The Sect Master of the White Bone Demon Sect stared fixedly at Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia below.

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“If I’m not wrong, these two also have cultivation techniques that are above the Saint Realm.”

The disciples and elders of the White Bone Demon Sect almost completely collapsed.

Originally, when they heard that Fang Tianyuan had a cultivation technique above the Saint Realm, they were already shocked to the extreme.

In the end, their sect master actually said that Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia also had cultivation techniques above the Saint Realm.

This simply made everyone question their worldview.

Since when did cultivation techniques above the Saint Realm become as common as cabbages?

Ignoring everyone’s shock, Sect Master White Bones continued, “However, if they only had cultivation techniques to rely on, they would not be able to act so arrogantly in our White Bone Demon Sect.
The weapons in their hands are also high-grade Heaven Realm weapons.”

Everyone gasped in unison as their eyes stared fixedly at the weapons the three of them wielded!

They were actually high-grade Heaven Realm weapons!

Possessing a cultivation technique above the Saint Realm was already abnormal enough, but they even had Heaven Realm weapons.

Wasn’t this just too heaven-defying?

If not for their fear of the strength of the three of them, the members of the White Bone Demon Sect would probably have long turned into hungry wolves that had lost their minds and pounced over crazily, tearing the three of them into pieces.

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Sect Master White Bone stepped down slowly.
The cold moon shone in his eyes, revealing a greedy expression.

“If I’m not wrong, you guys should have come from Heaven Demon Sect’s Zhishui Peak, right? Looks like Elder Lin Xuan was right.
Heaven Demon Sect did indeed experience a fortuitous encounter.
However, I don’t think the entire Heaven Demon Sect benefited.
This opportunity is probably only limited to Zhishui Peak!”

“Since you’re already, then there’s no need for you guys to leave.
I will be taking all your cultivation techniques and weapons.”

Yun Lige swept his spear, and a hundred-meter-long ravine appeared in front of him.

“That depends if you have the ability to take them from us.”

“Hehe, our White Bone Demon Sect has really been underestimated.
In that case, I’ll let you experience our strength.
First Elder!”

He shouted softly, and an old man with white hair and beard slowly flew out from behind.
He smiled as he looked at Yun Lige.

“Kid, don’t think that just because you have a cultivation technique above the Saint Realm and have set up a formation outside my White Bone Demon Sect to suppress our current cultivation, you can be arrogant in our White Bone Demon Sect.”

“The three of you are at most at the Spirit Realm and the Mountain Sea Realm.
Even if you guys have powerful cultivation techniques that can increase your combat strength, it’s still impossible for you to defy the heavens!”

“There are three Void Reversion Realm experts and eight Soul Refinement experts in our White Bone Demon Sect’s Elder Group.
I wonder if the three of you can take them?”

As they spoke, these ten experts stepped out at the same time and surrounded Yun Lige and the other two.

Yun Lige and the other two immediately leaned back and formed a triangle to resist the White Bone Demon Sect’s Elder Group.

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The three of them were not stupid.
Even if the suppression of the Heaven Realm formation set up by their master could lower the enemies’ cultivation by one realm, they would still be facing three Soul Refinement Realm experts and eight Mountain Sea Realm experts!

Moreover, the effect of the array formation would also be weakened based on how strong the enemy was.

Since they were relatively strong, the cultivation of the White Bone Demon Sect’s First Elder and the other two Void Reversion Realm experts did not decrease much.

Fortunately, Yun Lige and the other two still had their master’s defensive array formation on them and could resist the other party’s attack.

At the very least, this made sure their lives would not be at risk.

Yun Lige’s gaze was somewhat solemn as he said, “All of you, pay attention.
The following battle won’t be as easy as before.
Although we have a defensive array formation to protect ourselves and our lives won’t be endangered, our bodies will still fly out when attacked.
Moreover, as time passes, the array formation will also break.”

Fang Tianyuan licked his lips.

“So what? We can’t just activate the teleportation formation and escape to Master’s side like this, right? Master went through a lot of trouble just to set up this training ground for us!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the golden giant phantom enveloped his body.
With the golden hammer in hand, Fang Tianyuan directly attacked a Soul Refinement Realm expert in front of him.

The other party’s cultivation had already been suppressed to the Mountain Sea Realm.
With the advantage of the Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique and the high-grade Heaven Realm golden hammer, he was simply not afraid of the other party.

The powerful pressure made that elder’s expression turn solemn.
He did not dare to be careless and immediately used the White Bone Demon Sect’s Sky Demon Palm.

The moment the two forces collided, the powerful energy fluctuation emitted directly forced the two of them to retreat at the same time.

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Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly.
They also attacked at the same time.
However, the two of them had the same experience.

When the three of them were forced back, the other elders did not hold back either and attacked at the same time.

They were not stupid.
Even if they had the advantage, they did not want any accidents to happen when dealing with Yun Lige and the others.

Every elder was the most important resource of the sect.
If anything happened to them, it would be a huge blow to the White Bone Demon Sect.

Almost at the same time, more than six attacks landed on the three of them.

The powerful force directly blasted the three of them back to their original spots.

This time, it was their turn to be smashed into a huge pit in the ground.

However, the three of them quickly crawled out of the pit.
Although they were panting, they were not injured.

“Hah… hah… I miscalculated.
I didn’t expect them to be so troublesome.”

The three of them looked at each other helplessly.

They had failed to look impressive.

It couldn’t be helped.
After all, their cultivation foundation was too low to begin with.
After all, they were only able to reach this step by relying on the support of their master’s array formation and the might of the Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique as well as the high-grade Heaven Realm weapon.

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If they were to fight a Soul Refinement Realm expert alone, he might still have a chance because the other party was suppressed by an entire realm.

However, once the number of enemies increased, there was really nothing they could do.

Sect Master White Bone narrowed his eyes.

They actually have defensive array formations on their bodies.
From the quality of this array formation, I’m afraid it can even resist an attack from a Creation Realm expert.
Looks like the master behind you is really not a simple person.
I wonder if it can resist an attack from a Shattering Void Realm expert?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Sect Master White Bone actually stepped forward personally.

Yun Lige felt a sense of danger and exclaimed.
He was prepared to activate the teleportation formation.
However, the White Bone Demon Sect’s First Elder and the others were already prepared.
They directly attacked at the same time, causing the space to tremble and preventing them from activating the teleportation formation.

Yun Lige spat, and the three of their expressions changed.

In the next moment, Sect Master White Bone’s palm landed on the three of them.

The three of them were sent flying at the same time.
A powerful wave of air directly shattered the defensive array formation on the three of them, making the three of them fall heavily to the ground.
They could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood.

The suppression array formation was no longer effective against Sect Master White Bone.
At this moment, his cultivation would at most be reduced by two realm levels and would not fall out of the Shattering Void Realm at all.

The difference between the three of them was simply too great!

It was simply impossible for them to resist.

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