“Your disciple Song Xinian was attacked by a Buddhist disciple.”

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“Your disciple Yun Lige was attacked by the sect master of the Wind Cloud Fist.”

“Your disciple Li Changsheng was attacked by a Buddhist disciple.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige was attacked by the Grand Elder of the Vanishing Kick.”

“Your disciple Song Xinian was attacked by a Buddhist disciple.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige was attacked by the Holy Maiden of the Brilliant Sect.”

“Your disciple Li Changsheng was attacked by a Buddhist disciple.”

“Your disciple Yun Lige was attacked by a demon beast.”

The screen was almost filled with disciples being attacked.

Lu Xiaoran could understand why Lige was attacked, but he could not understand why Li Changsheng and Song Xinian were also being attacked.

Didn’t the two of them just leave the mountain not long ago?

He had just come out.
No matter what, it was not likely for them to be attacked.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was feeling puzzled, his grandfather’s voice sounded from outside.

“Ancestor, we’ve received a report from Heaven Water City.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately used a different voice to speak with an old and deep accent.

“A demon beast in human form has arrived in the Heaven Water City today and is secretly investigating the patriarch.”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned.
A demon beast was looking for him?

Could it be those from the lower realm?

He closed his eyes slightly and released his divine sense.

His current cultivation was already at the peak of the tenth level of the Mahayana God King Realm, so his divine sense could naturally easily cover a large area.

After releasing his divine sense, Lu Xiaoran almost instantly sensed the other party’s identity.

It was actually none other than the silly Buttface.

Lu Xiaoran was extremely disappointed.

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How awesome would it be if he could obtain an ancient Dragon Emperor, a Black Tortoise, or a Fire Phoenix?

It seemed that Buttface had not even arrived in the Divine World during the time that he came over, right?

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had already detected that Buttface had just stepped into the first level of the True God Realm and its cultivation was pitifully low.

What made him even more speechless was that Buttface had been knocked out alive!

Why couldn’t the heavens send someone more awesome? After all, he wanted someone powerful to nurture so that he would have more useful people or demons by his side!

“It’s fine.
It’s a friendly demon.
Bring it over.”

Soon, Buttface was sent to Lu Xiaoran’s room in the Lu family’s ancestral land.

Lu Xiaoran flicked his finger and a divine power entered Buttface’s body, instantly activating it.

Buttface stood up and staggered, hurriedly kneeling and kowtowing.

“Everyone, spare me.
I was wrong.
I won’t look for the Lu family again.
Let me off.
I’m just a small demon.
I don’t know any Lu family.
I’m also asking around for others.
Who knows what that Lu family is?”

A moment later, as if sensing that no one was attacking it or there was any sound, Buttface immediately frowned and quietly looked up.

Then, the air fell into a deathly silence.

After a while, Buttface suddenly pounced over with tears in its eyes.

“Master, Wuwuwu, I’ve finally found you.

Lu Xiaoran kicked it away.

“I should have made you into braised deer meat back then! You bastard.”

Buttface’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Master, I had no choice either.
Just now, I asked around about the Lu family, but I was knocked out alive and almost stewed by them!”

“Alright, alright, cut the crap.
How did you find me?”

“Master, that’s a long story.
Speaking of which, this morning…”

“Stop, only tell me the important details.”

“Uh… Actually, I came to the Divine World with Old Tie.
Then, in order to obtain cultivation resources, the two of us went to rob others.”

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“Robbery? With just the two of you? Robbing others? Shouldn’t it be the other way around.”

“Uh… No, I’m usually the one who does the robbing.
Old Tie just pretends to be mysterious on the mountain so that people think that I have an expert backing me up.”

After a pause, it continued, “Today, the two of us robbed a group of Buddhist Sect disciples as usual.
Then, we discovered that Fifth Miss was imprisoned in a Buddhist Sect prison carriage.
She was being taken to participate in some Demon Exorcism Meeting in order to get exorcised.

“Therefore, the two of us worked together to save Fifth Miss.

“In the end, I didn’t expect the other party to send two more senior monks to directly suppress Old Tie and Fifth Miss on the spot.
Only I escaped.

“It just so happened that I heard the Netherworld Sect’s sect master in the prison carriage shouting that he wanted to come to Heaven Water City to destroy the Lu family.
That’s why I came here.

After hearing Buttface’s words, Lu Xiaoran was directly dumbfounded on the spot.

First, Buttface and Old Tie went to rob someone.
Then, they encountered Zhuge Ziqiong who was captured.
Not only was she captured, but so was an expert from the Netherworld Sect.

Then, before Old Tie and Zhuge Ziqiong could escape, they were captured by the other experts of the Buddhist Sect.

How did these unrelated matters all get connected?

Lu Xiaoran really could not figure it out.

However, forget it.
This was because there was a new problem now.
Lu Xiaoran had learned that Zhuge Ziqiong had been captured by the Buddhist Sect.

Moreover, she still had to participate in the Demon Exorcism Meeting.

If he guessed correctly, once Zhuge Ziqiong participated in this Demon Exorcism Meeting it would definitely be very troublesome.
She might even die.

This was the most important thing.

It was true that he had the Body Modeling Mark and could revive Zhuge Ziqiong.
However, with Zhuge Ziqiong’s current cultivation, he did not know how long it would take for her to recover.

Wouldn’t that delay cultivation?

Moreover, no matter how much Lu Xiaoran liked to live ignobly and peacefully, he could not watch his precious disciple be bullied with his own eyes, right?

Then how could he continue to be their master.

No, he had to save Zhuge Ziqiong.

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples fiercely.

“How about this? I’ll go and take a look at the previous location and see if I can find any clues.”

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Please follow me, Master.”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at it angrily.

“By the time we arrive at that place, the clues will probably already be wiped out.”

Lu Xiaoran used the Beast Control Divine Art and swept his gaze over Buttface’s recent memories.
Then, he directly opened the Trinity True Eyes and directly teleported it to the vicinity of the valley where Zhuge Ziqiong and the others had been captured.

Buttface could not help but ridicule.
It widened its eyes and stared fixedly at its surroundings, directly petrified on the spot.

Was its master that awesome?

No one knew better than it how far this distance was.

It had to be known that it had flown for several days and nights before finding Heaven Water City.
Moreover, it had flown without stopping.

However, its master had actually instantly arrived at this place with just a thought.
Wasn’t this master’s strength too awesome?

Lu Xiaoran could not be bothered with Buttface.
He immediately used his Trinity True Eyes to explore the surroundings.

This was because the Trinity True Eyes had absorbed an exploratory cultivation technique like Ten Directions Everlasting.
Its accuracy was much higher than ordinary divine sense.

Soon, Lu Xiaoran confirmed that there were no other Buddhist disciples in a radius of 300 miles.

He landed on the ground.
Only the remains of some demon beasts were being eaten by other small demon beasts.

“Master, how is it? Did you find Fifth Miss’s whereabouts?”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“I haven’t found anything for the time being.
Ziqiong’s aura has been completely blocked by the other party.
Presumably, the other party should have used some extremely special spatial-type Dharma treasure.”

“That’s right.
I saw that little monk use an alms bowl to suck in Fifth Miss and tens of thousands of demons.”

“If that’s the case, we’re in big trouble.”

Lu Xiaoran definitely would not go to the Bodhi Temple now.
His current cultivation was not powerful enough to directly challenge the Bodhi Temple.

The other party already had many God Monarch Realm experts.
He had only just reached the peak of the Mahayana God King Realm.

The Mahayana Martial Monarch Realm Pill could also only last for thirty breaths.
Moreover, Wang Cai had only given him one.

With Lu Xiaoran’s extremely cautious personality, he would definitely not go to the Bodhi Temple.

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In the end, it was still because Lu Xiaoran was not powerful enough now.

If he was powerful enough, he could directly attack and ask them to return Zhuge Ziqiong to him.

However, it was also not impossible.
After all, that monk’s cultivation should not be at the God Monarch Realm.
According to Buttface, the other party should at most have reached the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

With his cultivation, it would take at least a month for him to reach the Bodhi Temple.

If he did something to the surrounding Buddhist sects at this moment, could he attract the other party’s firepower? It would be best if he could get the other party to turn around and bring Zhuge Ziqiong back.

Moreover, this could also increase his time and allow him to cultivate to a stronger level.

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his eyebrows, and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“Alright! Let’s use that method.”

Since your Buddhist Sect is heartless, don’t blame me for being heartless.

After taking a deep breath, he directly formed hand seals and separated four avatars from his body.

After his cultivation reached the peak of the tenth level of the Mahayana God King Realm, he could already create four avatars!

Every one of his avatars had a cultivation at the peak of the Mahayana God King Realm.

Moreover, it had all his skills.

In this way, as long as he spread out all his avatars and attacked the Buddhist Sect, it should be enough to attract the attention of the Buddhist Sect, right?

At that time, he would muddy the waters and take the opportunity to investigate Zhuge Ziqiong’s location.

Lu Xiaoran was not afraid that the other party would investigate him.
He could change the appearance and figure of the avatars and even directly disguise his aura.
The Buddhist Sect would not suspect his true identity at all.

In particular, this place was still extremely far from Heaven Water City.

Unless someone from the Buddhist Sect had a script, they could forget about finding out Lu Xiaoran’s true identity.

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