Under the dark night sky, a beam of light fell into the crowd like a meteor, immediately blasting a huge pit in the mountain.

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Violent winds raged, mountain rocks shattered, and sand flew everywhere.

With just one attack, countless White Bone Demon Sect disciples had died.

Ji Wuxia held the Mountain Overturning Mark in her hand as the True Phoenix Nine Transformations in her body circulated at the fastest speed.
The phoenix phantom underneath her kept flapping its wings, emitting astral winds that swept forward like a machine gun.

Intense explosions constantly sounded from the mountain as well as heart-wrenching screams.

Not only that, but Ji Wuxia also kept throwing out the Mountain Overturning Mark from her hand.

Every time she threw it, the Mountain Overturning Mark would directly shatter a White Bone Demon Sect disciple.

“Don’t be so arrogant! Do you really think that there’s no one left in our White Bone Demon Sect?”

Just as Ji Wuxia was happily killing, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from her left.
It was an elder at the Spirit Realm.

Just as his attack was about to land on Ji Wuxia, a cold light suddenly shot out from the darkness below the mountain.
Then, the spear was like a dragon as it directly pierced through his chest and nailed him to a rock.

“Junior Brother, sorry.
Looks like I’m still faster.”

Yun Lige smiled evilly and stepped forward.
He took out the Dragon Burying Spear and also joined the battle.

Fang Tianyuan arrived next, but his expression was clearly somewhat depressed.

The Indestructible Golden Body’s strength far exceeded the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture, but its speed paled in comparison.

Overwhelmed, he could only place all his anger on the White Bone Demon Sect’s disciples and elders.
With the golden hammer in his hand, he easily shattered several White Bone Demon Sect disciples with every sweep.

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This was a massacre, a one-sided massacre!

With Yun Lige and the other two holding various advantages, low-level disciples from the White Bone Demon Sect were simply unable to resist.

It was as if the three of them were cutting through vegetables.

Seeing the White Bone Demon Sect disciples and the low-level elders die one after another, the true elders of the White Bone Demon Sect finally could not help but attack.

A Mountain Sea Realm elder of the White Bone Sect stepped on the wind and headed straight for Yun Lige.

As he spoke, he had already slashed out.

The saber beam shot out more than 200 meters in the night sky, lighting up the night, making countless people exclaim.

“It’s Elder Qian.
He’s a Mountain Sea Realm expert and cultivates a mid-grade Earth Realm cultivation technique—the Mara Saber.
He’s even perfected it! We’re saved.”

A disciple had already recognized the other party’s identity and shouted excitedly.

The despair in the other disciples’ eyes was swept away and turned into excitement and anticipation.

Yun Lige did not dodge at all.
He took a step forward and waved the Dragon Burial Spear in his hand as it let out a world-shaking dragon roar.
The spear light actually directly cut off Elder Qian’s saber beam.

Yun Lige’s spear beam did not lose its momentum as it drew a semicircle in the night sky.
When it swept past Elder Qian’s body, its speed instantly decreased.

After staggering for two steps, with a plop, Elder Qian’s head rolled down from his neck, and his body fell powerlessly.

The White Bone Demon Sect disciples were all dumbfounded when they saw this.

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Elder Qian, who was at the Mountain Sea Realm, had actually failed to block the other party’s attack!

How heaven-defying was the other party?

The other party was simply too impressive!

Yun Lige was also extremely excited.
He had never imagined that he would one day be able to instantly kill a Mountain Sea Realm expert!

Although there were many factors involved and this did not accurately represent his true strength, it still made him yearn for strength even more.

One day, he would definitely cultivate to the point where he could rely on his own strength to instantly kill a Mountain Sea Realm expert!

The White Bone Demon Sect was not stupid.
After suffering a huge loss, they immediately recalled all the elders and disciples with weak cultivation.

“All elders and disciples with cultivations below the Mountain Sea Realm, return to the mountain immediately!”

As soon as this was announced, everyone heaved a sigh of relief as if their lives had been saved and quickly rushed up the mountain.

“Did you ask me for permission to leave?”

Fang Tianyuan was in a bad mood after his senior brothers and sisters slowed him down.
How could he allow his enemies to escape?

He immediately pestered them.

However, the White Bone Demon Sect was not to be trifled with either.
A Soul Refinement Realm elder landed at the fastest speed and punched towards Fang Tianyuan.

“Did you ask me for permission to kill a disciple of my White Bone Demon Sect?”

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“Why should I ask you for permission?”

As he spoke, he also punched out.
The golden giant phantom on his body waved its arms and did the same.

In the end, the Soul Refinement Realm elder and Fang Tianyuan’s fists collided.

With an explosion, the energy wave directly blasted a huge pit more than a thousand meters in diameter!

Countless flowers and trees were turned to ashes on the spot due to the intense energy wave.
Then, they were shattered by the aftershock and turned to dust.

The flames from the explosion lit up several surrounding mountains.

However, when the blinding light of the explosion retreated, everyone shockingly discovered that Fang Tianyuan was not injured at all.
The Soul Refinement Realm elder was panting a hundred meters away.

The clothes on his arm were all blown off, and the blood vessels on his arm had also exploded from the huge pressure, causing blood to flow incessantly.

The members of the White Bone Demon Sect were all shocked!

“Elder Yun is at the second level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
He actually lost to the other party! This is impossible! The other party’s aura is clearly not that powerful!”

Elder Yun coughed lightly and said with a solemn expression, “Someone has set up an array formation to suppress my strength.
Although my cultivation level is at the second level of the Soul Refinement Realm, the strength I can unleash just now was only at the second level of the Mountain Sea Realm!”

“But the other party’s aura is also at the second level of the Mountain Sea Realm!”

Elder Yun’s eyes were deep as he stared fixedly at Fang Tianyuan.

“That’s because his cultivation technique is also not an ordinary cultivation technique.
It’s at least a Saint Realm cultivation technique! In a situation where everyone’s cultivation levels are equal, his explosive strength far exceeds mine by several times!”

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At this moment, the pupils of everyone in the entire White Bone Demon Sect constricted, and their scalps went numb!

The other party actually had a cultivation technique above the Saint Realm!

It had to be known that in the entire Great Zhou, only the royal family and those more powerful had a Saint Realm cultivation technique.
Almost all the other sects did not have any Saint Realm cultivation techniques.
At most, they only had top-grade Heaven Realm cultivation techniques.

As for the strongest cultivation technique of White Bone Demon Sect, it was only a high-grade Heaven Realm cultivation technique.

After Elder Yun finished speaking, a figure quietly arrived with his hands behind his back.

“I’m afraid that they have more than one Saint Realm cultivation technique.”

Seeing this person arrive, everyone immediately knelt.

“Greetings, Sect Master.”

Everyone stood up and an elder quickly walked to the sect master’s side.

“Sect Master, what did you mean just now…?”

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