had already broken through to the God King Realm, so he could naturally sense this attack.

Therefore, he blocked this attack immediately and shattered this white light with a punch.

After it shattered, everyone realized that it was a white porcelain cup.

“Bastard! Who dares to injure our Wind Fire Sect’s Divine Son? Who is it?”

Before the elder could finish speaking, two more white lights flew over quickly in the next second.
One white light smashed straight into his face, and the other white light passed him and completely smashed into the Divine Son of the Fire Wind Sect.

The Wind Fire Sect Elder blocked this attack.
After all, his cultivation level was high.

However, that divine son of the Fire Wind Sect was not so lucky.
His cultivation was only at the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.
In front of this white light, he was like a piece of tofu.

With a violent explosion, the head of the Fire Wind Sect’s divine son was directly smashed apart by this white light.

At this moment, the entire scene was silent.

Li Changsheng and the other two’s voices slowly sounded.

“Do you really think you’re a big shot?”

“If you want to marry her, just go ahead and do it.
Why do you have to bring up my master’s name?”

“Remember to watch your mouth in your next life.”

Everyone from the Misty Sect was dumbfounded.

Lu Xiaoran’s disciple had actually killed the Divine Son of the Fire Wind Sect!

What kind of joke was this?

As for Old Master Lu and Lu Xiaochen, they were even petrified on the spot.

Lu Xiaochen was dumbfounded.
What was wrong with these three people?

If they killed the Divine Son of the Wind Fire Sect in front of the Wind Fire Sect, how could they bear the responsibility if the Wind Fire Sect pursued them?

Old Master Lu was not thinking about that.
He was only thinking that since Lu Xiaoran was not here now, the three of them should not be so arrogant even if they had Lu Xiaoran as their backing.

Who could stop the Wind Fire Sect from chasing after them?

It was over.
It was really over now.

As for the Wind Fire Sect, after experiencing the initial shock, they were completely furious.

“Bastard! How dare you kill the Divine Son of our Wind Fire Sect!”

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As soon as he finished speaking, Song Xinian directly slashed down.

The pure golden saber beam was mixed with a huge force.
It did not give the Wind Fire Sect elder any chance to react and directly slashed him into two.

This was Song Xinian’s furious attack.
With his strength that surpassed his realm, this saber move was not inferior to a God Emperor Realm expert at all.

How could a mere God King Realm expert resist the attack of a God Monarch Realm expert?

“So what if I killed the Divine Son of your Wind Fire Sect? How dare you humiliate my master.
Even if I destroy your Wind Fire Sect, you all deserve it!”

The people from the Misty Sect were all dumbfounded.

That elder was a God King Realm expert!!

He was killed just like that?

Then how powerful was the other party? Didn’t it mean that he was a God Monarch Realm expert?

“Did he just say that the Divine Son of the Fire Wind Sect humiliated his master? Could his master be Lu Xiaoran from the Lu family?”

“What a joke! His cultivation is already so powerful.
If his master is Lu Xiaoran, how powerful is Lu Xiaoran?”

Lu Xiaochen was even more dumbfounded.

Lu Xiaoran’s disciple had even instantly killed a God King Realm expert?

Or was he dreaming and not awake?

He looked at his grandfather.

“Grandpa, why don’t you hit me? Let me see if I’m dreaming.”

Old Master Lu glanced at him angrily and was immediately somewhat shocked.
He looked at Lu Xiaoran’s three disciples meaningfully.

Only at that moment did he understand why Lu Xiaoran said that these three God King Realm disciples could protect him.

It seemed that these three people were only God King Realm experts, but they could already kill enemies above their level and instantly kill God King Realm experts.

Therefore, even if the Sect Master of the Misty Sect was a God Emperor Realm expert, he did not have to worry.

However, even their mere disciples could already kill enemies at a higher level.
If it were Lu Xiaoran, how powerful would he be?

“Xiaoran, what’s your current strength?”

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