his, they were so furious that they almost vomited blood.
Their eyes were red.

Damn, it turned out that the divine crystals were given to them by the Buddhist Sect themselves.

This was simply heartbreaking!

“Alright, cut the crap.
I’ll kill these guys first while they’re injured.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jun Bujian immediately surged into the crowd and used the Dragon God Art with all his strength.
A golden dragon-shaped phantom kept swimming as his figure moved.
It looked lifelike and was filled with a dignity that made one’s heart palpitate.
It was as if a real divine dragon had descended.

Jun Bujian’s hands were even covered in a huge golden dragon claw.
As he waved it, the dragon claw even directly destroyed the divine power in the air.

As the dragon claw passed, two Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts were torn into pieces in unison.
Blood mixed with flesh flowed on the ground.

Then came the fourth Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert, the sixth, the eighth…

As time passed, death also continued to spread.
He was like a death god that wanted his life as he rampaged on the battlefield.

When Long Kuang saw this scene, he could not help but frown and was somewhat stunned.

“Strange, why do I feel that Seventh Master’s cultivation technique is somewhat similar to the natural dragon race cultivation technique in my body? What’s going on?”

In fact, the Dragon God Art was originally created from the dragon race cultivation technique and could also be considered a top-notch cultivation technique of the dragon race.

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Long Kuang, on the other hand, had the bloodline of the dragon race.
The genes in his body naturally contained dragon race cultivation techniques.
Therefore, it was very normal for him to feel that they were similar.

“Quick! Quickly retreat!”

The Buddhist Sect Elder roared.

Jun Bujian’s cultivation was originally only at the first level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.
However, after using the Dragon God Art, he could fight someone an entire realm higher.

The Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts and the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts here were only small trash in front of him.
They were simply not enough.

Jun Bujian killed these Buddhist elders crazily like cutting cabbage.

“Brat, don’t be arrogant.”

Seeing that Jun Bujian was wantonly killing his fellow disciples, the few God King Realm experts finally could not take it anymore.

Two of the God King Realm experts directly roared and rushed towards Jun Bujian.

Jun Bujian smiled coldly and stretched out his hands.
Two dragon claw phantoms directly blocked the other party’s fist.

With a furious shout, the divine power in Jun Bujian’s body circulated quickly.
He exerted strength in his hands and actually broke each of their fists.

As if he was twisting a watermelon, he forcefully removed the other party’s fists.

Golden blood instantly surged out.

Before the two God King Realm experts could let out a tragic cry, Jun Bujian slashed his hands diagonally.
The dragon claw phantom that covered his palms directly tore the flesh on their chests, revealing their bones.
Their fiery red hearts could even be seen clearly.

The shock wave even forced the two God King Realm experts back.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

Even though everyone had just been severely injured, their strength was still there.

A God King Realm expert was still a God King Realm expert!

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However, Jun Bujian had killed the other party so easily in a single exchange.
This strength and cultivation simply dumbfounded them.

Seeing that Jun Bujian was about to approach and completely kill the two God King Realm experts, the God Emperor Realm monk suddenly attacked.
He transformed into a golden light and instantly arrived, punching Jun Bujian’s dragon claw.

With a violent explosion, the two of them were instantly forced back by each other’s divine power.

The other party narrowed his eyes slightly, and the God Emperor Realm monk immediately said, “This child is too powerful.
I’m severely injured and can’t defeat him.
Set up the array formation so that I can unleash the perfect strength of the first level of the God Emperor Realm.
Otherwise, we will all die!”

He was severely injured.
Because of this, his current recovery speed was very slow.

If he did not use the array formation, he could not guarantee that he could really kill Jun Bujian.

With a command, the elders of the Buddhist Sect immediately scattered and set up the array formations at the same time.

A golden Bodhi Supreme Divine Soul appeared behind every elder, illuminating the surrounding world like gold.

The Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert pressed his palms together and the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
A faint golden Bodhisattva phantom was projected from his body.

“Arhat Buddha Heart Formation, activate!”

Long Kuang’s eyes turned cold.

“Not good, it’s the Buddhist Sect’s Arhat Buddha Heart Formation! As soon as this array formation appears, that God Emperor Realm expert will quickly repair his body and recover to his peak state.
At that time, Seventh Master will be in trouble.”

However, before he could prepare to attack, in the next second, Jun Bujian directly transformed into a four-clawed golden dragon.
This was only his initial state.
As the battle continued to increase, his claws would continue to increase.

Long Kuang’s eyes widened as he looked at the scene in disbelief.

The other party had actually become a dragon!

With his status as a dragon, he could tell with his own eyes that the other party was definitely a true dragon.
This was definitely not an illusionary technique!

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