When Buttface saw that Lu Xiaoran could actually create an avatar, it was shocked and dumbfounded.

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“Master, how… how did you create this avatar?”

“Stop being curious about so many things.
Moreover, even if I tell you, with your intelligence, you won’t understand.”

“Master, I feel that you’re biased against us demon beasts.
You’re discriminating against us demon beasts.
I hope that Master can stop looking down on the intelligence of demon beasts.”

“Then let me ask you a simple question.
Under what circumstances does one plus one equal three?”

“One plus one is not equal to three in any situation.”

“You’re wrong.
One plus one is equivalent to three if you calculate wrongly.”

“Are you unwilling to accept this?”

Buttface nodded, and Lu Xiaoran continued, “Alright, I’ll give you another question.
It’s still the same question from before.
When does one plus one equal two?”

“One plus one equals two when the calculation is wrong?”

“Idiot, one plus one always equals two.
Are you stupid?”

“Master, are you messing with me? One moment it’s two, and the next moment it’s three.
Your tricks are so complicated and confusing.”

“Can you blame me for that? You were the one who wanted me to test you.
Moreover, you can’t even differentiate two from three.
How dare you blame me?”

Buttface was completely speechless.

Lu Xiaoran could not be bothered with it and directly ordered his four avatars.

“The four of you, immediately kill all the surrounding Buddhist sects.
Leave none alive.”

After the four avatars received Lu Xiaoran’s orders, they immediately teleported away and left.

Then, Lu Xiaoran began to command Wang Cai.

“Wang Cai, immediately activate Soul Guidance on Li Changsheng and Song Xinian!”

Activating the powerful Soul Guidance.”

After settling this matter, Lu Xiaoran began to set up an array formation in the valley.

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After the Buddhist Sect was injured, they would definitely come here to find trouble.

It was naturally impossible for Lu Xiaoran to let them go to Heaven Water City and capture the entire Lu family, right?

He was prepared to set up an ambush here.
If any Buddhist big shots really came, he would set up a crematorium in the valley for them.
He would kill every single one of them!

Buttface followed Lu Xiaoran and worked hard.

It did not have the ability to engrave array formations like Lu Xiaoran, but it could still insert divine crystals into the formation.

Next, Lu Xiaoran would wait for Changsheng and the others to come before carrying out the next step of his plan.

He had already thought it through.
He would first let his two precious disciples enter the Mountain and River State Painting and use the Great Dao Reincarnation to digest the Immortal Blood Pill, Immortal Marrow Pill, and Immortal Soul Pill.
Then, he would let his two disciples find that hot shot before swallowing the other party.

At that time, be it Wang Cai or himself, they would both be able to increase their strength.
It should be much easier for them to resist the Buddhist Sect.

Divine World, Autumn Wind Valley.

This was a high-grade sect in the Divine World.

There were countless such sects in the entire Divine World.

Today was the day of the Autumn Wind Valley’s disciple selection.

“Li Erniu, third-grade talent, outer sect disciple.”

“Liu Qingshui, fourth-grade talent, substitute outer sect disciple.”

“Wang Xiaohong, fifth-grade talent, outer sect handyman.”

“Chen Xiaohua, sixth-grade talent, substitute outer sect handyman.”

As an elder read out the assessment results endlessly, some were happy, and others were sad.

With different talents, one’s identity after entering the sect would be different.
One’s starting identity was very important.
It almost decided one’s starting line.

The higher your starting line was, the greater the difference between you and others in the future.

At this moment, the elder suddenly raised his voice.

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“Han Zhen, first-rate talent, inner sect disciple!”

As soon as he said this, everyone immediately could not help but exclaim.

“Heavens, he’s actually an inner sect disciple! Too powerful!”

“Who is this guy? How did he become an inner sect disciple so quickly?”

“I get really infuriated when I compare myself to him.
He and I were even tested together.
I didn’t expect him to have first-grade talent while I only have fifth-grade talent.
He’s an inner sect disciple, but I’ve become an outer sect handyman.”

It was no wonder that everyone was shocked.
This was because a first-grade talent was already considered a very good talent.
It was only below the top-grade talent!

Top-grade talent was not something that could be obtained easily.
It was extremely rare.

Therefore, from this perspective, sometimes, one could just say first-rate talent was the best.

Unlike the shock of the disciples and the comfort of the Elder of the Autumn Wind Valley, Han Zhen, who was in the crowd, had a calm expression.

It was naturally impossible for his talent to only be a small first-grade talent.

In fact, his talent definitely surpassed the assessment qualifications of the Autumn Wind Valley.
In other words, in the Autumn Wind Valley, a top-notch talent might only be qualified to carry his shoes.

He had deliberately lowered his level during the test, which was why he had obtained first-rate talent.
Otherwise, the testing stone of the Autumn Wind Valley might have exploded.

Originally, Han Zhen would not have chosen to join the sect.
He liked to live ignobly and he did not like to get involved too much and attract trouble.

However, there was nothing he could do about it.
His cultivation techniques were already insufficient.
Therefore, he had to join a sect and learn some cultivation techniques.

It would be best if it was a divine technique.

After learning it, he would find an excuse to leave.

“Han Zhen, let’s go.
I’ll bring you to the accommodation the sect arranged for you.”

The Autumn Wind Valley Elder nodded in satisfaction.

He was especially satisfied with Han Zhen.

Not only was this child extremely talented, but his temperament was also really not bad.

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Generally speaking, a genius-level figure like him was proud and arrogant.
Usually, the disadvantages would appear in the middle and late stages of his cultivation.
On the other hand, Han Zhen was not bad.
His mental state was rather good and he was calm.
He was really a perfect jade!

Han Zhen was quickly brought to his residence by the elder.
It was a cave abode that was decorated very well.

The cultivators of the Autumn Wind Valley usually opened holes in the cliffs on both sides of the valley.
The higher the location, the higher the status.

Han Zhen’s location was not bad.

“Han Zhen, this cave abode will be yours in the future.
You have to cultivate well and not let the Autumn Wind Valley down.”

“Yes! Don’t worry, Elder.
I will definitely do my best.”

The Autumn Wind Valley Elder nodded in satisfaction and continued, “Go in and wash up first.
Then go to the hall to listen to the lecture and learn the cultivation technique.”

After the elder left, Han Zhen immediately stepped into his cave abode and set up a few array formations to defend.

Han Zhen’s standard of setting up array formations was rather good.
Other than that Lu Xiaoran, who was superior to him in setting up array formations, Han Zhen never felt that he would lose to the others.

Of course, could Lu Xiaoran be considered a human?

He was a super abnormal monster.
In Han Zhen’s understanding, Lu Xiaoran was not human.

Therefore, from a certain perspective, he could also be considered the number one existence in array formations.

As soon as he set up the array formation, Han Zhen discovered that there was actually an ancient book in the cave abode that had been used to prop up the table.

“Eh? Who would use such a good ancient book to prop up a table? What a pity.”

Han Zhen took out the ancient book and dusted it before reading the title.

“I Am Such An Expert; Why Do I Have To Take In Disciples? What’s this?”

Han Zhen opened the first page and saw what was written in the book.

“This book is the strongest strategy in this world.
If you can grasp it well, you will benefit greatly.”

“Who would be so bored to write such a book?”

Han Zhen could not help but ridicule.
Then, driven by curiosity, he opened the second page.

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“You will be killed by Lu Xiaoran in the 13523th battle! Please prepare immediately.
As long as you kill Lu Xiaoran, you will be able to obtain a large number of cultivation resources and become the richest person in the world.
Crossing the tribulation to become an immortal is not a dream.
You will step on the Three Purities and become the number one expert in the three worlds, the number one supreme expert in the Primordial Chaos of the universe.
You will be invincible in the world.
This strategy will assist you the entire time until Lu Xiaoran dies.”

He was silent for a moment.
With a thought, a flame appeared between his fingers and ignited the book.

He only sneered when the book turned to ashes.

“Who would be so bored as to use such a thing to fool me? Do you want me to kill Lu Xiaoran? Do you think I’m stupid? Do you think I can kill Lu Xiaoran with my level? If he was really that weak, then wouldn’t he have already killed himself with a tofu?”

Han Zhen did not want to kill Lu Xiaoran.
He had already thought it through.
He wanted to hide and cultivate without caring about anything else.

After his cultivation increased, if he had to meet Lu Xiaoran one day, it would be simple.
He would kneel and directly call the other party “Dad”.

If he could not win against the other party, he would join the other party.
Only a fool would fight Lu Xiaoran.

On the other side, Li Changsheng and Song Xinian, who were searching for the Buddhist Sect, suddenly felt as if an extremely familiar force was summoning them.

“This feeling is coming from Master!”

The two of them were suddenly overjoyed.

“Great! Master is summoning us.”

Ling Xinyue’s delicate body trembled.

“Senior Brother, let’s go and find Master.”

Song Xinian shouted excitedly, but Li Changsheng’s expression was extremely solemn and he did not move.

“Senior Brother, what’s wrong? Master has appeared.
Let’s go find Master quickly.”

Li Changsheng took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression, “Are we going to go back and see Master like this? Are we supposed to tell him that we lost Ziqiong and haven’t found her yet?”

Song Xinian’s excited expression immediately turned cold.

That’s right.
The two of them had yet to save Zhuge Ziqiong.

How could they face their master if they returned like this?

The two of them clenched their fists.

“Senior Brother is right.
We can’t just go and see Master like this.
We still have to continue chasing until we save Senior Sister!”

Ling Xinyue was infected by their spirit and also said with a serious expression, “I’ll help you.
However, if the few of us can’t even find Zhuge Ziqiong, how can we save them?”

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