With a thought, Huixin almost instantly teleported to his previous position.

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The moment he left, two attacks landed at the same time.

The ground suddenly exploded, and a huge mushroom cloud slowly rose.
The shock wave turned into a violent wind that blew the vegetation out.

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian slowly fell.
They stared fixedly at Huixin, their eyes filled with vigilance and coldness.

“I didn’t expect him to be an expert of the Buddhist Sect.”

Huixin also narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the two of them.
With his powerful cultivation and dazzling secret techniques, he could tell on the spot that the two of them were both at the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.

Not bad, they had just reached the passing mark.

In that case, he would casually destroy the two of them.
After returning, he would write a report to the Bodhi Temple and say that he had killed twenty-two Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts.

No, if he added these two to the list of Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts, the reward would be even higher.

In any case, the Buddhist Sect was rich and did not lack money.
No one would doubt the words of a peerless genius like him.

“Two first level Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts? Could it be that the two of you were the ones who attacked our Buddhist Sect branch recently?”

Li Changsheng said coldly, “Did you come from the Bodhi Temple?”

Huixin’s expression was calm as he said indifferently, “Based on what you said, it’s probably true.
In that case, there’s no need for us to waste our breath.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huixin directly attacked.

He had always been used to not talking nonsense and attacking directly.

With a flip of his hand, he slashed out.
In an instant, a huge Buddha figure appeared in front of Li Changsheng and Lu Xiaoran.

The vast aura emitted from it instantly shocked the two of them.
They did not dare to be careless and attacked from both sides.

The sword beam combined with the saber beam and slashed at the palm shadow.

The three collided.
The palm shadow paused for a moment before emitting a dazzling light.

As soon as the light appeared, the ground within 50 kilometers directly shattered.

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian’s saber lights also instantly collapsed.

The shock wave of the battle directly forced the two of them tens of thousands of meters away.

The two of them were dumbfounded.

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“This baldy is so powerful!”

“His cultivation is probably already at the late-stage Thousand Domain Battle God Realm, right?”

“No, he didn’t use his full strength just now.
Look at his expression.
He’s very relaxed.
Clearly, he only used 70 to 80% of his strength.”

“He’s a God King Realm expert?”

Their hearts instantly turned cold.

A Mahayana God King Realm expert!

How could he defeat them?

The two of them were only at the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm now.
They were not even qualified to carry the other party’s shoes.

The two of them turned around and ran almost at the same time.

His master had said that if they could win, they should fight.
If he could not, they should run.
If possible, they also should not fight alone.

Now that they could not even beat the other party together, there was no other option for them other than running.

Huixin was suddenly stunned.

This was the first time he had encountered such a discerning existence.

The other party immediately turned around and ran after finding out that they were no match for the other party.

Their teamwork was simply flawless.

They had the same moves and turned around to escape.
Without even discussing, they had a tacit understanding.

They were simply like twin brothers.

However… they were too smart for their own good.

If the two of them were as cowardly as rats, Huixin would not care too much about the two of them.
He might just let them go.

However, since the two of them were relatively smart, they could not be left alive.

Otherwise, there would be endless trouble.

The cultivation of a first level God King Realm expert was countless times stronger than a first level Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert.

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Even if Li Changsheng and Song Xinian had the Great Void Chaos Steps, Huixin still had the Light Steps Floating On Water.

Therefore, the two of them were directly caught up by Huixin almost in an instant.

The two of them were shocked.
Move… move… Suddenly, as if they had agreed on it, they turned around and slashed.

The saber beam and sword beam slashed at Huixin’s head.

Huixin was not anxious and only propped up one hand in front of his chest.

In an instant, his body was enveloped in a golden light, making him look like a golden statue.

When the saber beam and sword beam arrived, Huixin actually used his head to resist.

The attack collided with his head and was instantly shattered.

Then, Huixin, who was covered in gold, sounded from the explosion.

“Be careful, it’s the Mahayana Vajra Art.
It’s similar to Third Senior Brother’s Indestructible Golden Body.”

As soon as Li Changsheng finished speaking, Huixin had already arrived beside the two of them.

The huge pressure of the first level of the God King Realm made the two of them feel somewhat depressed.
Even their breathing froze.

If the gap between their cultivation levels was too much, they would be unable to defeat the other party at all!

Even with the three layers of divine artifact armor on their bodies, the two of them could still sense that the defensive barrier derived from the divine artifact in the air was already vaguely cracking, emitting a faint cracking sound.

Huixin grinned, and a cold glint surged in his eyes.

This was not the first time he had killed someone.
However, these two little ants today were especially interesting.

Without any hesitation, he directly punched out.

The might of this punch shook the heavens and the earth, making a huge buzz sound in the air, as if lightning had exploded.

Huixin knew the might of his punch very well.
It was at the first level of the God King Realm and he could kill enemies at a higher level.
Although he did not use his full strength, the might of this punch was not inferior to a punch below the fifth level of the God King Realm.

These two first level Hundred Domain Battle God ants were simply unable to resist.

However, just as Huixin thought that he would definitely win and Li Changsheng and Lu Xiaoran thought that they would definitely die, a golden light suddenly flashed.

Huixin was stunned and the force emitted from his punch landed on the ground.

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In an instant, the ground trembled violently, and a mushroom cloud suddenly rose.

The shock wave swept away the dust along the way, tearing apart the soil and rocks more than two meters deep in a radius of 100,000 meters, forming a huge pit more than 200,000 meters in diameter.

When the dust gradually dissipated, Huixin’s expression became extremely solemn.
At this moment, notifications kept sounding in his mind.

Ding! Sensing that your life is in danger, the Mahayana Vajra Art is being cultivated at a rapid speed.
The cultivation speed has increased by ten times.

Ding! Sensing that your life is in danger, the Light Steps Floating On Water has activated the explosive mode and directly evolved into a profound cultivation technique.

Ding! Sensing that your life is in danger, the Hinayana Gautama Divine Palm is cultivating at a rapid speed.
The cultivation speed is three times faster than usual.

notifications sounded in Huixin’s mind one after another.
Every time they sounded, it would make Huixin’s heart tremble violently again.

However, he knew that facing an existence that could make his cultivation techniques fear, he was probably… unable to escape just because he wanted to.

Without a suitable opportunity, it was useless even if he used some secret techniques.

The dust gradually dissipated, and a majestic figure stood on a hill not far away.
Li Changsheng and Song Xinian were already excited until their eyes were red and tears streamed down their faces.

“Master! We’ve finally found you!”

However, this “Lu Xiaoran” ignored the two of them.
He only turned around and looked at Huixin below.

Song Xinian whispered, “Senior Brother, don’t you think that this master seems a little different?”

Li Changsheng frowned slightly.

“Now that you mention it, it does seem like there’s a problem.
However, I can’t tell what the problem is.”

“Don’t you think that this master is like a huge idiot?”

“Hiss! Do you want to die?!”

Li Changsheng immediately covered Song Xinian’s mouth.
Then, he carefully looked at Lu Xiaoran’s back.

It… did seem to be the case.

No matter how one looked at it, this master seemed to be a little dumbfounded and not very smart.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran’s avatar indeed did not have much emotional change.
It was only a killing machine with a portion of Lu Xiaoran’s memories.

They were only existences born to complete the mission Lu Xiaoran gave them.

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They had the same powerful cultivation as Lu Xiaoran and the same cultivation technique as Lu Xiaoran.

However, they could not have the same thoughts as Lu Xiaoran.
Otherwise, how could the main body control the avatar?

However, the avatar was only born for combat, so there was no need to dwell on this.

Otherwise, if all the avatars had their own consciousness, wouldn’t there be a problem when Lu Xiaoran got married in the future?

In that case, the Lu family would probably have to carry the coffin for the bride the next day.

However, no matter how Lu Xiaoran’s avatar performed, it was not something Li Changsheng and Song Xinian, these two personal disciples, could comment on.

If Lu Xiaoran’s main body was here, he would probably have long beaten these two brats up fiercely.

Lu Xiaoran’s avatar stared fixedly at Huixin below, making Huixin’s heart tremble.

Even when the two of them were only looking at each other, he could still sense a heart palpitating pressure.

This was simply unbelievable.

This man was simply inhumane!

He was already a genius of the Buddhist Sect’s younger generation.
At a young age, he was already a first level God King Realm expert.
He even had a cultivation technique that could automatically upgrade and cultivate.

However, even so, the other party could still perfectly suppress him.

It had to be known that there were many experts in the Buddhist Sect.
It was not like he had never seen a God Monarch Realm expert!

Although a God Monarch Realm expert was powerful, he felt that he could still catch up to them and cultivate to their level if he worked hard.

However, this man made him feel ashamed and helpless.

It was as if he was destined to be an ant in front of him.

No matter how hard he worked, the other party could easily kill him!

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