Facing the threat of Ji Wuxia and Fang Tianyuan, the senior Buddhist monks swallowed hard and looked at each other.

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“Use the Vairocana Formation to defend.
I’ll summon the experts of the Bodhi Temple.
Otherwise, we’ll all die here today!”

The seventh level God Emperor Realm expert ordered, and the other monks immediately began to use their cultivation techniques.

Long Kuang shouted, “Second Miss, Third Master, don’t let them successfully use it.
Once the Vairocana Formation is unleashed, you won’t be able to break through it unless your cultivation surpasses theirs by an entire realm!”

When Ji Wuxia and Fang Tianyuan heard this, their eyes moved slightly.
Without saying a word, they immediately erupted with their full strength.

Behind Fang Tianyuan, the Demon Ape appeared, wrapped in iron chains.

Behind Ji Wuxia, a seven-colored phoenix also appeared.

The moment the two divine souls appeared, the sun and moon dimmed, and the world dimmed.
It was as if all the glory had been occupied by this demon ape and the seven-colored phoenix.

The moment the two divine souls appeared, the eleven God Emperor Realm expert experts on the other side also released their divine souls at the same time.

There were a total of eleven Arhats.

The ten God Emperor Realm experts surrounded the seventh level God Emperor Realm experts inside, and they surrounded and firmly protected them from 360 degrees.

In the sky, a hundred thousand feet tall golden Buddha phantom vaguely appeared, holding everyone in its palm.

Ji Wuxia and Fang Tianyuan’s attacks landed on the other party, but they actually did not cause any damage.
In fact, they did not even cause the other party to tremble at all.

Ji Wuxia and Fang Tianyuan’s pupils constricted, and they vaguely had a bad feeling.

“What’s going on with this array formation? It’s actually so powerful!”

Long Kuang introduced with a solemn expression, “This array formation is not an ordinary array formation.
It’s considered a top-notch profound array formation of the Bodhi Temple.

“The most terrifying thing about it is the fact that it is not formed with their strength, but formed with the luck of the Buddhist Sect.

“Obviously, since it relies on the entire Buddhist Sect, it’s very powerful.
Even if there’s only a trace of luck, it’s not something the current us can shake.

“In that case, let’s go.”

Ji Wuxia’s mind went blank.

“The other party is currently summoning Buddhist experts.
Since we can’t beat them, let’s leave this place first.
Go and find Master.
He definitely has a way to deal with these guys.”

“Otherwise, even if we can kill enemies above our level, if the other party finds an expert above the God Emperor Realm, we will be dead for sure.

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Long Kuang smiled bitterly.

Ji Wuxia frowned slightly.

Long Kuang pointed at the huge golden Buddha phantom.

“Do you see that? It’s the core of the Vairocana Formation.
That palm is protecting the Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts, and the other palm is specially left for us.”

“If we don’t move now, it won’t attack.
Once we want to leave, it will stop us.

Jun Bujian was somewhat puzzled.

“In that case, why doesn’t it attack us now? It’s so powerful.
Won’t it directly deal with us with a single palm? Why would it need a big shot of the Buddhist Sect to attack?”

Long Kuang shook his head.

“It doesn’t have that kind of attack power and can’t injure us.
It’s only an array formation that combines defensive array formations and trap array formations.

“It uses one hand to defend and the other to stir the power of time and space.
They are both meant to stop us from escaping from this world.

“This is where the profundity of the Vairocana Formation lies.

“Otherwise, it would have directly attacked our array formation.

“Actually, I think that it was originally intended to benefit the Spirit Mountain.

“This is because the Spirit Mountain doesn’t want to help these low-level baldies.
Or rather, it can’t be bothered to help these baldies who aren’t even immortals.
It only gave them a defensive mechanism so that they could summon the Buddhist cultivators of the Divine World to fight.

“The Buddhist Sect has always been hypocritical.
Unless one was at the top, how can they enjoy the benefits of the Buddhist Sect? However, we can’t sit idly by.”

Ji Wuxia gave Fang Tianyuan a look.
Fang Tianyuan immediately understood and transformed into a golden light that flew into the distance.

The moment he flew away, the golden Buddha phantom indeed began to move as Long Kuang had said.

Its speed did not seem fast, but in an instant, it arrived on Fang Tianyuan and suppressed his body.

An extremely powerful palm instantly suppressed Fang Tianyuan.

Even if he used the Indestructible Golden Body with all his strength and erupted the divine power in his entire body to the limit, he was still unable to break free.
At most, he would only be able to resist.

Fang Tianyuan shouted angrily.
The golden giant on the surface of his body raised its arms and forcefully raised its palm.

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The expressions of the Buddhist Sect elders changed drastically.

This Vairocana Formation was formed from the luck of the Buddhist Sect that they had gathered with the power of the Buddhist Dharma.
To put it bluntly, this power had already surpassed the divine power of the Divine World and belonged to the Immortal World!

Even if it did not contain much of the Immortal World’s power, it was still not something the cultivators of the Divine World could resist.

Even a Supreme God Realm expert or even a God Monarch Realm expert might be suppressed and be unable to escape for a short period of time.
However, Fang Tianyuan was actually able to resist this Buddha Palm!

However, his strength could only reach the fifth level of the God Emperor Realm at most!

How did he raise this Buddha Palm?

“It’s his divine soul! It’s his divine soul!”

One of the Buddhist Sect elders discovered something.

At this moment, the golden phantom produced by Fang Tianyuan and the Indestructible Golden Body was not the only one holding up the Buddha Palm.
Fang Tianyuan was also relying on his divine soul!

It was the Demon Ape Divine Soul that had its bones pierced by the chains and was sealed layer by layer!

A Buddhist elder met the Demon Ape’s eyes and instantly felt a dense killing intent, hatred, and anger surge towards him.

With just a glance, he was unable to withstand the violent demon aura in the Demon Ape Divine Soul.

“Stay firm and don’t be affected by him.”

Another elder immediately swapped places with him.

Now that everyone was collectively using the Vairocana Formation, if anything happened to one of them and the array formation was broken, they would be torn into pieces before they could summon the enemy.

“Hah… Thank you, Senior Brother.”

“Be careful.
This child’s demon nature is extremely powerful and is far from what you and I can resist.
We can only deal with him after the senior of the Buddhist Sect descends!”

On Ji Wuxia’s side, she immediately got everyone to leave.

“Third Junior Brother is attracting the firepower now.
Leave quickly and find Master!”

Zhuge Ziqiong said worriedly, “Then what about Third Senior Brother?”

“You guys leave first.
I’ll still be here.
It’s useless for you to stay here.
With me around, we might still have a chance.
Otherwise, if the big shot of the Buddhist Sect really comes, none of us will be able to escape.

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“Although Master has the Body Modeling Mark to revive us, if everyone dies together, the burden of the Body Modeling Mark would probably also be greater.

Therefore, it’s better to have fewer people stay behind.

Jun Bujian and the others clenched their fists.

“Damn it, we’re actually unable to help at this critical moment.”

“Stop talking.
At this moment, it’s best if you don’t cause trouble.”

Su Lingwu and Jiang Taixuan had already begun to approach the valley.
One of them gathered the divine beasts, and the other gathered the second-generation disciples.

Zhuge Ziqiong gritted her teeth and could only take a deep breath in the end.

“That’s the only way.
Senior Sister, take care.”

Ji Wuxia nodded, and Zhuge Ziqiong immediately left with the main group.

Ji Wuxia did not dare to delay at all and immediately used the True Phoenix Nine Transformations.
A seven-colored flame enveloped her.
Coupled with the Phoenix Divine Soul, it instantly formed a seven-colored phoenix that transformed into a seven-colored light that collided with the golden Buddha arm that was suppressing Fang Tianyuan.

The senior Buddhist monks could not help but smile coldly.

“How laughable.
Do you think you can break this Vairocana Formation just because you want to?

“This is one of the top-notch array formations of our Buddhist Sect!”

“That’s right! The Vairocana Formation can only be broken by an immortal! You mere ants are not worthy…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ji Wuxia had already collided with the Vairocana Formation.

With a violent explosion, the arm of the golden Buddha phantom actually shifted a little and trembled.

The senior monks of the Buddhist Sect immediately began to panic.

“It’s a divine soul.
This woman’s divine soul is also extraordinary.”

The senior monk was still the first to discover the abnormality and scream on the spot.

Everyone looked at Ji Wuxia’s Phoenix Divine Soul and immediately could not help but tremble.

It was a phoenix filled with death aura.
Or rather, it was a half-dead phoenix!

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One of its eyes could not be seen clearly, but the other was as black as jade.
Coupled with the golden pupils inside, it actually emitted an aura that looked down on the world and was terrifying!

It was an extremely powerful aura!

It was as if the entire world was nothing to it.

However, this phoenix only had half a chance of survival!

If it was filled with all life, how powerful would it be?

All of them were senior monks of the Buddhist Sect.
Although their divine souls were only at the Arhat Supreme level and were not even Bodhisattva level, this did not mean that they were inexperienced.

In their thousands or even tens of thousands of years of cultivation, they had also seen the Golden Buddha Divine Soul!

However, the Golden Buddha Divine Soul seemed to be inferior to this phoenix!

The highest-level Golden Buddha Divine Soul of the Buddhist Sect was actually inferior to a half-dead phoenix?

What kind of joke was this?

Below, after seeing that the first collision was effective, Ji Wuxia immediately launched the second collision, the third collision, the fourth collision… Her speed became faster and faster, and the entire Buddha phantom of the Vairocana Formation was also shaking endlessly.

The senior Buddhist monks were immediately frightened to the extreme.

“Senior Brother, quickly summon it! Quick!”

Divine World, below the Bodhi Mountain!

A figure in a black trench coat slowly stepped into this so-called holy land of the Divine World’s Buddhist Sect!

His eyes were scarlet red like blood and filled with killing intent.
It was as if a dark red blood was constantly circling the surface of his body.

Although he did not use any strength, it was already terrifying to the extreme.

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