To be honest, the Buddhist Sect had already given him a lot of resources.

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If it were the city lords of other cities, they would probably be so excited that they would be grateful.
Then, they would set up a feast to entertain them.

In the end, they did not expect Jun Bujian to look down on them.

Wasn’t this guy’s appetite a little too big?

As for the compensation, it was purely an excuse.
If the Buddhist Sect elders believed him, they would really be crazy.

When they first entered, they thought that this guy was quite honest.

Now, they realized that they had been wrong.

This guy was not an honest person at all.
Moreover, he was a swindler.

However, even though everyone knew that Jun Bujian was doing this to obtain more resources, they were helpless.

This was because he was now the master of Myriad City, and this was Myriad City.

The branches near the Buddhist Sect had already been destroyed.
It was also useless to transfer special people from the Bodhi Temple to handle the cases around Myriad City.
They were unfamiliar with the place and did not know how long it would take.

The High Buddha had ordered repeatedly to resolve this matter before the Demon Exorcism Meeting began.

Who would dare to cause any delays?

Helpless, the elders could only smile again and continue, “City Lord Jun, I’m sorry.
We were careless and did not investigate the losses of Myriad City.”

“How about this? The few of us will pay another ten million top-grade divine crystals.
What do you think?”

Jun Bujian immediately smiled and said,”That’s right.
Since everyone is sincere enough, I’ll be more efficient.”

“No problem.
As long as City Lord Jun can help us complete the mission, money and resources are nothing.”

As they spoke, everyone had already handed the storage ring to Jun Bujian.

“City Lord Jun, here are 20 million top-grade divine crystals, the divine weapons, and the divine artifacts.
Please take a look.”

Jun Bujian received these things and only swept his divine sense over them briefly.

“Elders, you must be joking.
I don’t believe others, but how can I not believe you elders?”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.
As long as he could complete the mission, everything else was fine.

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They would wait for the mission to be completed first before settling the score with the other party.

“In that case, City Lord Jun, please immediately send people to search.”

Jun Bujian waved his hand and chuckled.

Actually, he only wanted to empty the divine crystals in their hands as much as possible.

Although he could kill enemies above his level, his master had said that many people had backup plans.

If he really forced them into a corner, what if they detonated the divine crystals?

It had to be known that just because he could fight a first level God Monarch Realm expert, it did not mean that he was really at the first level of the God Monarch Realm.

He was actually only at the first level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

In a battle with a first level God Monarch Realm expert, he had to be extremely cautious.
If the other party really wanted to detonate so many divine crystals, he really could not take it.

Therefore, if he could trick some of the other party’s things out first, it would not be too late to fall out with them later.

Seeing the confusion on the faces of the Buddhist Sect elders, Jun Bujian continued, “Elders, it’s like this.
I’m prepared to set up some trap formations and capture this group of people in one go!”

“That’s good, but I’m still lacking divine crystals for the time being.”

The elders of the Buddhist Sect :”…”

Everyone was collectively petrified, and the expressions on their faces were already gloomy.

Why would you need divine crystals to set up an array formation? Why don’t you just say that you still lack a girlfriend? Why don’t you just get us to find you a Divine Maiden to massage your feet and back?

Was there anyone as shameless as him?

“City Lord Jun, is this appropriate? Our Buddhist Sect has just given you 20 million top-grade divine crystals.”

“Can’t these top-grade divine crystals be used to set up array formations?”

Jun Bujian waved his hand.

“How can that do? That 20 million top-grade divine crystals is the reward you gave me.
Shouldn’t you be the ones to pay for the costs? Do you want me to pay? This is also against the rules.”

“But we still gave City Lord Jun 20 million top-grade divine crystals.”

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“I originally wanted to help the Buddhist Sect capture those people as soon as possible.
Since the Buddhist Sect is unwilling, forget it.”

As soon as he said this, one of the Buddhist elders hurriedly said, “No, no, no.
We’ll give it to you.”

They had already spent 20 million.
Why would they care about that small sum?

The key was to capture that group of people and complete the mission to make the High Buddha happy.

“That’s not enough.
I still have to give my subordinates some labor fees, right? Do I let my subordinates do this for nothing? How about you give me 5 million first.”

The Buddhist Sect elders gritted their teeth in anger and clenched their fists tightly.

“City Lord Jun, don’t go overboard! Let’s leave some leeway so that we can cooperate again in the future.
If you go overboard, when our Buddhist Sect’s mighty figure comes in the future, I’m afraid your Myriad City Lord won’t feel good either.”

“That won’t even be necessary! The anger of our sect alone is probably not something you can withstand.”

Jun Bujian did not panic at all and pointed at his head.

“Come, come, come! Fight me! Fight me as you wish! Do you believe that if you kill me today, your Buddhist Sect will be exposed in no time? At that time, I didn’t think I needed to say anything about the impact on the Buddhist Sect, right?”

“At that time, if the other sects attack you together, don’t blame me for not making things clear to you.

“Hehehehe… City Lord Jun, do you really think you can threaten us like this?”

The Buddhist Sect Elder slowly released his aura.

“After killing you, we can tell the world that your City Lord of Myriad City has been bewitched by demons and has lost his mind.
Do you think the righteous path in the world will go against us for a mere City Lord of Myriad City?”

“Tsk tsk, you’re really capable.
I’m impressed.”

Even though Jun Bujian had long known how shameless the Buddhist Sect was, at this moment, he still felt shocked and impressed when he saw it with his own eyes.

In terms of shamelessness, all the sects in the world were probably inferior to the Buddhist Sect.

No matter who they killed, he only needed to say the words “defeat demons”.

However, these few small Buddhist elders were really not enough to fight him.

The shamelessness he had learned from his master was incomparable.
He could leave these people in the dust.

He did not release his aura and only slowly took out the storage ring the Buddhist Sect Elder had just handed over.

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“There are 20 million top-grade divine crystals inside, right? If I let it go like fireworks, I wonder if the entire Myriad City will be blasted into the sky?”

The elders of the Buddhist Sect :”…”

After the air fell into a slight silence, everyone retracted their auras imperceptibly and immediately put on a kind smile again.

“City Lord Jun, what are you talking about?! We’re all friends and should naturally be harmonious.
Isn’t it just a mere 5 million divine crystals? How can it compare to our friendship? Here are 5 million top-grade divine crystals.
Please take a look, City Lord Jun.”

“That’s right.
We’re all friends.
Of course we have to reconcile.”

Just as he reached out to receive the ring, the other party’s elder clearly retracted his hand.

Jun Bujian looked up at him and chuckled.

“City Lord Jun, could it be that there are more payments?”

“No, no.
This is the last payment.”

With that said, he directly took out the ring from the other party’s hand.

“How about this? You elders wait here first.
I’ll bring people to set up the array formation and trap those thieves.”

“Alright! Thank you, City Lord Jun.”

“You’re welcome.
Servants, serve tea and a feast to the elders.
I’ll be back soon.”

Then, Jun Bujian immediately left Myriad City.
Just as he left the city, Shi Changlin and the others quickly surrounded him.

“Seventh Master, how is it?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already settled it.
There are a total of 25 million top-grade divine crystals and a large number of divine weapons and divine artifacts.”

“Damn, Seventh Master is indeed extraordinary.
Now, these idiots from the Buddhist Sect are probably going to cry to death.”

“Who asked them to kill my master? This is only the beginning.”

Jun Bujian had long had a plan.
He knew that he could not hide it for long.
Soon, the other party would investigate him.

Instead of waiting for the other party to investigate him, it was better for him to obtain the resources first and then take the initiative to attack and send them on their way.

Wouldn’t he just lose the title of City Lord of Myriad City? He didn’t care.

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“Seventh Master, let’s leave quickly.
Don’t let the Buddhist Sect discover anything.”

“There’s no rush.
Let me send them off again.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately made a hand seal.
Then, he smiled evilly and immediately ran with everyone.

In the City Lord Manor, the expressions of the few elders were not too good.

“This Jun Bujian is really too much.
He actually took advantage of our Buddhist Sect.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? After this matter is completed, we’ll go back and report to the High Buddha and get him to send one or two top-notch experts.
At that time, he’ll be in trouble.”

As he spoke, a servant had already walked in with tea.

Perhaps hearing their words, the servant chuckled.

“Elders, I’m afraid you still don’t know, right? Our City Lord relied on taking advantage of others to get to where he is today.
There’s no one in our Myriad City who is more shameless than him.
If you don’t believe me, go out and ask.
At least half of the sects in the entire Myriad City have been deceived by him.

“He had relied on such methods to gather a large number of resources to reach his current position step by step.

“Moreover, he would always leave after taking advantage of the situation.
He never stays long.

The hearts of the Buddhist Sect elders trembled, as if they had already vaguely sensed that something was wrong.

“That’s not right.
If a thief really killed our Buddhist Sect disciples in Myriad City, how could Myriad City not find out?”

“Damn, we’ve been tricked by this brat.
Quickly stop him! He’s the mastermind!”

By the time everyone reacted, it was already too late.

This was because the entire ground of the City Lord Manor had actually lit up at this moment.

“Jun Bujian! You bastard! Just you wait.
Even if I die, I won’t let you off!”

As soon as the melodious voice sounded, it was covered by a violent explosion shock wave in the next second…

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