Divine World, Snowfall Village.

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This was a small village isolated from the rest of the Divine World.

The path to the mountain outside was rugged.
Other than a crippled bearded storyteller in the village, no one had ever gone outside the mountain.

This was because the bearded man was a cultivator with a God Realm cultivation.

In the entire Divine World, it was indeed worthless.
However, because of his cultivation, he could travel through the mountains and avoid the ferocious demon beasts in the forest.

“Big Beard, you didn’t finish your story last time.
Why did Sun Wukong kill Tang Seng, Ba Jie, and Little White Dragon? Aren’t they his master and junior brothers?”

A group of children surrounded the bearded man who had just returned from outside the mountain at the entrance of the village.

The bearded man replied helplessly, “That’s because the monkey has lost its heart.
A monkey without a heart is like a puppet in the hands of others, right?”

“Big Beard, why did the monkey lose its heart? Where did the monkey’s heart go?”

The bearded man spread his hands.

“I don’t know either.
I wanted you to tell me.”

“How boring.
How did such a hero become a puppet?”

“It can’t be helped.
All living beings are ants in the eyes of the Saints.
Since ancient times, only the Saints have been able to break through the shackles of Heaven Dao.”

“The Buddhist Sect is really despicable.
They’re always hypocritical and say that they’re the best people in the world.
In the end, they just do these dirty things all day.”

“I heard that the Buddhist Sect is the strongest sect in our Divine World.”

The bearded man lit up a water pipe and took a few puffs.
He ignored the childishness of the children in front of him and commented with interest, “It can’t be helped.
There are many orthodoxies in the Dao Sect and they aren’t united.
Of course they can’t compete with the Buddhist Sect!

“On the Dao Sect’s side, the power of faith would be given to whoever they believed in.
On the Buddhist Sect’s side, no matter who they were or what they believed in, the power of faith would be ultimately focused on the Buddha before being distributed by the Buddha.

“The Buddhist Sect controls resources uniformly and works together.
It’s only natural for them to suppress the Dao Sect.

“However, the Buddhist Sect of this world doesn’t seem to be living very peacefully recently.
I heard that many branches have been removed recently and they’re all busy.

“Big Beard, why do you know so much?”

“That’s because I’m smart.
Look at how bald I am.
I can even be a lantern at night.
As long as you shave your head, you’ll be as smart as me.”

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The children stuck out their tongues at him, grimaced, and ran in all directions.

The bearded man shook his head and smoked his hookah again.

At this moment, a familiar and unfamiliar voice quietly entered his ear.

“They said that you’re the most knowledgeable person here.
May I ask if you know of the Lu family in the Divine World?”

Hearing this voice, the bearded man’s body froze.
Then, he looked up mechanically.
The moment his eyes met the other party’s, the hookah in his hand fell to the ground with a plop, and his rough eyes immediately turned red.

“Eldest… Eldest Senior Brother? You’re back?”

The other party frowned slightly.

These words pulled his consciousness back from his confusion.
He hurriedly wiped the corner of his eyes and replied,

“Sorry, I thought of an old friend.
What did you just ask me?”

“I just asked if there’s a family called the Lu family in this Divine World.
It should be one of the top families in the Divine World.
Or rather, it’s an extremely extraordinary family!”

The bearded man scratched his shiny bald head and frowned, his expression bitter.

“Is there such a family in the top-notch families of the Divine World? Perhaps I’m more ignorant.
You have to go and find them elsewhere.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other party turned around and left.

The bearded man looked at his back and frowned.

“He looks like him! Too similar! Why is he so similar? It’s just that he seems to be quite reliable, unlike Eldest Senior Brother.
However, based on the other aspects, I almost thought that Eldest Senior Brother had returned.”

On the other side, the flames of war burned more and more fiercely around the Bodhi Temple.

Almost every day, a Buddhist branch would be wiped out or a lone Buddhist disciple would be killed.

The Buddhist Sect disciples had no choice.
They were in the light, and the other party was in the dark.
Moreover, they had all kinds of dirty tricks.

Although the Buddhist Sect also relied on their powerful strength to kill some enemies, they failed to injure the other party’s foundation.

This was because these people were very smart.
If they could not win, they would directly escape and not fight.

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This was also what made the Buddhist Sect helpless.

Sometimes, it was not that they were unable to defeat the other party.
It was just that the other party was too cunning.
They were too sneaky and quick to escape.

It was said that there were still many people pretending to be disciples of the Buddhist Sect and attacking the Buddhist Sect’s branch.
As a result, every temple had implemented strict martial law.
Those who were not from the same temple were not allowed to enter or leave.

It was said that in order to prevent themselves from being harmed, some temples did not even allow the envoys of the Bodhi Temple to enter.

The entire Buddhist Sect had already entered a state of chaos.

At this moment, a temple called Puhua Temple was being raided by a group of enemies.

“Brothers, attack! Attack fiercely! Kill these bald donkeys.”

Under Shi Changlin’s lead, the disciples of the Nameless Sect crazily built and burned the Puhua Temple.

They did not have the slightest pity for these Buddhist Sect disciples.
Since they dared to kill their sect master, they had to be prepared to endure the anger of their Nameless Sect.

Soon, a dazzling light rose from the temple.
It was because the Puhua Temple had activated the array formation in the temple.
With the help of the power of the array formation, the cultivation of the originally ravaged Puhua Temple disciples suddenly soared.

Sensing that something was wrong, Shi Changlin immediately ordered the disciples to retreat.

“Not good! Retreat! Retreat! They’re using an array formation to increase their cultivation.”

The disciples immediately began to retreat.
However, at the same time, the sky was suddenly enveloped by a golden light.

“It’s the sealing formation! Damn, I’ve been tricked!”

At this moment, if Shi Changlin still could not figure out that he had fallen into a trap and was schemed against, he could kill himself with a tofu.

They were not only facing these disciples of the Puhua Temple, but also the elders and senior monks of the Puhua Temple.

These elders had probably stayed hidden previously because they were waiting for the moment the array formation was activated.

Now, Shi Changlin and the others could not even escape.
Facing them, they could only die.

“How dare you kill our Buddhist Sect disciples and destroy our Buddhist Sect branch.
Today, I’ll turn you to ashes and prevent you from returning to the cycle of reincarnation!”

Several golden lights spread, causing Shi Changlin’s heart to burn.

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What was even more helpless was that the other party’s array formation had also sealed the spatial power here.
The spatial array formation on their bodies was unable to be activated.

They were doomed this time!

“Old Shi, what should we do? This array formation is a Buddhist array formation.
We can only break it with a Buddhist cultivation technique.
It’s difficult for us to break it with our cultivation techniques.”

Facing the surging Buddhist experts, Shi Changlin shouted, “Brothers, we’ll die anyway.
Let’s fight them to the death.
For the glory of the Nameless Sect, kill!”

As the saying went, when a rabbit was anxious, it would still bite.

Since they could not escape, they would fight them to the death.
They could also prevent themselves from suffering a loss by killing one and killing two.

The experts of the Buddhist Sect revealed excited expressions.

For so long, the Buddhist Sect had been pursued by the other party.
Today, they were finally about to make a beautiful comeback.

This time, they wanted to kill all the heretics who had trespassed into the Puhua Temple!

The two sides collided, instantly causing a violent explosion.

All kinds of attack speed exploded in the air.

The entire Puhua Temple had already become a colorful battlefield.

Shi Changlin and the others had encountered an unprecedented opponent.
Even though they had experienced hundreds of battles, they were still unable to resist the pressure of the other party’s powerful cultivation and died one after another.

Just as they were crazily killing the Buddhist Sect disciples, wanting to consume more Buddhist strength for the Nameless Sect, a voice suddenly sounded in the sky.

“Amitabha! Senzai senzai! Fellow disciples, I’ll wish you all the best.”

“Another Buddhist expert?”

Shi Changlin’s heart suddenly turned cold.
Damn, he was probably really dead this time.

Unexpectedly, after the Buddhist voice sounded, a golden Buddhist light suddenly collided with the sealing array formation barrier set up by Puhua Temple.

In an instant, a huge hole was blasted in the Buddhist formation.

The weakness of Buddhist array formations was Buddhist cultivation techniques.

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According to the principle of the cultivation technique, the same sex attracted each other and the opposite sex repelled each other.
It was very easy for Buddhist cultivation techniques to enter the Buddhist sect’s array formation.
After entering, if the Buddhist cultivation technique suddenly reversed the attack after entering the array formation, it could easily shatter the Buddhist sect’s array formation.

Because of this flaw, the Buddhist Sect rarely studied array formations.

Seeing a huge hole blasted in the Buddhist Sect’s array formation, the Buddhist Sect experts were dumbfounded.
Shi Changlin and the others were also dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this a Buddhist disciple? He was clearly using a Buddhist cultivation technique!

Why did the experts of the Buddhist Sect also want to attack the Buddhist Sect??

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, a figure in a kasaya suddenly landed in the next second.

“Brothers, kill! Kill all the baldies!”

Everyone from Puhua Temple :”…”

Shi Changlin and the others :”…”

Long Kuang led a group of bald disciples to crazily kill the disciples of the Puhua Temple.

After being petrified for a moment, Shi Changlin could not help but curse.

“Damn! Isn’t this Senior Brother Long Kuang?”

Only at this moment did they react.
The person who had arrived was the Ancient Dragon Emperor of the Primordial Mountain Range—Long Kuang.

“Senior Brother Long Kuang, what’s wrong with you? Why are you wearing a robe and why has your hair been shaved?”

“This is my ultimate technique to hide myself! As long as I pretend to be a monk, no one will know that I’m a disciple of the Nameless Sect.”

Long Kuang had already used this excuse a million times.
It couldn’t be helped.
He couldn’t tell everyone that after coming to the Divine World, he had joined the Buddhist Sect and cultivated a Buddhist cultivation technique in the Peach Blossom Monastery, right?

“Damn! Senior Brother Long Kuang, what a good plan!”

“What are you guys waiting for? Come and kill the baldies with me!”

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