“Song Xinian, aren’t you done yet?”

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Li Changsheng could not help but roar angrily.

Song Xinian was constantly chanting.

Li Changsheng was helpless and could only grit his teeth and persist.

Facing the powerful Buddhist Sect duo, Li Changsheng was unable to resist at all.

Moreover, for some reason!

This time, his master’s phantom actually did not appear.

Helpless, he could only use his full strength to buy time for Song Xinian.

However, how difficult was it to resist?

He was only a peak Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert, but the other party were both peak Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts.
There was a huge difference between them, and the other party also had two people.
The other party completely suppressed the two of them in all aspects.

After five breaths, Li Changsheng felt that his ribs had already been broken, and his organs had been shattered.

He was about to collapse.

Li Changsheng gritted his teeth and directly threw out the divine artifact armor on his body.

The appearance of the divine artifact armor made Huiming and Huiwu pause for a moment and treat them slightly more carefully.

However, Li Changsheng only resisted for two more breaths.

At this moment, Huishi and Huiwu had already attacked again.

What was even more terrifying was that this time, Li Changsheng had already lost his divine artifact defense.

If he was attacked again, he would definitely die!

The two small worlds were doing their best to stall the other party’s small world.
These two small worlds were simply unable to help.

The two of them snorted and were about to attack when in the next second, a bolt of lightning suddenly shot out from the sky.

This lightning bolt inadvertently bombarded Huiwu’s small world.

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In an instant, it made Huiwu’s small world tremble violently.
Even Huiwu’s entire body instantly trembled violently.

Huishi’s heart trembled and he was shocked.

“Quickly kill that guy below.
We can’t let him summon it.”

In the beginning, be it Huishi or Huiwu, they did not take the so-called summoning Song Xinian mentioned seriously.

In their opinion, Song Xinian could at most summon a demon beast of the same level to help.
After all, Song Xinian could not summon a demon beast stronger than him.

However, they were not afraid at all.
After all, they were only dealing with an additional first level Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert.

However, just now, when the lightning struck Huiwu’s small world, Huiwu realized how terrifying the thing summoned was.

That small world transformed into lightning and directly made his small world tremble incessantly, almost tearing it apart.

Therefore, he did not dare to hesitate at all and attacked Song Xinian with all his strength.

How could Li Changsheng give him a chance?

His senior had said that the Sword Dao should advance courageously!

He would either die in the explosion or be destroyed in the explosion!

With a furious roar, Li Changsheng controlled the divine artifact sword with his divine sense and used the Azure Lotus Sword Art with all his strength.

At this moment, the cultivation in his body was infected by the Sword Soul and actually directly broke through in the battle.

At this moment, he had broken through to the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm!

A majestic strength erupted crazily in his body, and even his blood surged.
His injured body began to recover faster.

Fresh flesh was constantly growing out of the white bones of his arm.

He circulated the Azure Lotus Sword Art to the limit and drew his sword to slash the sky!

The powerful attack collided with Huiwu and exploded into a powerful shock wave in midair on the spot.
It swept through the sky, and the white light transformed into a circle that spread for hundreds of thousands of meters.

With this attack, Li Changsheng retreated 1000 meters, and Huiwu was forced back 800 meters.

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Huiwu’s expression was filled with shock, anger, and jealousy.

He was clearly a peak Hundred Domain Battle God expert.
The other party was clearly only a cultivator who had just broken through to the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm in the battle.
How could the other party be on par with him?

Huishi said coldly, “The two of them can fight someone an entire realm higher.
Don’t be careless.
Use our small worlds to directly crush them and kill the summoner below!”

The two Buddhist Sect disciples controlled each other’s small worlds and directly slammed them down crazily!

The small worlds rubbed against the air like two meteors falling.
They fell from the sky and gradually enlarged towards the ground, making people feel as if the end of the world had arrived.

The fireball approached the ground, and violent winds spread, as if they were avoiding the flames.

Some plants began to burn.

Li Changsheng crazily used his small world to attack these two small worlds, wanting to change the trajectory of the small worlds.

Unfortunately, he could not change their trajectory at all.

In a battle, he could rely on his own strength to resist the other party.
However, small worlds did not have tricks.
They relied on true strength.

Seeing that the two small worlds were about to fall on Song Xinian’s head, Li Changsheng sighed faintly.

It was over.
It was too late!

“Old Song, have a good trip.
I have already done my best.
Go and report to Master.”

However, just as he thought that Song Xinian was about to die from this move, an accident suddenly happened.

An unbelievable aura erupted from the nine heavens.

Crack! Crack! The spatial barrier in the sky actually began to crack because it could not withstand this aura.

It had to be known that this was the Divine World!

In the Divine World, one had to at least be above the Supreme God Realm to shatter space!

This aura had already surpassed all the auras Li Changsheng had seen in his life.
It seemed that only that senior in the Taiyi Sword Dao forbidden area could unleash such an aura.

Before Li Changsheng could react, another bolt of lightning fell from the sky.

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This bolt of lightning was several times stronger than before.

It was dozens of feet thick!

It was like a towering lightning pillar.

As soon as the lightning appeared, the world paled in comparison.

All the spatial barriers that came in the way of the lightning directly shattered.

Huishi and Huiwu’s powerful small worlds were originally about to suppress Song Xinian and make him fall into eternal damnation.

In an instant, the lightning directly swept the two of them and their small world into ashes.
They did not even have the chance to explode, let alone react.

Li Changsheng and Ling Xinyue were directly dumbfounded.

What had Song Xinian summoned?

Was he that arrogant and awesome?

With just a sweep, two peak tenth level Hundred Domain Battle God Realm existences were directly turned to ashes?

At this moment, the thing in the sky was gradually revealed.
It was actually a huge world that was like a fairyland.

These surging clouds and lightning had only been the tip of the iceberg.
However, from just this, Li Changsheng and Ling Xinyue could clearly tell that it was a small world that had already evolved to the limit.

The master behind this small world was probably not simple.

However, the problem was, how did Song Xinian summon it?

If he could summon a small world with such a powerful existence, what was his relationship with the other party?

At this moment, not only did the small world not disappear, but more figures also appeared.

This meant that the other party wanted to remain here.

The other party’s aura pressed down, making Li Changsheng unable to hold on.
He could only slowly descend to the ground.

Song Xinian coughed and immediately flew into the sky.

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“I’ll go and do something first.”

This shocked Li Changsheng again.

This was because he had just broken through in the battle and was already at the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.
However, even so, he was somewhat unable to withstand the other party’s aura.
However, Song Xinian was able to perfectly endure it and even easily fly into the sky.
What was the relationship between the other party and Song Xinian?

Ignoring his shock, Song Xinian arrived in the sky and directly barged into the small world.

Normally speaking, everyone’s small world was independent.
If the owner of the small world was unwilling, it was impossible for anyone to enter.

Only with the owner’s permission could he enter.

Otherwise, even if you were a God Monarch Realm expert and the other party was only a God Creation Realm ant who had just established a space, you still wouldn’t be able to enter.

Of course, the God Monarch would definitely be able to torture the other party into agreeing to open the space.

As for Song Xinian, just as he entered the small world, a beautiful and extremely dignified figure pounced into his arms in the next second.

“Back then, I was almost frightened to death.
I almost thought that I would never see you again.”

Song Xinian’s face darkened.

“Get lost.
I told you to kill the enemy, not to waste your breath.
After killing the enemy, why didn’t you just leave? What are you doing here?”

“Why? Do I have to accompany you every day just because you miss me? Do I not have to work?”

“No, no.
I just miss you too much.
I want to see you.”

“What’s there to see? This is only your small world.
You’re not here yourself.
Even your human form is made from the rules of the small world.
You’re not a real person.
What’s the point?”

“Alright, don’t be angry, Xinian.
I’ll just return.
However, this time, you’ve offended the Buddhist Sect.
I’m afraid they won’t let the matter rest.
On my side, I can use my status as the sect master to suppress them.
The Buddhist Sect is still afraid of offending our Heaven Saber Pavilion.”

“However, I’m afraid the two cultivators below with low strength won’t be able to.
It’s best if you stay away from them as soon as possible! Otherwise, you’ll be implicated sooner or later.

Song Xinian’s eyes widened.

“Are you telling me what to do?”

“No… no.
Don’t be angry, Xinian.”

“Hey, I hate it when people badmouth my brothers in front of me.
If this happens again, even if I’m your fated love tribulation, we still have to say goodbye.”

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