Ling Xinyue said with an innocent expression, “It’s really not my fault.
I only created the rumor.
Who knew that they would beat the Buddhist Sect so badly and destroy so many Buddhist Sect branches so quickly?”

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“No, why did you guys create this rumor?”

“It’s not my fault.
Your senior brother and junior brother were the ones who discussed it.
They originally wanted to say that you had been captured by the Buddhist Sect, but they were afraid that the Buddhist Sect would investigate you.

“After all, at that time, the two of them had already destroyed several sects, including the Little Buddha Temple.

“It was very easy for the Buddhist Sect to investigate you.

“If the Buddhist Sect kills you or uses you to threaten the two of them, it would be really troublesome.

Zhuge Ziqiong was speechless.

“Then didn’t you stop them after knowing about this? Your goal was only to lure Junior Brother Jun and the others out, right? Since they’re all out, can’t you find them and explain things clearly?”

Ling Xinyue had a serious expression.

“I tried very hard to find them, but they were too fast.
I couldn’t catch up at all.”

“As long as I heard that the Buddhist Sect was being attacked, I would immediately chase after them to investigate.
However, every time I went over, they would all be done fighting.
I even followed behind and plundered the treasure vaults of those temples.
I even picked up nearly a million divine crystals.”

Ling Xinyue even took out a few storage bags and waved them in front of Zhuge Ziqiong.

Zhuge Ziqiong was completely petrified.

It seemed that their master’s death was a huge misunderstanding!

Because of this misunderstanding, they had destroyed so many branches of the Buddhist Sect.
This was no longer a simple slap in the face.
They had become mortal enemies with the Buddhist Sect!

If they had only saved her in the beginning and were not so high-profile, they would at most have destroyed one or two Buddhist branches and would not have attracted too much attention.
Now that they had even killed a few Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts, they could not keep a low profile even if they wanted to.

Their master had repeatedly reminded them not to cause trouble after arriving at the Divine World.

Unfortunately, they had accidentally provoked the strongest Buddhist Sect!

This was bad.
Not to mention that they had been targeted by the Buddhist Sect, but if their master knew, he would probably die of anger.

Perhaps their master would even beat them until their skin and flesh were torn apart.

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“Fifth… Fifth Miss, what should we do now?”

Shi Changlin could not help but whisper.

Zhuge Ziqiong rubbed her temples and had a headache.

At this moment, another black stream of light flew over from afar and quickly arrived in front of everyone.

“I’ve finally found you guys.
Oh my god, I’m so tired from the journey.”

Buttface stuck out its tongue, its body trembling.

Along the way, it ran with all its strength and did not stop for a moment.
It ran until it was almost crippled.

“Buttface, you’ve also ascended to God Realm.”

The Fire Phoenix and the other divine beasts went forward to greet it.
Buttface panted and exhaled.

“Now… is not the time… to talk about this.

It calmed its blood and continued, “Let me tell you.
The sect master is not dead.
He’s alive and well now.
Don’t go against the Buddhist Sect again.
Hurry up and return to cultivate with me.”

Everyone was somewhat silent.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Jun Changming pointed at the sky.

“You’re too late.
We killed another group of Buddhist Sect disciples and elders.
We even killed a few God Emperor Realm experts.”

As soon as he finished speaking, another Buddhist Sect disciple’s corpse fell beside Buttface.

The few divine beasts quickly went forward and directly tore it into pieces and swallowed it alive.

“No, I say, why are you guys so quick to take action? Are God Emperor Realm experts as abundant as cabbages? Why did you guys kill them just like that? Don’t you guys have to show some respect to the Buddhist Sect?”

“I don’t think this is the time to talk about this.
Let’s think of a way to escape.”

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“Zhuge Ziqiong said with a solemn expression, Master said that we should either not provoke others or eliminate them completely without mercy.”

“Kill all these Buddhist disciples.
Don’t leave a single one behind.

Ling Xinyue’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

She was once the sect master of the Demon Sect in the lower realm and could be considered to be someone who killed without batting an eye.

However, to be honest, she was really inferior to her father’s disciples.

If she was compared to his father again, she would probably be even more inferior.

In that case, didn’t it mean that her father was very shameless?

Wait… why was she treating the other party as her father again?

Ling Xinyue felt that her little head was about to collapse.
Her brain was not listening to her at all.

It was all this damn Lu Xiaoran’s fault.
He had turned her into a mess.

In the distant valley, Lu Xiaoran, who was cultivating, suddenly sneezed.

He rubbed his nose and could not help but frown.

“Damn, who’s cursing me behind my back? I hope her father gets killed by a car when he goes out! I hope that he won’t be able to find a wife for the rest of his life! His cultivation will go berserk! It’s best if he can’t even pee properly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly felt the divine power in his body become somewhat restless, immediately scaring him.

“Damn, I was too busy cursing and got distracted from cultivating.”

He hurriedly remedied the situation and guided his divine power back to its normal circulation path.

“How strange.
A smart genius like me has never experienced qi deviation.
Even if I cultivate with my eyes closed, I can still cultivate without missing a beat.
What’s going on today?”

Above Puhua Temple, after hearing Zhuge Ziqiong’s words, everyone immediately began to move.

“Fifth Miss is right.

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“Kill all these Buddhist disciples.”

Everyone rushed forward and cooperated with Jun Bujian and the others to crazily kill the Buddhist Sect disciples.

For a moment, the disciples of the Buddhist Sect fell like dumplings.

“Junior Brother Jiang, quickly set up the array formation and the Soul Convergence Formation.
Collect all their souls.
Don’t let their souls escape! We want to avoid being discovered by the Buddhist Sect.”

Jun Bujian roared at Jiang Taixuan and Jiang Taixuan went down to set up the Soul Convergence Formation.

In the sky, the sixth level God Emperor Realm expert senior monk had also been almost crippled by Fang Tianyuan.

One of his arms was gone, and only half of his other arm was left.
Both his legs were broken, and one of his eyes had exploded.
Even his front teeth were gone.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and panted heavily.
He swept his gaze below and felt sad.

The Buddhist Sect disciples had already been slaughtered.
There was nothing left at all.
Now, he was the only one holding on bitterly.

Moreover, he could not last for more than a few breaths.

“If not for the fact that the senior monks of the Bodhi Temple did not come out, would I, the dignified Buddhist Sect, have been humiliated by you demons? Today, I admit defeat, but don’t think that I’ll let this go.
I’ll use my divine soul, my cultivation, and everything to brand the Buddhist Sect’s killing mark on you.”

“With this Buddhist Sect killing mark, as long as there are Buddhist Sect disciples around, they will pursue you desperately.
The Buddhist Sect is a huge faction in the Divine World.
I want to see how many Buddhist Sect disciples you can withstand!

Hahahaha… I’ll be waiting for you in hell! ”

At this moment, he was already in despair.

His obsession had already made him fall into the Demon Dao.

He did not care because the Buddhist Sect’s pursuit of the mark would cause countless Buddhist Sect disciples to die.

He was already completely disappointed in the Bodhi Temple and the Buddha.
He was filled with extreme anger and resentment for Fang Tianyuan and the others.

At this moment, he did not care about the Buddhist Sect or Fang Tianyuan and the others.

He wanted the Buddhist Sect, Fang Tianyuan, and the others to fall into a life and death battle.

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He knew that he would not be able to live, so he wanted the people from the Buddhist Sect and the Nameless Sect to die with him!

Fang Tianyuan frowned and sensed a bad feeling in his heart.
He immediately leaned forward and used the Void Hammer and the Mountain God Pillar.
He attacked at the same time and attacked the God Emperor Realm expert senior monk.

To his surprise, the other party did not dodge and only let him attack, shattering his body into a golden blood mist.

However, the moment the golden blood mist formed, countless golden swastika marks shot out from the blood mist and entered everyone’s bodies crazily like fairies scattering flowers.

Everyone’s expressions changed.
They vaguely felt as if there was an extra eye on their bodies.
They did not have any privacy at all.

Fang Tianyuan fell with a solemn expression and said to everyone, “We’ve been tricked.
That Buddhist Elder gave us the Buddhist Sect’s killing mark when he was about to die.
According to him, this killing mark will make the surrounding Buddhist Sect disciples attack us.
We have to go back and find Master and see if he can remove this mark.”

“No way? Is this thing that magical?”

Jun Bujian was somewhat suspicious.

Long Kuang explained, “It’s true.
He’s not lying.
The Buddhist Sect has a killing mark.
Once it’s unleashed, the surrounding Buddhist Sect disciples will come and kill us as long as they sense it, regardless of their cultivation or strength.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone had already sensed many Buddhist forces gathering over.

“Damn! Is it that abnormal?”

Jun Bujian was shocked, and Fang Tianyuan continued,”Time is tight.
Let’s hurry back and find Master before any experts from the Buddhist Sect arrive.
Otherwise, it will be too late.”

Everyone immediately fled from Puhua Temple.

Long Kuang took away dozens of cages with imprisoned demons.

With so many demons, it might be useful.

Not long after everyone left, golden lights flew over quickly at this moment.

Seeing the scene of Puhua Temple, the disciples of the Buddhist Sect were all shocked.

“How tragic! The entire Puhua Temple has actually been leveled.
Aren’t these demons too vicious?!”

“They can’t escape.
That senior of the Buddhist Sect left a Buddhist Sect killing mark on them.
Chase after them and don’t let them off.”

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