t was the cultivation techniques of the Buddhist Sect and not the Nameless Sect.
He did not need to help the Buddhist Sect and them from the others at all.

It would be best if everyone in the world learned it and went to rob the Buddhist Sect.

In this way, he could avenge the sect master!

Therefore, in the next two months, not only did the attacks on the Buddhist Sect not vanish, but they were also rising endlessly.

Many Buddhist Sect disciples had been killed and the Buddhist Sect branch had been destroyed.

It was said that because of this, many Buddhist disciples even began to choose to retire and renounce asceticism.

Later, news spread that regardless of whether one was a Buddhist disciple or not, as long as one was bald, they would be killed.

This was because when Buddhist disciples entered the sect, they would shave and scar their heads to limit their long hair.
Therefore, this directly caused the sales of wigs to increase.

The price of wigs in many places actually rose to one top-grade divine crystal.

Some even directly began to kill demon beasts and pluck their fur to make wigs.

In the valley, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was still increasing endlessly.

He did not cultivate himself and mainly relied on his disciples to cultivate and increase his strength.

He had increased from the fifth level of the God Emperor Realm to the seventh level of the God Emperor Realm.

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Only two months had passed this time, and the increase in Li Changsheng and Song Xinian’s cultivation caused by the medicinal pills had already begun to slow down,

However, Lu Xiaoran still increased his cultivation by two realm levels.

This could not help but make him deeply puzzled.

This was because the higher one’s cultivation was, the harder it was to increase it.

Moreover, he had not cultivated for the past two months.
He had been constantly upgrading his cultivation techniques to immortal techniques and profound weapons to immortal artifacts.
It was impossible for him to advance so quickly.

Currently, Wang Cai was not around and Lu Xiaoran could not see the information of the disciples.

However, based on the previous information, he knew that Jun Bujian, Jiang Taixuan, and Su Lingwu had already been involved in this battle against the Buddhist Sect.

Moreover, Zhuge Ziqiong had been captured by the Buddhist Sect and her whereabouts were unknown.
There should only be three disciples left who could cause his cultivation to increase.

Lige, Wuxia, and Tianyuan.

Lige was being pursued every day and did not even have the time to cultivate.
How could his cultivation increase explosively?

On the other hand, Wuxia and Tianyuan had never appeared.
He wondered if they had hidden somewhere to cultivate and obtained some fortuitous encounters.

It was probably the two of them.

Lu Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief.

These two precious disciples were still relatively reliable.

Actually, he had always thought very highly of Wuxia and Tianyuan.

Back then, when they were still on Zhishui Peak of the Heaven Demon Sect, Wuxia and Tianyuan had cultivated very diligently and did not have any distracting thoughts.

Wuxia was a data fan and liked to write in her diary.
She wrote down all her cultivation problems and then looked over them again and again.

Tianyuan, on the other hand, was a pure cultivation madman.
In a single session, he might meditate for a few days or even half a month.

Their stubbornness towards cultivation was far superior to other disciples.

He hoped that these two precious disciples could work harder and cultivate as quickly as possible.
It would be best if they could directly increase his cultivation to the God Monarch Realm.

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Just thinking about it made him somewhat excited.

By the way, he wondered how Changsheng and Song Xinian were cultivating.

The two of them were currently under him.
He had to hurry and increase their cultivation.

After all, if they became stronger, he would also become stronger.

Soon, he extended his divine sense to the cultivation place the two of them were at.

On the other side of the valley, Li Changsheng and Song Xinian had gradually digested the medicinal pills and natural treasures they had swallowed.
The aura in their bodies had already gradually calmed down.
There would no longer be a situation where their meridians exploded because the medicinal strength was too powerful.

The two of them opened their eyes at the same time.
The light in their eyes was like nine-colored divine lightning, and their auras were so dense that it was suffocating.

Tenth level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

With this cultivation and their ability to fight those at a higher level, they could already fight experts below the tenth level of the God King Realm.

The two of them looked at each other and could not help but sigh.

“Indeed, my cultivation speed is still faster after finding Master.
It’s only been a few months, but my cultivation has advanced way more than it did in the past few years.”

“That’s right.
Master is indeed extraordinary.
I wonder how powerful Master’s family is? What kind of existence nurtured him to be so powerful?”

“Master’s family must be a top-notch family in this world, right? I wonder if we’ll be lucky enough to see their true appearance one day?”

“Stop dreaming.
Master is already so awesome, so Master’s family will definitely be even more awesome.
How are we qualified to see them? It’s better for you to cultivate well.”

“Speaking of cultivation, I just discovered that after my meridians exploded and were repaired by Master’s avatar’s Azure Thearch Longevity Art, that part seemed to have grown a lot.”

“Is that so? Let me take a look.”

Li Changsheng hurriedly touched himself in that area and was immediately happy.

“I have to say, it seems to be true.
Mine seems to have grown longer.”

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