Divine World, Jiang Taixuan’s army.

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The battle directly entered the climax from the beginning.

In the past few years, Jiang Taixuan had traveled everywhere in the Divine World.
With the help of the Auspicious Cloud True Lightning bestowed by his master, Lu Xiaoran, and the array formation ability Lu Xiaoran had taught him, he had plundered countless ancient tombs.

There were so many ancient tombs and countless assets.
However, all of them had been taken by him alone.
The divine crystals he had were no less than five billion top-grade divine crystals.

Therefore, when setting up the array formation, he did not hold back at all.
The array formations were set up one after another in an extremely dense manner.

With the help of these array formations, Jiang Taixuan immediately attacked the Buddhist Sect’s reinforcements.
Everyone was dumbfounded.

What made them even more dumbfounded was that the array formation Jiang Taixuan set up was extremely long!

Even if they crossed a thousand kilometers, they could still encounter the array formation set up by Jiang Taixuan and the second-generation disciples of the Nameless Sect.

This simply made the Buddhist Sect disciples curse angrily.

They originally wanted to stop and take a short rest, but Bodhi Temple’s urging kept coming from behind.

It was said that the danger at the Puhua Temple was already imminent and they needed reinforcements urgently.

Helpless, they could only bite the bullet and advance again.

The disciples of the Nameless Sect immediately called Jiang Taixuan over.

“Eighth Master, look, the baldies are starting to come up again.
Our array formation is about to collapse.
If this continues, we’ll have to fight them head-on.”

Jiang Taixuan’s expression was still solemn.

“There’s an array formation attack, but they still want to advance.
Looks like this group of baldies received a death order.”

“Then what should we do? They’re all heading in the same direction now and breaking out at a fixed point.
At this rate, it won’t be long before they destroy the array formation.
However, there are still a lot of people in this group of baldies.
Looking at the long team behind, I think many of them will pass through.”

Jiang Taixuan was silent for a moment before saying, “Use the divine weapons.
We’ve obtained so many divine weapons from tomb robbing over the years.
Take them all out now and throw them out to detonate.”

Jun Changming and the others were immediately dumbfounded.

“If we detonate the divine weapons, how are we supposed to use them in the future?”

“There’s nothing we can do about that.
The crazier the enemy is, the more necessary it is for us to stop them.
Moreover, if the divine weapons explode, we can still survive.
It’s better than letting them come and kill us, right? Moreover, we’ve been robbing tombs for so many years and basically have divine artifacts in our hands.
Why do we need to care about divine weapons?”

Jun Changming and the others were enlightened.

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“That’s right! We already have divine artifacts.
Why do we still need divine weapons? Let’s detonate them all.”

“Explosion is art.
Brothers, attack fiercely!”

“Kill all the baldies! Long live the Nameless Sect!”

The Buddhist disciples that were originally doing their best to destroy the array formation suddenly saw beams of light shoot from the opposite sky.

“Attack! Disciples who know the Golden Bell Shield Technique, come forward.”

Soon, the disciples who knew the Golden Bell Shield Technique rushed forward and used the Buddhist cultivation technique, Golden Bell Shield.

A huge golden wall of light suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

Almost at the same time, the other party’s attacks also landed on the Golden Bell Shield.

In an instant, the huge golden wall formed by the Golden Bell Shield trembled incessantly.

In less than three breaths, cracks began to gradually appear.

Seeing this scene, the Buddhist disciples were extremely frightened.

“What a powerful attack.
The Golden Bell Shield can’t hold on anymore.
How powerful is the other party’s cultivation?”

“However, if the other party’s cultivation is really so powerful, why did he set up an array formation to attack us?”

Just as the Buddhist Sect disciples were puzzled, the huge golden barrier formed by the Golden Bell Shield was directly blasted apart.

The white light was dazzling, making everyone narrow their eyes.

At this moment, everyone finally saw what the beam was.
It was a weapon or armor that emitted a golden light.

They were all thrown over in an ignited state.

When these weapons arrived in front of them, they directly exploded.

“These are divine weapons! Damn it!”

The explosion of a divine weapon was not inferior to the full-power attack of a God Creation Realm expert or even a God Production Realm expert.

No wonder the other party could directly destroy their Buddhist Sect’s Golden Bell Shield in a few breaths.

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However… why did they have so many divine weapons?

At this moment, everyone could not help but collapse.

If the other party was a group of experts, they could still understand.

However, now, they were relying on array formations and detonating divine weapons to deal with him.

This was simply even more maddening than them being a group of experts.

Weren’t these guys a little too rich?

The explosion of the divine weapons immediately slowed down the attack of the Buddhist Sect disciples.

Jiang Taixuan and the others temporarily gained the upper hand again.

In the Bodhi Temple’s hall, the messenger disciple rushed over again.

“Master, something happened.”

“Get the elders and disciples of the Guang Neng Temple to go to the Puhua Temple to support.
They have long been ambushed by the demon beasts at the border of the Ancient Forbidden Area.
As for the Tianhui Temple and the Buddha Heart Temple, they have yet to advance further.”

The abbot raised his eyebrows slightly.

“I didn’t expect it to be so troublesome this time.
All the gods have come out to show their strength.
Looks like I have to think of a way to get some experts to come and support the sect.”

“If I remember correctly, there are still a few Mahayana God King Realm experts from our Buddhist Sect and the Immortal God Emperor Realm expert in the Ancient Forbidden Area, right?

Let them step in and help.

In the valley, before Lu Xiaoran could cultivate, his cultivation actually began to shake again.
He actually broke through again and successfully reached the ninth level of the Immortal God Emperor Realm.

“I broke through again? Looks like the disciples are doing well.”

He raised his hand and directly severed one of his hands.
In the next moment, a new palm quickly grew out of his severed arm.
The entire process took less than fifteen seconds.

“The Immortal God Emperor Realm is indeed powerful.
When I was at the early-stage, I could quickly repair broken fingers.
Now that I’ve reached the ninth level of the God Emperor Realm, my recovery speed is already able to quickly repair a hand.

“Moreover, I’m not even using the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.
If I use the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, I’m afraid I can instantly repair my injuries, right? ”

Just this alone made Lu Xiaoran countless times stronger than others.

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In a battle, the more serious one’s injuries were, the lower their strength would be.

Lu Xiaoran had the strength to repair his body at an extremely fast speed, so his combat strength was naturally stronger than the others.

Of course, this did not mean that Lu Xiaoran was a true immortal.

Even though it was called the Immortal God Emperor Realm, these experts could still die.

The reason why it was called the Immortal God Emperor Realm was because the speed at which the Immortal God Emperor Realm expert healed his physical injuries was faster.

This is especially true when they were facing enemies below the Immortal God Emperor Realm.
The other party couldn’t even cause a rupture in their skin, yet they could constantly repair their bodies.
Compared to such lowly existences, the Immortal God Emperor Realm expert was definitely immortal.

However, if the other party’s cultivation was stronger or the other party’s cultivation technique was very powerful and was enough to severely injure Lu Xiaoran, the speed at which Lu Xiaoran’s injuries healed would definitely be greatly weakened.

The speed of repair was not permanent.
It not only depended on a person’s cultivation and physique, but also the strength of the enemy in battle, cultivation techniques, and weapons.

All of these factors were important.

However, Lu Xiaoran was not worried.
This was because in this world, no one could use immortal techniques unless they were hot shots.

If the other party was a hot shot and his cultivation did not surpass his, he was also confident in defeating the other party.

Therefore, he still had to cultivate.

As long as he cultivated to the God Monarch Realm, no one in this world could defeat him.

Of course, it was best if he could directly cultivate to the Immortal Realm.

In any case, with Wang Cai protecting him, he did not have to worry about the Heaven Dao laws dealing with him.

He could use immortal techniques without worry.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately sat cross-legged and began to cultivate the immortal techniques and other cultivation techniques he had just upgraded.

The battle at the Puhua Temple was also ongoing.

As Long Kuang, Shi Changlin, and the others continued to attack, the true appearance of the dungeon finally gradually appeared.

“There are demons here.
There are many demons.
This is the Buddhist Sect’s dungeon.
Since they imprison demons here, they must be sending them to participate in the Demon Exorcism Meeting.”

“Demon Exorcism Meeting? What’s that?”

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Shi Changlin and the others did not know that there would be a Demon Exorcism Meeting.

“The Demon Exorcism Meeting’s goal is to capture about 100 million demons and let the God Monarch Realm monks of the Bodhi Temple use the Buddhist Dharma to exorcise them and accumulate merit for themselves.”

“In this way, they could transcend the tribulation and become immortals safely.

“However, rather than saying that it was a Demon Exorcism Meeting, it was more like a torture meeting.
In this meeting, they would torture the 100 million demons to death with Buddhist scriptures.
It was simply cruel to the extreme.

“To put it bluntly, it was just a confrontation between the Buddhist Sect and the hostile factions that did not obey the Buddhist Sect.

“They’re just using the name of the Demon Exorcism Meeting to beautify their behavior.

“Damn! The Buddhist Sect is really hypocritical.”

“That’s right.
Those with bald heads deserve to die!”

He couldn’t help but feel like crying.
After all, he was also bald now.

Senzai senzai.
Why do you have to kill in a peaceful place like our Buddhist Sect?

“Why not put down the butcher’s knife and embrace the path of the Buddha? The sea of bitterness is boundless.
Repent and be saved.

Long Kuang’s heart trembled as he said coldly, “Something’s wrong.
Be careful.
This guy’s cultivation level is not low.
He seems to have already reached the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.
I’m not his match.”

The monk smiled and continued, “Since you know, why aren’t you kneeling?”

Long Kuang’s expression was gloomy.
Before he could speak, Shi Changlin had already pulled him behind him.

“Don’t be afraid of him.
He’s just a Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert.
What’s there to be afraid of?”

Long Kuang was dumbfounded.

Weren’t these guys only God Production Realm and God Production Realm trash? That was a Hundred Domain Battle God!

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