ded a cage that could hold life like the previous prison carriages.

Fortunately, the Buddhist Sect had long done countless things to imprison demons.

“We’re finally done packing.
Now, it’s also time to send these bastards to the Bodhi Temple.”

“These bastards wanted to attack our Buddhist Sect, but in the end, what harm can they do to our Buddhist Sect? They’re just toying with us.”

“That’s right.
For so many years, who has survived to the end against our Buddhist Sect? Weren’t they all suppressed by our Buddhist Sect’s exquisite Dharma?”

“Alright, let’s go quickly.
Don’t delay the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
Otherwise, the High Buddha will probably be angry.”

At the mention of the High Buddha, the expressions of these Buddhist elders instantly turned solemn.

To them, the High Buddha was an existence at the Immortal Realm.
It was something small figures like them could only dream of becoming.

If they could work for the High Buddha and obtain his favor, they would be able to come across an extraordinary opportunity and reach the heavens in a single step.

After everyone made preparations, they were ready to depart.

Long Kuang sighed faintly.

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At this moment, no disciple from the Nameless Sect had arrived.
Looks like they were really helpless this time.

He was only a second-generation disciple.
Without Lu Xiaoran’s personal guidance, he was naturally unable to unleash powerful strength, unlike Lu Xiaoran’s personal disciples!

Looks like he could only make plans after arriving at the Bodhi Temple.

If no one really came to save Zhuge Ziqiong, he could only clean up Zhuge Ziqiong’s ashes and prepare a coffin for her.

However, just as everyone rose and was about to fly away, a huge light ball suddenly fell from the sky in the next second.

“A bald monk from the Buddhist Sect actually dares to capture my junior sister? Do you really think my Nameless Sect is easy to bully?”

The huge ball of light contained a terrifying aura.
It was ridiculously powerful, as if it could tear apart and destroy everything.

“It’s the divine crystals! Someone detonated the divine crystals!”

A Buddhist elder could not help but shout in fear.

In the next moment, all the Buddhist elders’ expressions turned solemn.

They could sense that the might of this attack was definitely not inferior to an attack from a peak God Monarch Realm expert.

To be able to create such a powerful attack with divine crystals, how many top-grade divine crystals did the other party have?

The other party had used at least seven to eight million top-grade divine crystals, right?

Wasn’t this too extravagant?

The God Emperor Realm Buddhist expert immediately ordered everyone to attack at the same time.
In the next second, everyone circulated the Mahayana Golden Bell Shield and the Mahayana Vajra Art at the same time.

The Golden Bell Shield Technique could unleash a defensive barrier in front of them, and the Vajra Art could strengthen them.

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Their 81, no, including Long Kuang, a total of 82 Buddhist experts, attacked at the same time.
The defense of the Mahayana Golden Bell Shield was enough to resist 60 to 70% of the other party’s attack.
Only by using the Mahayana Vajra Art could they resist the remaining attack and resolve the other party’s move.

The moment the Mahayana Golden Bell Shield Barrier formed, the divine crystal light source fell.

It directly smashed down in an extremely rude and unreasonable manner.
The violent impact was mostly blocked by the Golden Bell Shield.
The remaining shock wave kept attacking the organs of the Buddhist Sect elders.

However, with the protection of the Mahayana Vajra Art, their entire bodies, including their organs, and even every hair on their bodies, had been strengthened.
Therefore, the divine crystal light source that had blocked most of the attack was no longer able to severely injure them.

They could quickly recover from some light injuries with their powerful physical recovery ability.
They did not even need to use the healing cultivation technique of the Buddhist Sect.

Under the barrier, everyone looked at each other and grinned.

After resolving a huge attack, they felt that nothing else would make them happier.

If there was, then it would only be the fact that they would kill the mastermind later and snatch the other party’s divine crystals.

However, just as everyone was feeling smug, Long Kuang suddenly struck a palm at the back of two of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm Buddhist Sect elders.

These two attacks almost exhausted his full strength as he struck the two of them fiercely, making the two of them vomit a mouthful of blood on the spot.
Their auras began to become chaotic, and they were unable to control their divine power.
The area of the Golden Bell Shield they were in charge of also instantly collapsed.

After a huge hole appeared in the defensive barrier, the rupture quickly spread like a broken dam.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.
The powerful shock wave from the divine crystals’ explosion had already surged down crazily from the huge hole.

The energy was too powerful.
Without giving anyone any time to react, it directly tore apart all the defensive barriers of the Golden Bell Shield.

The light enveloped all the Buddhist Sect elders.

The God Emperor Realm elder shouted angrily, “Don’t panic.
Sit cross-legged with me as the head and form a cone to disperse this attack.
We have the Mahayana Vajra Art protecting our bodies.
Even without the Golden Bell Shield, this attack can’t do anything to us!”

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