In the valley, an aura suddenly soared.

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All the living beings around the entire valley were suppressed by this terrifying aura and trembled in fear.

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian also suddenly trembled and woke up from their cultivation.

“This aura is so powerful! Who broke through? Someone broke through to the Supreme God Realm!”

Song Xinian’s eyes revealed a puzzled expression, and Li Changsheng looked at him as if he was an idiot.

“Are you a fool? Master’s cultivation is above the Immortal Realm! How could he have broken through to the Supreme God Realm?”

“That’s right.
Could it be one of Master’s demon pets? Or is it another disciple Master took in?”

“Damn, a newbie? Are all newbies these days so powerful?”

“I thought that it was already not bad for me to cultivate to the peak of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm so quickly.
I didn’t expect these rising stars to be even faster than me.”

“No, we brothers have to cultivate quickly.
Otherwise, won’t we lose face in front of Master?”

“Yes, yes, yes.
Hurry up and cultivate.”

The two of them hurriedly began to cultivate again.

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he finally completed the advancement to the first level of the Supreme God Realm after a few breaths.
This also made him heave a sigh of relief.

“I’ve finally stepped into the Supreme God Realm.
If I’ve already reached the Supreme God Realm, how far away is a God Monarch Realm expert?”

As long as he reached the God Monarch Realm and had the strength to kill enemies at a higher level, it was basically not a big problem for him to deal with large-scale God Monarch Realm experts.

Of course, with his more ignoble character, he would not have a large number of God Monarch Realm experts surrounding him because he had always kept a low profile.

“Speaking of which, Buttface should be near the Bodhi Temple soon, right?”

The Divine World was really too vast.
Even after reaching the God Monarch Realm, it was not easy to reach the ends of the world.

“I wonder if it found my seventh, eight, and ninth disciples.
If it’s too slow and they get killed, wouldn’t it all be in vain?”

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over.
Wang Cai had not woken up yet.
However, it had not been long since Wang Cai advanced.
It would probably take a while.
No matter how anxious Lu Xiaoran was, he could not do anything.

Sigh, he could only wait.

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Just as Lu Xiaoran was about to enter cultivation again, the Body Modeling Mark that had already advanced to an immortal artifact suddenly lit up.

“Another disciple is being revived? Why are so many disciples being revived? What happened?”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but be shocked.

He immediately checked.
Fortunately, it was not his disciples but some other second-generation disciples.

“Sect Master, we’ve finally seen you.
Is this hell? It doesn’t seem that terrifying!”

The disciples stuck their heads out and asked.

Lu Xiaoran’s face darkened.
It was all because of these two idiots.
Why did they have to announce to the world that he had died?

He coughed lightly and immediately explained to everyone.

When they learned that this was not hell and that everyone was still alive, everyone was overjoyed.

After all, who would want to die if they could live!

Lu Xiaoran then arranged for everyone to cultivate with the previous group of disciples.

After finally finishing this matter, his Body Modeling Mark actually lit up again.

This time, the one who was resurrected was actually the Black Tortoise.

The moment the Black Tortoise saw Lu Xiaoran, it was first stunned before immediately wailing.

“Master! I’ve finally seen you! Wuwuwu… You don’t know, but Ninth Master and those bastards actually killed me.
Half of my body was turned into soup and the other half was roasted.
Even my subordinates were killed and eaten by that bastard Golden Lion.
You have to help me.”

Lu Xiaoran’s expression was somewhat strange as he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“That’s impossible, right? Although Lingwu was the last disciple I took in, his character is definitely passable.
How could he bully you? Did you do something infuriating?”

When Wang Cai took in disciples, he would check.
If it was possible for the other party to develop the intention to rebel, he would not let the other party become his disciple no matter what.

“Sect Master, I didn’t say anything.
I just persuaded Ninth Master a little and he killed me.
I’m innocent.
You have to help me.”

After Lu Xiaoran asked again, he did not waste his breath and directly used the Beast Control Divine Art to check the Black Tortoise’s memories.

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When he saw the Black Tortoise persuade Su Lingwu to establish his own sect, he immediately understood why the Black Tortoise was killed by Su Lingwu.

After taking a deep breath, Lu Xiaoran took out the Xuanyuan Sword that had already been upgraded to an immortal artifact.

The Black Tortoise was stunned before saying, “Master, what are you doing?”

“Master, don’t come over!”

On the other side, in the sky of the Puhua Temple, as the Buddhist Sect disciples who came to help were attacked, Jiang Taixuan’s voice sounded from the sky.

“Seventh Senior Brother, don’t panic.
I’m here!”

With this voice, several more explosions soared in the sky.

The Buddhist Sect disciples were blasted into darkness.

The reinforcements in the sky were bombarded, and the protective divine light could no longer be formed.
Naturally, it was also unable to protect the Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert.

The huge dragon head smiled sinisterly and was extremely terrifying.

“Old thing, you have reinforcements… However, I have my Junior Brother! Looks like your plan is about to fail!”

The Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert’s expression was extremely gloomy.
He snorted and turned to run.

However, just as he raised his legs to run, Jun Bujian chased after him like a shadow.

Without giving him any chance to escape, Jun Bujian raised his hand and grabbed the other party’s ankle.
Then, he smashed the other party fiercely onto the ground.

“Damn baldy, who asked you to posture in front of me? Continue to posture! Why did you stop? Get up and posture again!”

“Aren’t you the mighty God Emperor Realm expert of the Buddhist Sect?

“Didn’t you want to capture my senior sister?

“Weren’t you very arrogant?

“You want me to convert to Buddhism, right? Come, get up! Get up!”

Jun Bujian beat the other party fiercely like he was torturing a dog, making the other party unable to fight back.

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The Bodhisattva phantom behind the other party flickered, as if it had suffered a lot of light injuries.

The Buddhist reinforcements in the sky were also in a mess.

An inexplicable sadness suddenly surged into the heart of the Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert.

Why did he have to shoot himself in the foot by coming here?

He had not only failed to show off, but he had also been beaten like a dog.
He was probably going to die now.

Despite his thousands of years of bitter cultivation, he was actually inferior to this brat after the other party transformed into a dragon.
This simply made him want to cry.
He also hated the other party to the extreme!

“Brat, don’t be too arrogant! Do you really think there’s no one left in our Buddhist Sect?”

The Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert shouted angrily and forcefully forced Jun Bujian back.
Then, he roared into the sky, and the divine soul phantom behind him also quickly soared at this moment.

The Bodhisattva Divine Soul emitted thousands of lights.

Then, the Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert summoned his small world and shone the divine light of the Bodhisattva Divine Soul onto the small world.

His originally loving face was already filled with a demon aura at this moment.

After being extremely furious, he was already somewhat obsessed.

“Hahaha… I’ll use my small world and divine soul to summon all the heroic spirits of the disciples cultivating in the Puhua Temple.
I know that I can’t kill you, and there might not be anyone present who can kill you.
However, at the very least, I can kill all your subordinates and friends!”

He wanted to show the other party the price of going against the Buddhist Sect!

“I want you to live in regret for the rest of your life.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert directly burned his blood essence.

He wanted to sacrifice himself and everything in exchange for the heroic spirits of the disciples who had once sacrificed themselves here.

This was a very strange move.
It relied on him completely sacrificing his divine soul and small world.
Once he succeeded, he would fall into a situation where he would never be able to reincarnate.

However, in order to kill Jun Bujian’s subordinates and friends, he had already chosen to completely sacrifice himself.

Just as he was completely sacrificing his small world and divine soul at the first level of the God Emperor Realm, golden light began to surge in the entire Puhua Temple in the next second.

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These golden lights represented the heroic spirits of the Buddhist Sect who had once cultivated day and night in the Puhua Temple and were then killed.

As soon as the heroic spirits appeared, they rushed crazily towards the disciples.

Jun Bujian shouted angrily and immediately flew towards the heroic spirits.
However, there were really too many heroic spirits.

Even though he could destroy dozens or even a hundred heroic spirits with a single dragon breath, it was still impossible for him to kill all of them in such a short period of time.

Shi Changlin and the others’ expressions immediately changed drastically.

Long Kuang immediately transformed into his original form to increase his actual combat strength.

Among these heroic spirits, there was no lack of top-notch experts.
If Long Kuang encountered one or two and was slashed by them, his life would be over.

However, even so, his efforts were still insignificant.

This was because heroic spirits not only included the heroic spirits who had died in battle today, but also the heroic spirits who had died in battle in Puhua Temple in the past.

After all, that was the curse of a God Emperor Realm expert.
The might emitted was really not to be underestimated.

What was even more abnormal was that they seemed to have received the guidance of that God Emperor Realm expert.
All the heroic spirits avoided Jun Bujian and only dealt with Shi Changlin and the others.

In a moment, a few disciples had already been killed.
Shi Changlin and the others were also injured and panting.

Jun Bujian could not help but spit fiercely.

“Damn! If only we could have another batch of reinforcements!”

Now that their master was already dead, who knew if they could still be revived after dying?

Therefore, this was the true reason for his anger.

He did not know if the heavens really thought highly of him or if there was some other reason, however, just as he finished complaining, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from the northeast sky.

“Senior Brother needs reinforcements?”

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