“It’s Senior Tie Wu.
He’s a first level God Emperor Realm expert! Hahaha… Now, let’s see how this brat plans to continue to be arrogant!”

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In the sky, golden lights pierced through the clouds and cut them apart.

As the clouds dissipated, a huge golden Bodhisattva phantom hundreds of meters tall descended from the clouds.

Su Lingwu’s pupils constricted.
When the demon beasts and divine beasts on the battlefield sensed this aura, their hearts could not help but beat faster.

The strength of an expert came from the fact that they did not really have to attack.
Just their aura was enough to make people lose their combat strength.

Clearly, at this moment, this so-called Tie Wu was one of them.

The divine soul of Bodhisattva fell, and an old monk in a pure white monk robe with white hair and beard slowly fell.

As he fell, some mist also fell with him and surrounded him, making him look like an immortal that had descended to the mortal world.

It was the clouds that had been forcefully pressed down by the divine power he spread.

The three Buddhist God King Realm experts immediately arrived in front of him and bowed.

“Amitabha, greetings, Senior Tie Wu.”

“You guys have worked hard.
Leave the rest to me.”

The three Buddhist God King Realm experts retreated behind Old Monk Tie Wu.
However, they did not go down to help out the others.

As God King Realm experts, they had the dignity of God King Realm experts.

Among the demon beasts and divine beasts below, the one with the highest cultivation had only reached the level of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

At this level, it was not worth it for them, dignified God King Realm experts, to attack.
If they attacked, they would lose their dignity.

Moreover, as an Immortal God Emperor Realm expert, Old Monk Tie Wu’s combat experience was also extremely rare.
If they observed carefully, they might be able to learn something.

Old Monk Tie Wu swept his gaze over Su Lingwu and paused for a second on the God Slaying Axe and the Ancient Shield in his hand, revealing a strange expression.

Then, he looked at Su Lingwu and continued, “Since you’re a human, why do you have to collude with demons? Won’t you lose the dignity of a human? I think you’re fated to be with our Buddhist Sect.
Why don’t I be your guide and let you enter our sect? I guarantee that your treatment will definitely not be inferior to any God King Realm expert in the Buddhist Sect.
How about that?”

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“I killed so many of your Buddhist Sect’s disciples! Don’t you care at all?”

Tie Wu chuckled and immediately said, “As the saying goes, put down the butcher’s knife and embrace the path of the Buddha.
As long as you can turn over a new leaf and send all the demon beasts and divine beasts below to the Bodhi Temple and let them participate in our Buddhist Sect’s Demon Exorcism Meeting, you can also be considered to have made up for your mistake.
I’ll also get the Bodhi Temple to give you an additional reward.
How about that?”

Su Lingwu raised his middle finger in his heart.

The Buddhist Sect was really shameless.
They were always talking about righteousness and morals.
In the end, they actually made him betray his subordinates in exchange for status in the Buddhist Sect.

Perhaps, after he agreed and sent these subordinates to the Bodhi Temple to be exorcised, he would be abandoned in minutes.

He did not believe that the people from the Buddhist Sect would be so kind.

However, in the past, Su Lingwu would definitely have directly attacked without saying a word.

However, after experiencing Lu Xiaoran’s guidance, Su Lingwu was definitely not that stupid.
He would take advantage of the situation.

He pretended to be tempted.

Old Monk Tie Wu smiled.
“Of course.”

“Then… write me a guarantee.
Swear with your blood essence.”

Soon, he directly wrote a guarantee.
Then, he forced out a drop of his blood essence from his finger and imprinted it on it.

“Is this guarantee enough?”

He threw the guarantee letter into Su Lingwu’s hand.

He was not afraid that Su Lingwu would play any tricks.
This was because the guarantee only said that if Su Lingwu entered the Buddhist Sect, he would give Su Lingwu the treatment of a God King Realm expert.
Moreover, it also stated that if Su Lingwu sacrificed these demon beasts and divine beasts, he would give Su Lingwu an additional sum of resources.

However, there was a premise.
Su Lingwu had to join the Buddhist Sect.

If Su Lingwu really joined the Buddhist Sect, he would also make a huge contribution to the Buddhist Sect and obtain a lot of resources.

If Su Lingwu did not join the Buddhist Sect, he would directly kill Su Lingwu.
Other than a little time, nothing else would be delayed.

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However, to his surprise, Su Lingwu obtained his guarantee and directly used his divine power to extract the blood essence from the guarantee.

Then, before the other party could react, he directly activated the Beast Control Divine Art and injected his thoughts into this drop of blood essence.

This was an attack method he had been exploring with the Beast Control Divine Art for several years.

This was because the Beast Control Divine Art was a cultivation technique that used mental strength to invade the mind of others.
Although he had yet to figure out whether the Beast Control Divine Art could directly control people, he had long discovered that the Beast Control Divine Art could be used as a mental strength attack.

With his cultivation, he could surpass so many realm levels to defeat a God Emperor Realm expert.
However, after absorbing so many divine beasts and demon beasts, his mental strength had long surpassed his current realm.

It was not a problem for his mental strength to surpass a realm.

The Beast Control Divine Art was directly activated, instantly making Tie Wu’s body tremble.
Even the divine soul phantom behind him began to tremble violently.

“Bastard, you actually schemed against me!”

Tie Wu suddenly became furious.

It was not that he was unprepared.
He was very powerful and had three God King Realm experts beside him.
Moreover, Su Lingwu’s cultivation was not as powerful as his.
Therefore, he was not afraid at all and was only slightly vigilant.

However, he did not expect this Su Lingwu to suddenly attack.
Moreover, it was a mental attack.

Caught off guard, he suffered a huge loss and was instantly dumbfounded.

This attack was extraordinary and directly made his soul dizzy for a short period of time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Su Lingwu directly ran.

His master had said that if the other party was stronger than him, he should run.
If the other party had more people than him, he should also run.

Now, not only was the other party stronger than him, but he also had more people.
He would be a fool not to run.

He was no match for the other party.
The moment he saw the other party, he had already begun to plan in secret.

He did not expect the other party to fall for it.

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Before escaping, he had directly used the Beast Control Divine Art to communicate with the divine beasts and demon beasts below, allowing them to instantly escape into the Ancient Sacred Land.

“Damn it! Don’t let them escape.
Chase after them!”

Tie Wu was already furious.
He was a dignified God Emperor Realm expert of the Buddhist Sect, but he had been tricked by a brat.
How could he be willing to accept this? He immediately ordered the Buddhist Sect disciples to chase them into the Ancient Sacred Land.

Su Lingwu brought the divine beasts and threw divine crystals as he ran.

There were many divine crystal mines in the Ancient Sacred Land.
Moreover, divine beasts and demon beasts did not need these divine crystals.

Therefore, the divine crystals he had gathered in the past few years might be countless times more than the number of divine crystals Jiang Taixuan had obtained from digging graves.

As he ran, he threw divine crystals and detonated them, making the Buddhist Sect disciples behind him suffer incessantly.

Su Lingwu was very smart.
He did not use too many divine crystals to avoid angering these Buddhist disciples and making them unwilling to come.

He had only detonated a small number of divine crystals first.
It was as if he was pointing a middle finger at him.

It was as if he was saying: “Come on! Come and chase me.
If you catch me, I’ll let you hehehe…”

The damage was not high, but it was extremely insulting!

The people from the Buddhist Sect also collapsed from anger.

In particular, Tie Wu felt that his intelligence had been insulted today.

This Su Lingwu was only a small first level God King Realm expert, but he had actually fooled him.
If he did not kill Su Lingwu, he would simply not be able to stay in the Buddhist Sect in the future.
It was too embarrassing!

Therefore, after his soul recovered its calm, he immediately used a Buddhist divine technique to pursue Su Lingwu.

Su Lingwu had long guessed that they would chase after him and that there would be experts among them.
He knew that it was almost impossible for him to rely on his speed to lose the other party.

Therefore, he led everyone to a lake.

After arriving at the lake, he immediately stopped attacking from behind.
However, he threw divine crystals into the lake.

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In an instant, the entire lake trembled.

Waves surged on the water.

Then, they continued to run and only stopped when they arrived at the other side of the lake.
They laid on the ground and stared fixedly at the lake.

In the next moment, the disciples of the Buddhist Sect arrived at the lake.

Almost at the same time, an extremely huge divine beast suddenly rose from the bottom of the lake.
It looked like a crocodile, but its body was even bigger than a mountain.

It opened its huge mouth and almost instantly swallowed all the Buddhist Sect disciples.

The three God King Realm experts and a God Emperor Realm expert suddenly stopped.
Their eyes widened as they stared fixedly at the huge crocodile in front of them.

“S-Supreme God Realm demon?”

The alligator demon glanced at the few of them and said coldly, “You’re just humans.
Who gave you the right to step into my territory?”

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding.
We’ll leave now.”

“Leave! Since you’re already here, how can you still leave? You bunch of bastards, do you really think this Ancient Sacred Land is your backyard?”

As soon as it finished speaking, it directly pounced forward, its huge mouth almost devouring the heavens and the earth.

Hearing that tragic voice, Black Tortoise and the others could not help but say faintly, “As expected of the Alligator Demon Venerable! Even the Immortal God Emperor Realm expert won’t be able to handle it.”

“Fortunately, we were smart and used the Alligator Demon Venerable to capture them all.
Otherwise, we would probably be the ones to be wiped out.”

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