ered the attacks of the two Void Reversion Realm experts and the few Soul Refinement Realm elders.

The energy in their attacks lost control and exploded in the next second.

A loud bang shot into the sky, and the surrounding 50 kilometers were illuminated.

A mushroom cloud rose up, and then spirit energy fluctuations exploded, sweeping out and forcing the few White Bone Demon Sect elders to retreat on the spot.

The few of them could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood and retreat to their original positions.

This scene instantly caused the surroundings to fall into deathly silence.

In just one move, he had directly suppressed the entire White Bone Demon Sect’s Elder Group.
Although there was still a First Elder who had not attacked, Lu Xiaoran was completely unscathed!

So what if the First Elder was involved?

He would only make Lu Xiaoran spend more effort.

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The White Bone Demon Sect’s First Elder swallowed hard and looked at Sect Master White Bone.

Cold sweat had already seeped out of Sect Master White Bone’s forehead.
However, he knew that he couldn’t panic.
At this moment, if he panicked, everything would become chaotic.

He took a deep breath and said coldly, “I didn’t expect the Heaven Demon Sect to have such a peerless genius like you.
You’ve really broadened my White Bone Demon Sect’s horizons.
What happened today is all a misunderstanding.
My White Bone Demon Sect and the Heaven Demon Sect can be considered to have been friends for many years.
Why don’t we stop here?”

“What do you think I’m going to say?”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth revealed a faint smile that was filled with ridicule.

Sect Master White Bone gritted his teeth.
Actually, he did not have much hope.
The other party had killed so many of his people, and it was already a situation where they would fight to the death.

In the Martial Dao World, the weak were prey to the strong.
Since the other party had the advantage, how could they let the White Bone Demon Sect off?

However… Lu Xiaoran clearly had such powerful strength and could destroy the White Bone Demon Sect on his own.
Why did he still need to rely on his disciples? Why did he only show out now?

At this moment, an explosion suddenly sounded from the horizon.

This explosion shocked everyone present.

Immediately after, another explosion sounded.
Then, the thunder gradually became dense, and the starry sky was also covered by the clouds.

Sect Master White Bone’s eyes instantly turned cold.

Lu Xiaoran shrugged and smiled warmly.

“It’s nothing.
It’s just an attack formation I set up in your White Bone Demon Sect.
All the living beings inside the formation will be destroyed.”

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Sect Master White Bone exclaimed as her pupils constricted.

He finally understood why Lu Xiaoran had gone through so much trouble to get his three disciples to cause a scene.

He was stalling for time!

What he wanted was not to destroy the White Bone Demon Sect, but to annihilate it!

Therefore, he had not appeared all along and was setting up a 360-degree killing formation.

At this moment, for the first time, Sect Master White Bone felt how terrifying Lu Xiaoran was.

This guy was simply a demon.
He was the type to fight to the death no matter what.

However, Sect Master White Bone did not want to give up.
Instead, he threatened,

“I admit that the array formation you set up previously is indeed very threatening.
It was actually able to suppress the strength of our entire White Bone Demon Sect.
However, this is only a temporary suppression.
Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? Do you really think you can use an attack formation to destroy our White Bone Demon Sect? Today, as long as a single person from our White Bone Demon Sect manages to escape and report this matter to the Great Zhou Imperial Family, how long do you think you can last?”

“You’re very smart and analyzed many things correctly.
Unfortunately, your analysis is correct, but you’re just too narrow-minded.”

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